Raya Dize – Silent Movie

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“Song that is full of desires, feelings and emotions, which the listener can feel from her voice. Its melancholic atmosphere is layered with hope and as well sadness. Piano theme in the background is so beautiful, add much more emotion with the vocal. ”


This song released by: Burn Recordings

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Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/2V4lBIlsiLWHKMuHrORIKO

Artist’s Socials:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rayadize/

Website: rayadize.com/

Deserto Parallax x Adaya – Song Of Fortune

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“A lovely song that transfers magic from the distant past in ourdays. Sound based on acoustic instrumentation, emphasizing on guitar and violin chords. The lyrics communicate an important message and more than two voices sing together. Definitely a must to listen.”


Occupy the streets with Deserto Parallax’ „Song of Fortune“

Gather on the streets, people! Let’s be confident!. Is the new song by Deserto Parallax (to be released on the 29. of April) an ode to positive thinking? The people who know the singer Maximilian Tzortzatos and his band, furthermore have seen them live, know the answer to that question.

A colorful and diverse bunch of people in a peaceful parade through the streets of the Lorraine-Quarter in Bern, including Adaya up front, plucking the mandolin. There are groups of kids, women, men, citizens, humans and even some actors and actresses that are known city-wide.

We continue dreaming of freedom, peace and justice.

We will not yield until we have found our fortune.

The folk-song „Song of Fortune“ radiates an aura of Romany music, reminds us of a bard in medieval times or a roadtrip through Ireland. But the topics dealt with in the song are relevant today more than ever and meet the Zeitgeist spot on.

Mit Deserto Parallax auf die Barrikaden “Song of Fortune”

Lasst uns auf die Strasse gehen, voller Leidenschaft und Zuversicht. Die neue Video Single von Deserto Parallax (Release 13.5), eine Hymne an den Positivismus? Durchaus denkbar. Wer den wilden Griechen und Sänger Maximilian Tzortzatos mit seiner Band schon mal Live erlebt hat, kann dies bestätigen. Ein bunter Haufen zieht friedlich durch das Berner Lorraine Quartier, Adaya zupft die Mandoline an vorderster Front. Kinder, Frauen, bekannte Schauspieler/innen ziehen mit. Und während die Löwen brüllen, träumen wir weiter von Freiheit, Frieden und Gerechtigkeit. Nein wir werden nicht von den Barrikaden weichen, bis wir unser Glück gefunden haben.

Der Folk Track „Song of Fortune“ versprüht Gipsy Feeling, erinnert an die mittelalterlichen Minnesänger oder an einen Road Trip durch Irland, spielt aber im Hier und Jetzt und trifft den Nerv der Zeit.

Deserto Parallax – Song of Fortune

Maximilian Spyridon Tzortzatos (Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Guitar and Song)

Federico Bianchi (Lead Guitar and Vocals)

Dominic Gilgen (Double Bass and Vocals

Adaya Lancha Bairacli (Lead Vocals and Mandolin)

Kristina Blaser (Violin)

Bruno Raemy (Accordeon)

Léo S. Braun (Vocals)

André Götte (Lovely Support and live Accordeon)

Recorded and mixed by Lee Shornoz at Caliber Club 2.0, Switzerland

Co-Engineering by André Shornoz and Julien Menth

Mastered by Sebastian Zwahlen at Centraldubs, Berne, Switzerland

Video by Miguel Làzaro Velàzquez

Superwoman: Thomas U. Hostettler

und viele Freunde!!!

Abspann Video

Childrens Chior /Kinderchor: Kids from Kindergarten Burgfeld, Berne, Switzerland

Kindergarten Teacher: Tina Trummer

Web: www.echo.ooo/deserto-parallax

Facebook: www.facebook.com/desertoparallax

Instagram: www.instagram.com/desertoparallax/

Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/2ZPFlyT4qT3CvOuhiHHG6i

Bandcamp: desertoparallax.bandcamp.com/

Ben Boquist x Brian Graden – Remember You

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“Full of regret and nostalgic mood, this beautiful ballad emphasizes on the role of certain people in our lives. A story of love and a special person has left its mark in the singer's mind, giving the inspiration for "Remember You". Heartwarming and affectionate work.”


