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Steve Ryan – Reach – Funk Version (Spotify)

“Very happy song, in original Funk mood. Steve Ryan unfolds his singing skills with some super positive ideas. Lyrics of deep meaning, friendly emotions and your soul elixir is ready. You only have to grab this chance!”

Steve Ryan constantly stays busy with project after project. His music has been described as inspirational, ground breaking, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable. His lyrics are just outright magical.

In Music and Moonlight, the nineteenth century poet Arthur O'Shaughnessy wrote: "We are the music makers, / And we are the dreamers of dreams.” This popular line of poetry defines present-day musician and songwriter Steve Ryan.

Inspired by his own dreams, he helps others make theirs come true! He does this through a motivational and inspirational blend of pop, rock and r&b. With a subtle change to the quote above, we can call Steve Ryan a “dreamer of music, and maker of dreams.”

Steve Ryan’s musical background was primarily a songwriter before he released his first album. He wrote songs for other artists and originally found his way into the music industry through songwriting and occasional performances at various shows.

He made his official debut as an artist in 2010 with his first release, ‘’Steve Ryan Presents.’’ This album was meant to be a demo and it received a surprisingly overwhelming positive reaction from new fans and solidified Steve Ryan’s influence as an Artist.

In 2012, he released an EP album called intermission. This Album made it into the best sellers category on Amazon that year.
In 2013, Steve Ryan released his 2nd full length album called ''Boundless Moments''. He follwed up in 2014, by releasing his 3rd full length album which was an all instrumental album called, ‘’Feel at Ease.’’

In 2016, Steve Ryan released his 4th full length album titled, ''Smooth Melodies.'' He followed up with single releases in 2018, ‘‘Movin On’’ and in 2020, '‘Miracle of Love.’’

In April 2021, Steve Ryan released, ‘‘Proud of Me’’, a tribute song to his father who passed away. Steve Ryan is currently working on his next full length album. Stay tuned for more amazing music from Steve Ryan.

Enok Amrani – The Truth (Spotify)

“Original Folk work offered from a true artist. Enok Amrani gives emphasis in singing and usually prefers a melancholic mood with slow pace. Even it's not your day, the right sound will always be there ...available at the right time!”

Enok Amrani said about this song: "The song is about how people often tend to take some shortcuts by not telling the truth to escape unpleasant situations where one will be held accountable for their actions, without considering the consequences it can have both for themselves and others. "

Enok Amrani is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. His music, which is driven by the lyrics, often moves in a melancholic landscape with elements from different styles like rock,soul and country.

Karin Fransson – Crossroads Again (Spotify)

“-Crossroads Again- amazing new EP from -Karin Fransson-. With the bright colors of acoustic, melodic music, vocal artistry and impressions that would catch your attention and steal your heart.”

“-Crossroads Again- c нового EP изумительной -Karin Fransson- это яркие краски из акустической, мелодичной музыки, артистичного вокала и воспоминаний, которые украдут ваше внимание и сердце. ”

Part of the "Commuter Diaries, Vol. 2" EP.

Few words behind this song inspiration that artist shared with Nagamag:

" - The first line is where the song started which I recorded into my phone walking on or off a train/tube in London some time (years) ago, just that first line. Last year I wrote the rest of the song which felt amazing and I think it may be a sentiment many people can relate to right now so I hope this song will help people feel optimistic about the future as it did for me. - " Karin Fransson

Karin Fransson is a London based Swedish singer songwriter & "pop starlet" creating new music and content as it pulsates through her.

Not easily put inside one box but this artist's work transcends genres and styles with stories painted with unusually beautiful melodies to captivate a wide audience into; soulful, jazzy, folky sometimes funky pop with an acoustic edge.

Seasoned session singer and live performer as well as producer with 4 self-releases under her belt.

LowDown Mini Reel #3 (Paradise) (Video)

“What’s the meaning of “Paradise”? Each of us have his own aspect about. It could be the perfect place to live or just being able to act with no restrictions. Whatever the answer, there’s always something special like this to listen and think.”

What price are you willing to pay for a piece of paradise? Or better yet, does paradise even exist? Pursuing one’s happiness can be a noble cause but wagering one’s existence for the spoils of life can lead you down a rabbit hole of misperception.

Chicago, IL – LowDown Brass Band is thrilled to announce the release of Mini Reels #3 (Paradise) on their label Dibs Records. The single will be available on all digital audio and video streaming platforms on Friday March 5 2021.


LowDown Mini Reels are short song and visual ideas that range from 1-2 minutes in length. Whether an instrumental or full vocal performance, LowDown Mini Reels are meant to be thought provoking and straight to the point. LowDown Brass Band has scheduled the “Mini Reel” series for bi-weekly release via all DSP’s and Social Media starting in February. They invite listeners to join them as they continue ever forward. Paradise is the third single off this exciting and fan engaging digital series.

March and June – Remember (Spotify)

“A new star comes down from heaven to bring you back the lost happiness. "March and June" can surprise his audience with his innovative Electro sound. This is exactly what you need to escape from anxiety.”

