Superheart – LILO (Spotify)

“Superheart is releasing his brand new single Lilo that marks the dreamy, indie-pop music sphere. Beautifully produced and layered with authentic vocals accompanied by indie-rock percussions and synths composes a form of touching and anthemic music piece”

UK producer, singer/songwriter Superheart is a master of ambient sound. In his new upcoming single "LILO" Superheart brings striking beauty to the world in the form of touching, poignant, and anthemic music.

Penning the human experience and pairing it with emotionally charged soundscapes, the UK talent has become a trailblazer in the dreamy, indie-pop music sphere. Continuing to bring innovative and passionate music to the table, "LILO" is Superheart's newest offering.

With numerous highly successful releases under his belt- including hit singles "Count On Me," "Talk About It," and "World's on Fire," which landed itself on New Music Friday - along with praise from notable publications including Flaunt Magazine, The 405, and many others, Superheart continues to shine in the indie sphere.

Soaring vocals in "LILO" marks new heights for the talented Superheart. Beautifully produced, layered vocals are accompanied by indie-rock percussion (recorded with Eric Jacowitz remotely during lockdown) and 80's synths that draw you in to a dream-pop meets indie-rock time warp. "LILO was the first song I wrote after signing with Akira Records," he shares. "I remember I was having a meeting at Soho House watching these people lying around in the pool in the middle of the day and thinking... who are these people?"

"The record deal gave me a huge feeling of confidence and I think the epic nature of the track reflects how I was feeling at the time, I wanted to make something massive that could be played in a stadium or sound huge at a festival."

"Layered with ambient touches that would make anyone excited to stay in bed a little longer or scurry along to get ready for a night out." - Flaunt Magazine

""There's power in subtlety. With 'After Midnight', Superheart carefully curates the layers so as not to overwhelm." - The 405

"His airy, indie pop sound creates an uplifting, euphoric vibe throughout and will surely put anyone in a great mood while listening." - This Song is Sick

Superheart's music feels like the warmth of being wrapped in a blanket and reminiscing on the best times of your life. With his knack for creating music that envelops you, taking you out of your own world into a place infinitely better and with that, we hope this music brings a little bit of solace.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 18, 2020