Wiesinger – FOMO

“A deeply embedded message to the masses about consumerism set to a friendly beat. It has a poetic vibrance to it and the expression of an idea matches well to this midtempo icon of the new pop culture flavor. ”


Artist quote about the single: I think we all felt this fear of missing out during the pandemic. Instead of loving people and using things, we found ourselves using people and loving things. We all bought an air fryer and collected possessions in order to feel that hole that only connection with others and community can fill. That’s the meaning behind my new song “FOMO.”

What inspired the song? During the winter of the pandemic lockdowns, I found myself hungering for something. I wasn’t quite sure it was but I hadn’t gotten together with by best friends in months. I decided to put it upon myself the challenge of collecting the entire James Bond DVD collection used. I scoured the Value Village thrift shops in town and the rural second hand stores in hopes of scoring another copy of one of the 25+ action spy films. I became so focused on collecting objects - attempting to replacing all of the conversations, late nights at concerts, and the outings with friends that I so desperately missed. I began writing this song in January of 2021 because I began to realize what I was doing and how unhealthy it was.

Was there a specific feeling that you were trying to elicit in listeners: The feeling of the song is a cry for help. Coming to terms with an unhealthy pattern of overconsumption, hyper-consumerism. Needing someone to pick you out of the hole you’ve put yourself in. The song speaks of this hope for change, for gratitude, moving forward and finding hope in something more.

Do you have an interesting story about the songwriting or recording process? If yes, elaborate. I actually had the song mostly wrapped up in the summer of 2021 - I sat on it for a few months. Then I decided to grab the stems from my other producer and see if I could play with it more with my current producer Conch. I had my friend Luke come out to the studio to see what if he could lend his critical ear - we ended up completely overhauling the production of the song. I’m so glad I took a second look at it. Something about the added production really captures the emotions I was going for with the updated version.

What are three descriptors/adjectives that best describe the emotion or melody in this song. Melancholy, Hopeful, Desperate, Meaningful, Hopeful,

Can you provide further context around the visuals associated with this song, including any artwork or video? I LOVE playing with graphics for my own releases. The imagery shows a small character in a sea of color in a dessert. This sea of color resembles the shiny distractions, or the vastness of the distractions that leave us feeling empty and alone in a dessert-like situation of our livees.

Do you have a favourite lyric from this track that you’d like to highlight? Why is that significant to you? “When you waste all day on your Tik Tok Feed - All the experts say this product is exactly what I need.” If you’ve ever felt FOMO and inundated by infomercial-esque influencers online - this line is for you! It’s tough in cheek but it’s real and I think everyone has felt that at some point in time.

Anything else noteworthy? Perhaps about the song title? The title is pretty simple. I realize there are other songs called FOMO - but I don’t think many songs capture the vibes of the pandemic themes and subject matter that I’m discussing. I think some people may not know what FOMO means - so when the first chorus drops they will get to put two and two together.

Information about Wiesinger

Music has always been a staple ingredient of Justin’s portfolio life. Between being dragged by his Mom to piano lessons as a kid, playing in youth bands and his high school Pop Punk outfit Farewell Apollo, he progressed and matured as a recording artist, collaborator and songwriter. He took up songwriting and taught himself acoustic guitar in 2012 to help medicate and deal with a long and painful season of mental illness, hospitalization, and the loss of a close cousin of his family. He recalls writing music and lyrics bringing him out of a very dark place and even saving his life in moments of despair. He spent a few summers leading music at a youth camp, where he wrote and recorded numerous songs with students and held songwriting camps with them.

While taking a break from his music dreams, he stumbled into the role as videographer and editor as one of his close friends began pursuing music full-time and needed someone to shoot and edit all of his music video covers for YouTube and help design his merchandise and carry gear. Justin paused his musical ambitions to help a close friend, Paul Woida, to pursue his musical exploits. They won numerous music video contests, played huge shows in front of hundreds and reached hundreds of thousands of views on numerous videos on YouTube.

His self-focused musical pursuits had taken a bit of a back burner for a while. Justin spend over five and a half years as a music video director helping up and coming artists in his home town and province. He was inspired by his collection of both painful and hilarious childhood experiences to write a compelling memoir of his younger journey navigating life in a crazy messed up adult world. His book is called The Childlike Heist and has gone on to win a Gold Medal literacy award across North America for best Inspirational and Spiritual book. He met his wife in a serendipitous way at a music video release party for one of his friends and clients Martin Kerr, for his popular single: “You’re Amazing.” He called her the following Wednesday and the rest is history. After marrying his lovely wife Chelsey two weeks prior to the pandemic, He recorded a love song for her birthday on Valentine's Day. He said "If it wasn't for this pandemic, I wouldn't have decided to pause my Media Business helping other artists, and taking up music full-time. Justin took the leap of faith on New Years Eve 2021 to pursue a full time career in pop music and songwriting. He is thrilled to grab this year by the horns and show the world what it looks like to be a passionate dealer in Hope and energetic collaboration with other up and coming artists and producers. He has a war-chest of catchy tunes he is going to be releasing over the year, and an amazing team of friends to support his pursuits to become a household name and inspire thousands of young people.This is Justin's year to shine and spread his messages of hope and love. He hopes you are ready because WIESINGER certainly is prepared to get his new music literally stuck in your head!

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 30, 2022