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Junglehammer – Boots

“This one makes you move your whole body, with vocals that can stand on their own, music is just as beautiful. Like an all time jazz classic, from funky bass line, guitar riffs that stays in your head instantly to saxophone solo that is just as magnificent as everything else. ”

Boots' features the extraordinary vocals of Junglehammer collaborator, and soul/jazz singer Lily Dior. The cut showcases some delicious interplay between the sax of Morphett, and guitarist Serg Demetrijevic, (who is originally from Sydney and a touring member of Earth, Wind & Fire), and is the perfect introduction to the unique musicianship of Junglehammer. Reminiscent of jazz/pop collectives and studio project creators of the past, Junglehammer sets the mood for an exciting introduction to the genre for newer and uninitiated fans.

The 'Boots' music video is created by director Bernie Zelvis, who painstakingly and ingeniously matched the lyrics and music to footage from the 1934 Betty Boop classic cartoon "Poor Cinderella"; melding an amazing visual and audio synchronicity that will surely feature on video screens in lounge and cocktail bars in cities from Sydney to New York, London and Paris

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King Thayo – Happy

“The main energy message of this track is that in spite of everything you should always remain happy. You are surrounded and the arms of the melody and rhythm of reggae and funk music, bright rays of the sun shine in your eyes, no one and nothing can prevent you from enjoying this life!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Главный энергетический посыл этого трека в том, что несмотря ни на что нужно всегда оставаться счастливым. Вы в окружении и объятиях мелодии и ритма Reggae и Funk музыки, в глаза вам светят яркие лучи солнца, никто и ничто не может помешать вам наслаждаться этой жизнью!”

Shuko x Casey Veggies – Sunset Ride

“Very positive vibe, cross between funk, house, disco with a modern production and beautiful vocals. You can feel the breeze while driving with an open window on a sunset, near the ocean. Did not expected to be a rap part, because of the general style of the song, but it fits so good, changing the pace of the song, before coming back to basic verse. ”

September 9, 2022 (Chicago, IL)-Nettwerk Recordsis excited to announce the signing of multi-platinum music producer and songwriterShuko. The Grammy-nominated artist currently resides in Germany and has produced records for the likes of Kanye West, Ava Max, the Chainsmokers, Anderson .Paakand countless others.Today, Shukoreleases the single "Sunset Ride" via Nettwerk Records. With features from Odd Future co-founder Casey Veggiesand Norwegian vocalist Sarah Evelyn, "Sunset Ride" is a smooth, uptempo jam that seamlessly mixes R&B and jazz. The track serves as the second single from Shuko’s first album release as a Nettwerk artist, following the release of “Queen’s Flower”on August 19.

“‘Sunset Ride’ is a feel-good song when someone you really care about is going through something challenging and reminding them of all the good things that are easy to forget,”shares Shuko. “[It’s] basically your perfect soundtrack for the summer—with a classy 90s R&B feel in a modern twist.”Shuko joins Nettwerk's expanding roster of instrumental artists, includingNathan Kawanishi, goosetaf, Oatmello, frumhere, Slumberville,and others."

Sunset Ride"is available at digital retailers here:

Lavender Beat Collective – The Path

“Symibiosis of the Jazz and Funk genres, as a wonderful and perfect addition to any of your evenings. On the road, you are walking on foot along the flooded lights of lanterns to the city, this music will work miracles, relaxing and at the same time lighting a small reactor inside you - your heart.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Симбиоз жанров Jazz и Funk, как прекрасное и идеальное дополнение к любому из ваших вечеров. В дороге вы или гуляете пешком по залитым огнями фонарей городу, эта музыка будет творить чудеса, расслабляя и одновременно зажигая внутри вас маленький реактор — ваше сердце.”

Lavender Beat Collective is a worldbeat project started in Long Beach, California in 2021, and is at its essence not a band but a creative habit.

Founded by vocalist/flutist/producer Tien Nguyen (SAÍGO, Kan Wakan) and drummer/producer Max Macveety (Bunky, Shots Fired, Crown City Rockers, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe), LBC is a weekly creative session designed to unite remote-recording musicians from around the world.

