YEOMAN, Fvntvcy – Falling (feat. Fvntvcy) (Spotify)

“A very experimental and unusual track, with mysterious atmosphere too. Those vocals can instantly fascinate and captivate the mind! An exciting combination of Electro Pop and Chillstep rhythms, which will not leave anyone indifferent.”

“Весьма экспериментальный и необычный трек, в котором присутствует загадочная атмосфера, в чём и заключается его ценность. Вы только послушайте этот вокал - он завораживает и мгновенно берёт вас в плен! Захватывающее сочетание Electro Pop и ритмов Chillstep, которое не оставит никого равнодушными.”

Falling, at its essence is about a yearning for connection. Over the past year we have all felt disconnection; from loved ones, from nature. Written in 2020, during pandemic lockdowns Falling is my attempt to convey and counteract this sense of isolation. In order to do this I’ve incorporated natural elements into the sound design such as rain, sand, wind and even a fire crackling.

The track falling is heavy based around the piano in juxtaposition to the with super wide electronic saws synths and melodic bass throbs. I felt it was the perfect way to express such emotion, with a ’cinematic’ vastness; I wanted the listener to feel like they were floating in space euphorically.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 30, 2021