SEYYES – Fanta colors

“The Moldavian project -seyyes- introduced its fans a very dynamic and truly summer track, which prevails in the VIB, identity and correctly placed accents characteristic of authors. Do you miss the sun? Then this track is for you! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Молдавский проект -SEYYES- представил своим поклонникам очень динамичный и по-настоящему летний трек, в котором преобладает свойственный авторам вайб, самобытность и правильно расставленные акценты. Вам не хватает солнца? Тогда этот трек для вас!”

This is a bright, positive and modern group, inspiring and motivating lyrics, an unusual combination of genres - pop with synthwave elements, a combination of electronic music and live instruments.

Это яркая, позитивная и современная группа, вдохновляющие и мотивирующие текста песен, необычная комбинация жанров – поп с элементами synthwave, комбинация электронной музыки и живыми инструментами.

Róisín O – Stolen

“A wonderful love song is ready for release and its magic can attract you like strong magnet. "Róisín O" shares her deepest thoughts with her audience in the most straight way. Heartwarming melodies and lyrics that come out from the heart, forming a unique result.”

Co-written with international singer song writing sensation Gavin James, Stolen is the 4th single to be taken from Róisín O’s highly anticipated new album.

Following the success of her 2021 singles Heart+Bones, Still Gold and her top 20 hit 2023 - Stolen is Róisín’s most confident song to date, guaranteed to make a considerable mark in the charts.

Speaking about the Single Róisín says:

“I wrote the lyrics to Stolen after bumping into an ex on the street and all the emotions I’d buried away came flooding back. Talking to him that day, knowing him so well, but at the same time not knowing him anymore, the reasons we ended the relationship became hard to recall.

It felt like it had been stolen from us.”

As close friends, James and O worked together to create a spellbinding, rhythmically powerful love song. Together with Gavin’s signature melodies, captivating piano hooks and Róisín’s spellbinding vocal, ‘Stolen’ will stir your emotions and resonate with anyone who has lost a love.

Further combining some of Ireland's greatest talents, Stolen also features writing credits from Danny O Reilly and production from Philip Magee (Kodaline, Script) and Cian MacSweeney (True Tides, Westlife).


“”96″ tells the story of a child who reaches maturity and cannot find his place in this big, scary world. The gentle, sensual voice of the singer in combination with the beautiful piano melody and rhythm, evoke the most genuine feelings and thoughts.”

“Песня повествует историю ребенка, который достигает зрелости и не может найти своё место в этом большом, страшном мире. Нежный, такой чувственный голос вокалистки, красивая мелодия пиано и ритм вызывают самые искренние, неподдельные чувства и эмоции.”

After a pandemic that severely hit the artists, keeping them away from the stage, the song ‘96, written by Runa and produced by Andy Platon, is the result of a heavy state of pain caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“’96 tells the story of a child who reaches maturity and fails to find his place in this big, scary world. It is a foreign world to him, full of rules and pressure that force him to deny his true personality and to embrace superficial, petty, material values ​​that have nothing to do with him.

‘96 is not a year chosen randomly, it is the year in which Ukraine gave up the last nuclear warhead in exchange for Russia’s promise of never attacking Ukraine. The betrayed adult, who now lives in the real world, where people are constantly hurting and betraying each other, wants to go back in time to correct this mistake made in ’96, which today created this apocalyptic scenario, “says Runa.

The video, made by Leonid Cojocaru, follows the same narrative thread, of a world that has come to an end, destroyed by human nature, which sometimes can have such a harmful dimension.

The filming took place in Chisinau, in a setting that mimics a state of conflict very well, more precisely in an abandoned factory and a deserted field, to which were added apocalyptic images, processed through graphics.

“Besides the heavy and dark atmosphere, we froze as usual from the cold, which became very normal for us, if we think that in another video I had to film in a lake that did not have a temperature higher than 7 degrees. I hope you like what came out, listen to the song and buy it, it is a simple way to help those affected by war from the comfort of your home. ”

Timebelle believes that music heals, and through the new single – “’96” – they want to heal souls, but also to bring their financial support to those who had to leave their homes, their lives and everything behind.

