Saree McIntosh – The Fragrance of You

“This charming composition has one feature - it transfers an automaton of love through sound vibrations. -Saree Mcintosh- uses a large spectrum of its vocals to create a melodic picture, decorating it with light percussion, guitar and piano. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У этой очаровательной композиции есть одна особенность — она передаёт автомат любви через звуковые вибрации. -Saree McIntosh- использует большой спектр своего вокала для создания мелодичной картины, украшая её лёгкой перкуссией, гитарой и пиано.”

Stu Summers – The Best of Me (feat. Chris Maddock)

“Music, which surprisingly combined the calm rhythms of Jazz music and the mood of Bossa Nova. Gentle sound goes well with a calm and soft melody and with a touching vocals -stu summers-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, которая удивительным образом объединила в себе спокойные ритмы Jazz музыки и настроение Bossa Nova. Нежное звучание хорошо сочетается со спокойной и мягкой мелодией и с трогательным вокалом -Stu Summers-.”

Artist said about this song:

"The song was written by my friend Paul Tibbey. He plays guitar on the track, I do the vocals, drums, percussion and piano with Berni Georges on bass. It also features the UK's rising sax star, Chris Maddock."

Raquel Kurpershoek – Me Embala

“Melodic vocals -raquel kurpershoek is that powerful energy that can control your emotions, eroding all the boundaries. There is an atmosphere of romance in this song, which excites imagination and causes a feeling of good nostalgia. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодичный вокал -Raquel Kurpershoek- это та мощная энергия, которая способна управлять вашими эмоциями, размывая все границы. Есть в этой песне атмосфера романтики, которая будоражит фантазию и вызывает чувство доброй ностальгии.”

Me Embala is the first composition of Raquels upcoming album. In this album, colors represent a state of love. This song makes an association with the color yellow and is about the trust, joy and loyalty in beginner's love. Metaphors are used such as; the sun, the beach, sunflowers but also scents of saffron (all yellow elements) to reinforce this message. Melody lines and summer grooves coming from Spain and Brazil let you float on a sea full of love.

Adam Tsarouchis – Toso Poli

“Those who were waiting for sensual and beautiful vocals -Adam tsarouchis- will undoubtedly enjoy the new composition. Turn on the imagination and open your hearts, let into the whole beauty of this melody and enjoy it as the last time (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Те, кто ждал чувственного и красивого вокала -Adam Tsarouchis-, несомненно, получат удовольствие от новой композиции. Включите воображение и открой ваши сердца, впусти в себя всю красоту этой мелодии и насладитесь ею как в последний раз”

Anthony Cinquini – Bossa (The Album)

“The composition from the first notes makes a whole flock of goosebumps run throughout your body. Atmospheric, deep, magically melodic song. Of course, this is one of the most powerful works in such an elegant genre as Bossa Nova. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Композиция с первых нот заставляет целую стаю мурашек пробежаться по всему вашему телу. Атмосферная, глубокая, магически мелодичная песня. Безусловно, это одно из самых сильных произведений в таком элегантном жанре, как Bossa Nova.”

Ramiro Pinheiro – Outra Era

“Smooth guitar notes and artistic vocals are tied in absolute balance here. “Outra Era” is simple and pure, with a strong taste of Latin and Bossa Nova style that will earn the appreciation of every listener.”

Ramiro Pinheiro and Ana Rossi presents “Outra Era” (Fagner & Zeca Baleiro), the first single of their next album “Vivo” (2022).

Born in Argentina, Ana Rossi began her musical training there, playing the piano in municipal and provincial schools. In the study of singing as an instrument, she has been especially interested in the Voice Craft technique, in which she has embedded her own trajectory combined with other visions. She is currently a member of Coetus, UNA, Marcelo Mercadante and his Quinteto Porteño, BREU and Gafieira Miúda, among others.

Ramiro Pinheiro is a subtle and creative acoustic guitarist from Brazil who is also a talented songwriter. He was mostly self-taught at the beginning, learning the guitar by ear before attending the Conservatório Souza Lima in São Paulo. Pinheiro moved to Barcelona (Spain) years ago and he has been an important part of the local music scene ever since, working with a wide variety of jazz and Brazilian musicians.

Jessica Born & Georg Crostewitz – This World Is Beautiful

“So well thought out and enigmatic. Her voice takes us to a gentler simpler time, where the feeling of bliss holds true. We really enjoyed the break down with the flute solo, so magical and well balanced, the guitar really eases the mood even more. ”

Lester Getz x M0NF0RT – Famous

“Excellent natural groove with a great sounding bunch of musical beings. It’s smooth and transitions from the breakdown into the vocally rich peaks well. His guitar solo is admirable, throwing spotlight on the acoustic interpretations. ”

Famous was written about the inability to find a creative output when not suffering from heartbreak.

Pedro Bergamo – Imigrante (Video)

“An impressive Bossa Nova single, carefully composed for listeners with specific preferences in music. Friendly sound, based on special acoustic instrumentation and of course the warm vocals of “Pedro Bergamo”. Song with own attitude, clearly not for everyone!”

Artist said about this song:

“Imigrante is about my personal experience moving out of Brazil to Finland, a country with a culture very different than mine. It is a register of someone trying to hold on to what is important and letting go what does not define you as a person.”

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