Kid Travis – 7teen (Spotify)

“Musicians with such an inner world are not afraid to experiment and go beyond normal borders. They are always in the search, in a kind of journey in the dark-minded world of music. Impressive vocals and rhythms in LO-FI HIP-HOP genre,great music that gives value in your playlist.”

“Музыканты с таким внутренним миром не боятся экспериментировать и выходить за рамки чего-либо. Они находятся всегда в поиске, в своеобразном путешествии по бескрайнему миру музыки. Впечатляющий вокал и ритмы Lo-fi Hip-Hop - это отличная музыка, которая должна прописаться в вашем плейлисте.”

Young love....Revisited.

Cian Jay, joshua epithet – Dust (Spotify)

“Real life events of a young man layered on dreamy chillhop beat. The story continuers with an echoed chorus. Well produced and full of inner journeys. ”

Cian Jay releases his incredibly thoughtful indie rap EP 'Granite', produced by Zack Teale who also worked with Cian on his debut single 'Summer is Dead', his biggest track to date. The album is a concept piece that takes you through the full process of loss in its complete truth, it is out 27th August on all streaming platforms.

‘Dust’ is from a poem that Cian wrote when he originally came up with the concept of this album, it feels like a track where he completely bares his soul he touches on subjects of toxic masculinity that overshadows the underlying subject of male mental health. This track is a beautiful ode to the lessons that his grandfather taught him, where he subtly encourages men to be vulnerable as emotions are for humans they are not for a specific gender.

Granite in Cian's own words - "It’s about loss. The loss of a loved one, or a loss of self. The deterotiation of ‘Granite’ (new life) to ‘Dust’ (no life). It goes through the stages of grief. A lot of heartache went into this. Losing my grandfather and the big reality of ‘death’ setting in - This album was made to ruminate on all this, trying to come to terms with some kind of peace on the way. To work through these emotions and come out with some kind of clarity at the end. I find talking very helpful; I’m a big oversharer. But this was different. It was very therapeutic. All was recorded within Zack Teale's shed. It was a gentle, yet a kind of ‘powerhouse’ for creativity - A safe haven even."

Cian Jay is an independent singer, songwriter and producer from the UK. Debuting in 2019, Cian has gained a small but dedicated following through social media and his real life advertising of his music.

Kidd Snooze, ilyaugust – Stay The Same (Spotify)

“-Stay The Same- has absorbed real, lively emotions that are so exquisitely reproduced in the language of music. A very interesting combination of Cloud Hop & Emo Hip-Hop, a track that the more you listen, the more you like it. An interesting, and most importantly philosophical text helps to tune the listener in the right way.”

“-Stay The Same- впитал в себя настоящие, живые эмоции, которые так изысканно воспроизведены на языке музыки. Очень интересное сочетание Cloud Hop & Emo Hip-Hop, трек, который чем больше слушаешь, тем больше нравится. Интересный, а главное философский текст помогают настроить слушателя на нужный лад.”

This song was written by Kidd Snooze and IlyAugust talking about overcoming hate over the internet.

LG (Team Genius) – YBM [Official Music Video] (Video)

“”Team Genius” attack with this new hit in the Rap scene. Summer is already burning hot and “YBM” sets another fire in the streets. The bomb has been activated and it’s going to explode in less than four minutes. can you withstand such power? Hit “play” and find out!”

“YBM” is an honest, political track about police brutality and systematic racism in the US. The music video went viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels this past week after its release on Juneteenth (6/19).


YBM is the movement song that covers all the different roles & faces of our culture. From the relentless protest we’ve witness in 2020 to the dance culture in the clubs. YBM is the anthem for all that is “black.” It speaks to the mentality of “black excellence”, but also embodies the “twerk and bounce” of gritty hip-hop. The purpose of YBM is for the youth to have a song that captures everything we are without, frowning upon a different side of the culture. When we can except all that is us, from “ratchet to riches” we can then expect others to follow. The change starts with us, although we are born from our ancestors – we are far from the times of falling in line and following rules! We are the new generation and we are no longer afraid of our blackness!