They have many memories of Kyiv, the city where they sang for the whole world, when they represented Switzerland at Eurovision in 2017, with the song “Apollo”, which went viral in Asia, garnered tens of millions of views on YouTube and is still enjoying success abroad. Now Kyiv, that beautiful city with hospitable people, is struggling to survive.

All revenue from the song ’96 ‘will be donated to the refugees in Ukraine.

Asher Knight – Survive (Spotify)

“Powerful energy, memorable melody, unique atmosphere and deep semantic promise - all found in this new single of -Asher Knight-. Professional approach and outstanding vocals highlight this work from others.”

“Мощная энергетика, запоминающаяся мелодия, уникальная по своему восприятию атмосфера и глубокий смысловой посыл — всё это новый сингл -Asher Knight-. Профессиональный подход и выдающийся вокал выделяют эту работу из прочих!”

This track starts with a smooth calm progression to a powerful chorus @ 57 sec, the song is about loving someone so much that you're scared of losing them and not knowing what to do without them. Asher works to give sound and verse to the inner fears of a lot of people in a relationship and give his fans the music they can relate too.

IMSTORIE – Damn Love (Spotify)

“Adjust the volume higher and enjoy this bright Synthpop release. Feel the beat shaking your body and concentrate on that mesmerizing singing voice. The track which can make you fall in love with music is "Damn Love"!”

Do what the soul wants! Never give up, even if it is seems so cringe. Because it's you who gets high in the final, not someone else

Bad Lori, Yaran – Zvezde (Spotify)

“For those who seek something different in music, "Zvezde" could be the right choice. Two artists have combined their skills for this Electro Pop track. Distinct dynamic shifts in sound result in unpredictable flow and its vocal variety will surely make you listen again.”

Zvezde is a fast-paced pop track with strong present vocals and guitar-heavy verse arrangement contrasted by synthpop vibes with sampled Amen break during the chorus. The beat is in 7/8 time signature, so it has a soft balkan feel emphasised by lyrics in two balkan languages, Slovenian and the rap/sing Albanian part.

The lyrics are an introspective story about loss.

Lyrics highlights:

Hook: Plavam skoz zvezde, plavam se utapljam v zvezdah / Swimming through stars (universe), drowning in them/it.
Ne povrne, dno ne vrne, izgubljenih ljudi / Hitting the rock bottom doesn't bring back those who were lost


“Imagine a track made as you wish. Packed with that huge amount of energy and dancing spirit. Too good to be true? Try “OMEGA” and feel your heart beating faster and faster. International style for all Pop lovers, that strikes like thunder in the middle of the night.”

Producer, Singer-Songwriter R・O・N’s project STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has pre-released its newest single “OMEGA” on all music streaming platforms before the actual CD press version that is scheduled to be released on June 2nd, 2021. As introduced, the new track had been completed in literally meaning “the ultimate” dance tune, being precisely calculated and crafted into the finest dance music.

“OMEGA” has been chosen as the ending theme song for the 2nd seasons of the popular anime series “Moriarty the Patriot”. Moriarty the Patriot is based on the story of William James Moriarty, nemesis to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. “OMEGA” follows up from his previous work “ALPHA” which had also been the ending theme song for the 1st season. Just like how a detective novel would have its hint drawing plots, the song not only traps those who are anime fans, but also pure music lovers with its cleverly designed tones. The moment you unravel the mystery, the enveloped beats will make your cells bounce.

Bellsavvy – In My Zone (Spotify)

“Your next top pop hit is here with -In My Zone- by Bellsavvy, released on GRS Music / Global Rockstar imprints. A top production and an explosive vocal performance which call you to stand up and groove, we know you may are not able to enjoy it full in your favorite club now due of the covid restrictions, but nothing stops you to do it in same way in your home, dance like nobody is watching! ”

“In My Zone” oozes Latin fire and energy. With sassy, fun vocals the song is infused with uplifting, catchy spanish influence and fire, dance-worthy production by the multi-platinum producer Sky Adams (Doja Cat, HRVY, Kylie Minogue, Sigala). The track is lively, and light-hearted, but the vibes of the track speak of body confidence and finding your inner power; her honesty shows people every little sentiment of who she is.

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