VVEST – HONEY DEW (Feat. Dr. Chaii) (Video)

“It is easy to associate this music with a glass of dry, red wine. Light, rhythmic intoxication, where every sound, every tone of voice is brought to perfection. The track is like an expensive, elite drink that you will drink in small sips and enjoy the aftertaste!”

“Эту музыку легко ассоциировать с бокалом сухого, красного вина. Лёгкое, ритмическое опьянение, где каждый звук, каждый тон голоса доведён до совершенства. Трек как дорогой, элитный напиток, который вы будете пить маленькими глотками и наслаждаться послевкусием!”


Honey Dew is an Afrobeat song by Haitian artist VVEST featuring a Zimbabwe native Dr. Chaii. This song was made in the basement of VVEST ‘s mothers house during quarantine with only a laptop and a microphone with a pop filter he rigged to drop from the ceiling. She inspired VVEST to get in touch with his roots and make a song she could dance to.


Reviewed by Nagamag on October 18, 2021