Lively, dynamic, and infected by a ferocious no-nonsense attitude, LG pushes her listeners to get up and get moving. Sometimes all we need is a good punch to the gut, and LG doesn’t hold back. Fast-paced and unapologetic, LG’s rapid-fire verses explode with their fierceness and sincerity. The rhythmic beat juxtaposes the impossibly smooth vocal passages, a rare type of bluntness that’s a welcome slap across the face.

LG grew up in Philadelphia and was brought up under the musical tutelage of her own parents. LG’s mother in particular had a significant impact on defining her music career, writing raps that LG would perform in front of her family and at talent shows as young as four years old. Learning the drums at age six and later the piano, LG’s musical roots run deep and her passion only grew after she began writing her own material:

“At the age of 12 my mother bought me Protools’ Digi Design Box and a [Apple] G5 tower so I could record my own songs. At the point I realized music was what I wanted to do in life on a professional level. I would record sometimes 8 songs a day.”
LG’s mother also taught her the fundamentals of freestyling, showing her how to string words together and the basics of structuring a song. LG’s freestyling prowess landed her significant east coast radio station plays including support from Power99FM, 1039 HipHop (formerly known as “Boom Philly”), and Hot97, and for good reason.

LG’s unrelenting vocals intertwine seamlessly with the powerful beat, demonstrating impressive cognizance regarding just how powerful music can be. Her music soars, yanking the listener to their feet and pushes them to achieve more, to do more with the life they were given. Some tracks are imbued with a quiet urgency, an intensity that holds its listeners accountable for what they do next:

“Music is a great way to get lost in a different world, I think this project isn’t so much about getting lost in the music, but tapping into your passion for what you want and using that to focus on accomplishing the goals you’ve set or the things you aspire to do.”

The music punches, pulls, and spurs the listener to groove along. The dynamic sound battles with a simple yet profound message: get off your ass and move! LG’s music doesn’t waste time, and it expects you to do the same. With an empowering sound and uncontrollable ambition, LG implores you to take on the world with the mindset that every breath, every step is an opportunity to succeed.

Kobey – Late Nights (Video)

“Prepare yourself for some real Rap from “Kobey”. The upcoming artist strikes with energy and confidence in this selected vibe. We liked the way this song evolves by being fast and then slower just in the blink of an eye!”

American artist Kobey is ready to take the music scene by storm. As a new generation of rap and hip-hop artists take over the music world, his flow, style and stellar lyrics set him apart from other rap and hip-hop artists. Born of Jewish descent in Jacksonville, FL, Kobey has always had a passion for writing and a love for music.

Dax – Why So Serious? (Video)

“The bright and energetic track in the best traditions of the genre. With expressive themes in the lyrics, heartfelt vocals and a memorable melody. You will certainly penetrate with high-quality sound, believe it is worth listening.”

“Яркий и энергичный трек, в лучших традициях жанра с выразительной тематикой в текстах, проникновенным речитативом и запоминающейся мелодией. Вы непременно проникнетесь качественным звучанием, поверьте, оно стоит того.”

Broughton – Underachiever (Spotify)

“-Underachiever- begins with a melodious game of Piano, smoothly turning into a growing shock full of expressive lyrics. -Broughton- skillfully uses the speech apparatus and gives excellent vocal parts.”

“-Underachiever- начинается с мелодичной игры пиано, плавно переходящего в нарастающие ударные и выразительный вокал. -Broughton- искусно владеет речевым аппаратом и выдаёт отличные вокальные пассажи. ”

Bleary – Life Isn’t Here to Make You Happy (Spotify)

“"Bleary" fresh release, which worths listening. clear Rap style with interesting flow, melodic character and slow pace. All enjoyed in a mix with dominant lyrics as it should be. Take a deep breath and adjust the volume higher this time. ”

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