Anton Commissaris – That Look About You (Tropicale) (Spotify)

“Take a trip back to the 1940’s with Anton Commissaris & ‘That Look About You (Tropicale)’ a rhythmic reminder of the jazz infused, latin style cha cha cha music so popular during that era. Think Hollywood, Frank Sinatra, Veronica Lake, dancing to Bossa Nova music in a bar in Havana. ”

The song is a rhythmic jazz infused Latin cha cha cha. It is based on a glamorous Hollywood 1940s starlet who could dance like no other and who, though appearing otherwise caucasian, had a Latin father. She intoxicated men with her looks, flamboyant dancing style, and independent attitude.

Anton Commissaris is a music composer, pianist, and vocalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anton loves all music but has a special place in his heart for Jazz, which he acquired from an early age. Anton’s inspiration comes from some of Jazz music’s greatest composers: Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. But it was the amazing music of Lennon and McCartney that first inspired Anton to try his hand at music composition. Among Anton's favorite male vocalists are Frank Sinatra, Nat King Kole, and Ray Charles. His favorite female vocalists are Sarah Vaughan, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse. In Anton's debut album/EP "On A Bright Note" he's sought to explore some different genres/styles of Jazz with a Latin number, a swing tune, a ballad, and a blues piece.

Rebecca Conner – California Weather (Spotify)

“Few songs can truly affect our music taste and "California Weather" could be one of them.”

Rebecca Conner stands out in the world of singer-songwriters. As a jazz-trained guitarist and vocalist she utilizes her breadth of musical knowledge to draw from a multitude of genres and influences. World-beats and funky grooves intermix with soulful horns and folk delicacy. Rebecca’s heart centered, velvet vocals are delivered with a vulnerability that unravels listeners down to their core. With music as her catalyst for transmuting pain into healing, she holds space for the embers of gratitude and optimism to be ignited into a flame you can warm your soul to.

Jonathan Brenner – Pop Song from the 70s (Spotify)

“Are you interested in more than one music styles and you find it difficult to make up your mind for the next choice? The solution has a name; "Jonathan Brenner". Listen to his "Pop Song from the 70s" and let yourself travel through a unique amalgam of genres, including Pop, Jazz and Bossa Nova!”

Jonathan Brenner is an American singer-songwriter who defies easy classification. Described as “somewhere between New York and Nashville,” his music is a unique amalgam of genres, including pop, country, folk, Americana, and jazz. His influences include Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, Hank Williams, the Beatles, Antônio Carlos Jobim, and Flannery O'Connor.

Ramiro Pinheiro | Nasceu Pra Navegar feat. Edi Barcelo (Video)

“-Ramiro Pinheiro- music can be considered refined and elegant. The rhythm of the composition -Nasceu Pra Navegar- manifests itself in the melody and the accompaniment. Cool, emotionally restrained jazz, like the warmest and very gentle human feelings. Enveloping warmth, serenity and peace of mind.”

“Музыку -Ramiro Pinheiro- можно смело назвать утончённой и элегантной. Ритмика композиции -Nasceu Pra Navegar- проявляет себя не в мелодии, а в аккомпанементе. Прохладный, эмоционально сдержанный джаз, вызывает исключительно грациозные и самые светлые человеческие чувства. Обволакивающее тепло, безмятежность и душевный комфорт.”

– “Nasceu Pra Navegar”, the first of four pieces that welcome Pablo Giménez on flute, is an original samba that is worthy of A. C. Jobim. Edi Barcelo’s singing and Crá Rosa’s quiet percussion are major assets as is the leader’s accompanying guitar. Ramiro Pinheiro’s debut album Sentido is highly recommended to any listener having a love for Brazilian jazz. The rich melodies, variety, and top-notch musicianship along with the consistent creativity make this a memorable release. – Reviewed by Scott Yanow, jazz journalist

Ramiro Pinheiro is a Brazilian guitarist, singer and songwriter born in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), currently living in Barcelona. He has performed in major venues and festivals in Spain and Europe, and have recorded, played and worked with musicians such as Horacio Fumero, Rafael Barata, Rita Payés, Pablo Selnik, Gabriel Amargant, Ana Rossi, Albert Bover, Hugo Arán, Jeffe Otto, Felix Rossy, Pablo Giménez, Rodrigo Balduino, Jurandir Santana, Amoy Ribas, Martin Laportilla, Jaume Vilaseca, Rodrigo Bezerra, Ramón Ángel Rey, among others.

Adam Tsarouchis – Esthimata mou (Spotify)

“Our breath holds from the captivating voice of -Adam Tsarouchis- pouring an endless stream of his soul in our souls. His song -Esthimata mou- lays between Brazilian bossa nova and classical jazz. Exotic jewel of an exquisite compilation.”

“Дыхание перехватывает, когда пленительный голос -Adam Tsarouchis- льётся нескончаемым потоком из души в душу. Его песня -Esthimata mou- это танец жанров бразильского bossa nova и классического джаза. Диковинный бриллиант в изысканном ассортименте.”

a Greek Latin bossa nova song

Nick Tannoy – Life in Rio de Janeiro (Spotify)

“If you are not yet familiar with -Nick Tannoy-, it is highly recommended to pay some attention to its track -Life in Rio de Janeiro-. Ambitious and charismatic vocal synthesis of jazz and Brazilian folklore, along with cubes of melting ice in your glass.”

“Если вы ещё не знакомы с -Nick Tannoy-, то настоятельно рекомендуем обратить ваше внимание на его трек -Life in Rio de Janeiro-. Амбициозный и такой харизматичный вокал, синтез бразильского фольклора и джаза и кубики тающего льда в вашем бокале.”

A vintage style 50's Bossa Nova track, this song encapsulates the fun loving history of Rio de Janeiro.

Nick Tannoy is an ambitious, charismatic young singer songwriter.

Nick is straight out of high school thundering with his unique, deep, buttery smooth voice.

Swingin' in style, Nick Tannoy brings back the days of swing and jazz through the youth of today.

Papi Churro, FRANZ – Compañeros (Spotify)

“Imagine a scenery of coastal cafes and restaurants, the fiery sun overhead, sparking lights and the smell of Portuguese cuisine later in the evening. Single -Compañeros- is the journey in a cozy corner of our mind.”

“Прибрежные кафе и рестораны, раскалённые на солнце мостовые, подмигивание одиноких фонарей и запах португальской кухни поздним, прохладным вечером. Сингл -Compañeros- это путешествие в уютные уголки наших воспоминаний.”

Redd – Heavyweight (Spotify)

“The third in a row single Redd - Heavyweight came very emotional and very ambitious, that sets it apart from the previous work of the author. Bravo! Add in the overall obvious quality of Redd their great cover art design, something which gives more value in this so fast consuming days. ”

“Третий по счёту сингл Redd - Heavyweight вышел очень эмоциональным и весьма амбициозным, что выделяет его на фоне прошлым работ автора. Браво!”

This song features a "monster" figure that appears throughout my album, Monsters & Mothers. The song is upbeat, and folk/swing/jazz inspired. I pulled much inspiration from The Doors when composing this piece. The gist of the song is becoming stronger through downfalls and experience.

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