After its latest success with ‘Sign from God’, March and June has once again dusted off his synth pads and traveled back in time to bring us ‘Remember’ – a retro pop track with 90’s influences reminding us that love doesn’t have a time and place or expiration date. It’s all about letting yourself get lost in the moment and allowing love to remind you who you are: shiny flares of retro grooves traveling at light speed into our times. Remember.

March & June is a new music project which combines different energies and vibes.

Behind March and June there is one artist who performs as a producer, songwriter and mix engineer. Born in June, his personality traits are deeply reflected in his music. Duality, moods, feelings, all these can be felt in his music. He’s not aiming to show off using his real name, yet only to assemble his emotions and life experiences. Music is the main character, not himself as an individual.

Throughout the years, he has produced a lot of tracks for many artists all over the world.

He has perfected his craft during the last 15 years, collecting under his belt no less than 3 No 1 tracks and numerous top 10 and top 45 records.

Many of his successful records are the result of collaborations with Grammy winning producers and engineers such as Tom Coyne, Chris Gehringer, Alex Psaroudakis and Luca Pretolesi. Working in Germany, Sweeden, Canada, UK and Eastern Europe got him record deals with Sony Music, Universal, and BMG and other big music labels. As of now, he is a prolific R’n’B, Trap, Neo Soul, Pop, Dance, Garage, Funk, Deep House and Disco music producer.

All the music he’s ever listened to has influenced him in one way or another, especially the 80s and 90s sound.

Taught by his father how to play the drums at the age of 7, he fell in love with this instrument. In a chaotic world, he is constantly looking for a warm sound which comes from the positive as well as peaceful places and people. He's also looking for freedom and mood. The perfect mood.

The pop music influence can be felt when collaborating with other artists from this genre.

March and June project will be shared with the voices that he genuinely loves, not aiming for the spotlights.

Slam Band and Sam – Black Hole (Spotify)

“When six artists work together in a song, the result cannot be dissapointing! Find your favourite Soft Rock sounds mixed together in a song that can attract like magnet in a very effective way. Let the instrumental notes feed your imagination and relax.”

Slam Band & Sam’s newest single sees the band taking a big step forward when the world around them seems to be spinning more out of control than ever. It’s called Black Hole, and it was initially inspired by NASA’s groundbreaking black hole photos in April 2019; however, singer/lyricist Adam Vasko sees it now as a functioning parable for hard times – for when your circumstances suck you in and make positivity harder and harder to exude.

It’s a step forward for Pittsburgh’s Slam Band in more ways than one. They’ve now introduced keyboardist Dave Carrera into the band – a change that’s caused a noticeable, fiery upheaval in their sound. His synth, Rhodes, and organ work adds inimitable textural layers rarely heard within the pantheon of East Coast jazz and blues-rock, and “Black Hole” is no exception, featuring cascading, intergalactic synth noises that fill post-chorus pauses like a cosmic fermata.

The song is more experimental than their past work, too, incorporating ever more brass and slap bass than before as the backing vocals trickle in and out in soft “oohs” behind Vasko’s raucous celestial deliberations. A closer listen to the lyrics unshrouds a newly distinct brand of introspection, examining important choices in the face of hardships. What does it mean to choose kindness? Too choose to keep moving when it feels like you’re paralyzed? To choose to keep your head up?

The band has been through some hard times, collectively and individually, and it leaks (perhaps unconsciously) into the song. Interpersonal turmoil, family members getting sick, loss, and grief – it’s all there, but, despite this “Black Hole” is relentlessly energetic; a call for listeners to hang in there and to shrug off the negatives whenever possible.

Project Sunlight – More and More (Spotify)

“We use to look for more and more sophisticated songs and this one has its own addictive stamp. Grab the chance to follow the funky sounds, meaningful lyrics and exuberant voice of a mesmerizing singer!”

What more would you want in life? More money, more fame, more success? More time, more friends, more love? If I’m honest, my answer would be “all of the above”.

In other words, I want more life. And the more life I get out of life, the more and more life I crave for. That is the gist of the fresh, rejuvenating cocktail served by Projēct Sunlight with a soul twist.

So, here’s to life!

Highschool Jacob – Open Sickness (Spotify)

“Funk and Nu-disco has long been a favorite of many music charts. And the music Highschool Jacob no exception. New single Open Sickness filled with vintage sound of analog and digital synthesizers, drum machine and quality samples.”

“Funk и Nu-disco уже давно стали фаворитами многих музыкальных хит-парадов. И музыка Highschool Jacob не исключение. Новый сингл Open Sickness наполнен винтажным звучанием аналоговых и цифровых синтезаторов, драм-машиной и качественными семплами.”

Los Angeles' Highschool Jacob is ready to share his highly awaited single "Open Sickness," the fourth release from his "HSJ 2020" collection. The series of singles each come with a corresponding video game (yes video game!) and have garnered praise from tastemakers worldwide.

