Zim$inatra – No Title (Spotify)

“Hot and seducive vocals which in a moment will raise the temperature of your body, forcing the heart to beat into the tempo of music. An interesting combination of Afrobeats & House that works well - it helps you stand up and start the dance!”

“Сексуальный, обворожительный вокал, который в мгновении поднимет температуру вашего тела, заставляя сердце биться в темп музыки. Интересное сочетание afrobeats & house музыки делают своё дело — помогают вам подняться с места и начать танцевать!”


In my experience and people around me, the dating world can be a jungle these days and a lot of people settle for "mutually" beneficial situations that only develop into real committed relationships if both parties fall deeper for each other, never the case one person always catches them first. Having watched my female friends go through it more than my male friends I wanted to create something to level the playing field, so here is 'No Title'


Reviewed by Nagamag on January 24, 2022