“You may become "Tempted" with the flow of this exuberant Indietronica sound. Hypnotic vocals that feed the imagination, while a thick bassline binds with those bright lead melodies. Music with own attitude and luring power for all the open-minded fans.”

HU3M3N spawned in Orange County CA, formed in 2020, by former (hed) P.E. and Korn guitarist, Wes Geer and singer Matthew Bartosch. The band’s lineup was completed with the addition of D.I. guitarist Clinton Calton on bass, and former Ugly Kid Joe and Dorothy drummer, Zac Morris

Their unexpected origins explain a lot about their fluidity. Just when you think you’ve nailed down their style or genre HU3M3N morph into another sonic incarnation. The ethereal and androgynous vocals of Matthew Bartosch set atop the moody sound beds of Geer, leave you somewhere between arousal and addicted. HU3M3N’s sounds are pumped into your being through thick, fiery rhythm and deep bass from Underwood and Calton.

HU3M3N (pronounced hue-men) is anything but a group of average earthlings.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 26, 2022