The Icarus Kid – Idyllwild (Video)

“Set you instantly in a harmonic oasis where beautiful melodic rivers flow, surrounded by rich layers but placed with a right minimalism and push you into a stargazing state!”

Artist shared with us the story behind this:
“In April we escaped the lockdown for a few days and rented a cabin overlooking the forest in Idyllwild, CA. Every morning a fog would blanket the valley below. It was beautiful. On the final morning I wrote this synthwave chillout track to capture the emotion I felt on those cold mornings taking in the sunrise.”

About the artist:
The Icarus Kid has been creating video game remixes and covers since 2009, accompanied by a high-energy live act. In 2020, he is expanding to release original electronic music in a variety of genres.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 22, 2020