The mission: to create soulful, danceable compositions that combine the wisdom of the musicians' collective traditions and experiences. Every month, a new track plus remixes will be released, featuring a diverse array of global talent.

The first song to emerge from this collaborative process is "The Path", a hopeful, groovy, meditative song which draws inspiration from Afrobeat, R&B, Desert Blues, and Jazz. The song features contributors from Brazil, Nigeria, and the United States.

The lyrics are a concise mantra: "All of the good yet to come / awaits on the path you've begun. Whether you win or you lose / it's never too late or too soon".

Premiering on Sept 2nd, "The Path" features:

Max Macveety (drums),

Samson Olawale (percussion),

Cooper Appelt (bass),

Evandro Hasse (trumpet),

Nicolas James Scott (Keys),

Shea Springer (Guitar),

Tien Nguyen (vocals, flute),

Dominique Toney (vocals),


Jessica Childress (vocals).

The Doc Project – One of These Days

“One of those days will come when everything will certainly be better than today and music that pleased us once will bring us pleasure for nothing. This track in its energy in the genres of Reggae and Funk gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite music anywhere and in any weather!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Наступит один из тех дней, когда всё непременно будет лучше, чем сегодня и музыка, которая радовала нас когда-то будет приносить нам удовольствие ни смотря ни на что. Этот уникальный по своей энергетике трек в жанрах Reggae и Funk даёт вам возможность насладиться любимой музыкой в любом месте и при любой погоде!”

Following the March release of the album Lost Bags, Chris Arndt and guest artists, aka The Doc Project, are out with a new single, “One of These Days.” Originally a slow, country ballad off of Neil Young’s 1992 album, Harvest Moon, Arndt re-imagined the song as an upbeat, reggae tune. While the lyrics and melody are consistent with the original, the bass line and opening guitar lick add an irresistible groove to this beautiful classic. On this track, Arndt’s lead vocals are capably accompanied by guest singer Rachael Lampa.

Alex Kinsey x Ilana Armida – Bread & Butter

“This track is original and attractive in that it contains only the atmosphere of funk music in it. He creates an interesting illusion of movement, as if you are next to the performers on the same stage. Great arrangement and vocal parties will make this track a real favorite of your playlist!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек оригинален и притягателен тем, что в нём есть свойственная только ему атмосфера Funk музыки. Он создаёт интересную иллюзию движения, словно ты рядом с исполнителями на одной сцене. Великолепная аранжировка и вокальные партии сделают этот трек настоящим фаворитом вашего плейлиста!”

Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats – What’s up Doc?

“Good and quality music carries always some fresh air inside and never gets old. "What's up Doc?" call us to explore the Jazzy dimension of sound, also influenced from Funk and that restless spirit of continuous creation. So fasten your seatbelts and let the journey begin.”

"What's Up Doc" is a rich, jazzy, saxophone-heavy fusion jam over contemplative lyrics which explores themes of self-discovery, changing times, and the salvation found in music & community.

Marlon McClain – Ain’t No Stoppin Now – Remix feat Flip & Rozie

“From the very beginning, you will be met by a unique, kind and positive wib Funk music with elements of HIP-Hop sound. Great guitar losses, lighting a fire rhythm and vocal, capable of pushing any boundaries of your subconscious!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вас с самого начала встретит уникальный, добрый и позитивный вайб Funk музыки с элементами Hip-Hop звучания. Отличные гитарные проигрыши, зажигающий огонь ритм и вокал, способный раздвинуть любые границы вашего подсознания!”

Founder & CEO – Charisma

“Feeling lazy and too tired? Give yourself a pleasant energy kick with this upcoming release from "Founder & CEO". Funky mood, vivid vocals and fast background percussion are all included in a single that will easily lift your feet from the ground.”

Aussie producer and artist Founder & CEO drops a funky horn-laden strutter 'Charisma'.

After the success of indie electro-pop act Coach Bombay, this new project from Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist Terry Mann has an air of excitement around it. With support from Australian TV show 'The Project' on Network 10 and his first single 'Golden' soundtracking the launch of the latest Apple Watch, Founder & CEO is suited, booted and off to the races.

Each track he releases brings a distinct flavour, with timeless production stylings and heaps of fun. Who know's what's next? But we do know that more releases and exciting collaborations are on the way.

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