Wavewulf – The Power of Water

“Nobody can deny the power of water and "Wavewulf" knows it well! Balancing between Electro and Dream Pop, this release has a hidden glow. Colourful and clear patterns of sound are waiting you along with lyrics of an explorative mood.”



Wavewulf (Nicholas Long) grew up listening to his father’s record collection, which included bands such as Pink Floyd. This early exposure to music lit a spark in him! Long was first inspired to play synthesizers at age 13 when he went to see Depeche Mode, and saw them making inspiring music with synthesizers.

After finishing graduate school in 2017, Long founded Wavewulf when he came into a small amount of money after his mother’s tragic death. He invested in more analogue synthesizers and some recording equipment. Wavewulf made his first album, Oscillation, in the spare room of his NJ apartment and released it in 2019.

Since then, Wavewulf has expanded his synthesizer collection and has released 3 more albums. Wavewulf's latest album "The North and the Sea" has an arctic/sea theme.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 26, 2022