Brian's melancholy piano stylings and Ben's conversational, sad lyrics are perfectly married in this cozy cabaret ballad about regret and lost love.


The Lied To’s – Brokedown Jamboree

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“This composition believes the nostalgic sound of Twee and Folk in the best traditions of genres. It turned out unexpectedly alive, first-class song that will leave an indelible imprint of emotions. A rich toolkit and good response in your soul is provided! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“От этой композиции веет ностальгическим звучанием Twee и Folk в лучших традициях жанров. Получилась неожиданно живая, первоклассная песня, которая оставит неизгладимый отпечаток эмоций. Богатый инструментарий и добрый отклик в вашей душе обеспечен!”


Artist said about this song:

Brokedown Jamboree: (by Doug Kwartler) Like a lot of writers, I often write down interesting words or curious phrases that I hear or thinkoff. I think the term “Brokedown Jamboree” was one of them. I have several songs in this sortof old-time 1920’s/1930’s style. As I started playing some chords on my guitar and filling intheverses, it became a love song about Susan and escaping from this treacherous world. Thesinger is pretty confident here in trying to convince his love to join him in this journey,singing,“Got a love so pure satisfaction guaranteed,” and“we could bounce right through this oldroutine, oh yeah, Step right up to this dream machine, oh yeah.” But on the flipside, he’sacknowledging his faults and that things are sort of in a state of disrepair. Hence, the term“Brokedown Jamboree.”


Asher Knight – Survive (Spotify)

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“Powerful energy, memorable melody, unique atmosphere and deep semantic promise - all found in this new single of -Asher Knight-. Professional approach and outstanding vocals highlight this work from others.”

“Мощная энергетика, запоминающаяся мелодия, уникальная по своему восприятию атмосфера и глубокий смысловой посыл — всё это новый сингл -Asher Knight-. Профессиональный подход и выдающийся вокал выделяют эту работу из прочих!”


This track starts with a smooth calm progression to a powerful chorus @ 57 sec, the song is about loving someone so much that you're scared of losing them and not knowing what to do without them. Asher works to give sound and verse to the inner fears of a lot of people in a relationship and give his fans the music they can relate too.


The Love Letter – The Fool (Spotify)

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“New, lyrical single -The Fool from- three talented singers and songwriters -The Love Letter- . A very fresh look at modern acoustic music and indie rock with memorable melodies for a life.”

“Новый, лирический сингл The Fool от трёх талантливых певиц и авторов песен The Love Letter. Очень свежий взгляд на современную акустическую музыку и инди-рок и запоминающиеся мелодии о нашей вами с жизни.”


Formed by three singer-songwriters living in Los Angeles, The Love Letter combines catchy melodies with honest themes about real-life situations, all in their signature, harmony-infused sound which they describe as "country-influenced indie rock".

Khamari – Pull Up (Spotify)

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“Charming vocals and professional arrangement! The new album Khamari with the exotic name Eldorado will be a pleasant discovery even for sophisticated listeners and will not leave anyone indifferent.”

“Обаятельный вокал и профессиональная аранжировка! Новый альбом Khamari с экзотическим названием Eldorado даже для искушенных слушателей станет приятным открытием и не оставит равнодушными. ”


Khamari's career debuted with a trio of Spotify New Music Friday placements, including a #10 spot with his sophomore release The Heat. His editorial support rounded out as the cover artist for Spotify's Fresh Finds, and further playlisting on Apple Music FEELS, Amazon's The New Black and Breakthrough R&B, and as cover artist for Tidal's Pop:Rising. With over 4 million cumulative streams in his first 3 songs - including 500k in The Heat's first week on Spotify alone - Khamari's first chapter is off to a powerful start.

A multifaceted independent artist, songwriter, and producer, Khamari grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, MA. His first project wraps his powerfully earnest songwriting around contemporary sonics, with stellar production from Trackside throughout, as well as his own production. Skilled as a vocalist, pianist, and guitarist, Khamari's music is distilled from influences ranging as wide as The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Sly Stone, to Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, and Mac Miller.


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