YONNA – I Can’t Stop Thinking ‘Bout You

“If you are in love and constantly think about the desired person, then this cute and in its charming track will be motivated for you to leave home and go to meet your love. The kind and very romantic Electro pop that will help you find answers to the heart of your second half. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вы влюблены и постоянно думаете об желаемом человеке, то этот милый и по своему очаровательный трек будет для вас мотивацией выйти из дома и пойти на встречу к своей любви. Добрый и очень романтичный Electro Pop, который поможет вам найти ответы на пути к сердцу вашей второй половинки.”


It's a postive vibes, chill song that talks about how life is short and you should tell people how you feel and maybe take risks sometimes. The artist YONNA wrote and produced this song. Quite many sounds in this songs are sampled from the singers voice, for example the pad that can be heard throughout the whole song, also some bass sounds.


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 10, 2022