The alternative-pop project based out of Los Angeles was started with the intention to combine elements from modern pop and R&B. Inspired by art pop, indie rock, and nu-disco, Highschool Jacob (HSJ) continuously delivers music that is both deeply personal and sonically riveting. Having mastered retro-inspired jams, HSJ shares feel-good music influenced by our favorite parts of the '70s and '80s.

"breezy, funky, alt-pop single du jour" - EARMILK

"HighSchool Jacob's retro synth soundscape is a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of hip hop and grunge" - Atwood Magazine

"full of soulful synths that pair well with its downtempo beat." - mxdwn

"Nostalgic in name and in sound this song hits all the notes." - Beat Lab Academy

"It's not hard to understand the magnetism to this curious alt-pop act." - The Music Ninja

HSJ takes it back to his roots with the gorgeous indie-pop tune "Open Sickness." A memorable guitar melody opens the track and leads you into soaring harmonies and echoing verses swirling in a dreamy, synth-laden soundscape. This elevated-ballad is an ode to moving on and accepting responsibility; Highschool Jacob embraces the hard conversations we need to have with ourselves in the wake of emotional grief.

He explains, "This song was written after a difficult conversation with an ex on a cold winter day in New York City when I was crushed with the realization that she had undoubtedly moved on. I began writing the song focused on how sorry I felt for myself, but then I realized I was the reason for the circumstances in the first place. How dare I approach someone I had been apart from for so long and expect them to feel the same way I did? How dare I meet their emotional maturity with tears? Often these sort of songs (especially from the male perspective) look to demonize and shift blame to the other person, and I wanted to draw attention to how that is often not the case. I wanted to write the angry breakup song where my ex was some crazy mean girl and make myself the victim, but in the end it was my fault. I couldn't make her the bad guy no matter how hard I tried."

Tastemakers like Atwood Magazine, Earmilk, and mxdwn have supported the project from the start and HSJ has climbed HypeMachine charts hitting the #1 Spot on the Popular Charts. Additionally, he has been featured on coveted Spotify playlists like Fresh Finds and more.

With every single release, Highschool Jacob and creative collaborator Jack Herzog created a flash game available on the Highschool Jacob website to coincide with the single release, giving listeners a chance to further dive into the world and ideas wrapped into each song. Inspired by vintage video game advertising, they carried that theme over to the artwork for each track release as well. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine, HSJ realized that everyone could use some fun until life gets back to normal.

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Corona King by Dawn Drake Directed by Olivier Kay (Video)

“Dawn Drake please us with a way atmospheric new song called -The Corona King-. Good mood vibes that if you listen in the morning when you start your day will boost you with good energy to fulfill your goals. With a soulful vocal performance and the beautiful sync of instrumentalist performers will light your atmosphere, and even if you don’t want to do nothing today is OK, laid back and enjoy a beautiful day! ”

“Corona King” by Dawn Drake (Feb 12, 2021 on PMX Records) chronicles a pandemic romance that is already barely hanging by a thread on Zoom. The relationship finally succumbs to a lack of actual human connection that many of us have experienced in 2020.

Imagine if your computer screen is actually a bad dream come true? Many singles in lockdown all over the world went for months without actually being in the presence of other human beings. Social media and video chats have been the only human connection we have had during the pandemic- and Zoom, Facetime and Skype have become some of the only potential romantic connections we’ve had as well. This bad dream for Ms. Drake tells a somewhat autobiographical tale of being in quarantine already cutoff from all social ties; the final straw is when that special someone catches coronavirus and is never heard from again. S/He becomes the “Corona King” for whom the song is named.

In Dawn’s signature fashion of accompanying her darker lyrics with grooves that light up the dance floor, the video for “Corona King” sheds a sunny light on the subject matter as the protagonist prevails. Dancing and singing into the post-lockdown summer and fall, she makes lemonade out of the tale, converting it into a passion-filled dance number that is at once New Wave Pop and Cuban Timba (Salsa Cubana) with some dashes of Afro-Cuban folkloric references that conjure up images of Changó, the Orisha of male virility, and Ochún, the Orisha of love and sweet waters. “Corona King” shows us that all is not lost in the world and that even when the floor is shaking… you can still dance!

Dawn Drake & her band of over a decade, ZapOte (a luscious tropical fruit) are beautifully filmed by Okay Motion in a lush Brooklyn backdrop that features the signature Colamari Horns (Jackie Coleman and Lynn Ligammari of Durand Jones, Antibalas and Red Baraat), the sounds of the tres guitar played by Benjamin Lapidus, as well as Drake’s own bass, vocals and percussion. The tight rhythm section featuring Rosa Avila (Summer on Broadway, Broadway Bounty Hunter) on drums and Mara Rosenbloom on keys makes you want to get up and groove all the way into post-pandemic land!

While you’re grooving you’ll be in good company with choreography by Hansell Vaillant of La Habana, Cuba accompanied by Ms. Drake and Brooklyn dancer Michele Drysdale. Cameo appearances by Brittany Anjou of BiTyrant and Eliane Amherd from the voice of Switzerland make it all in the family. A motion filled piece from beginning to end, the moves in “Corona King” will give you the energy you need to shake off the Corona King you may have in your own life.

Who is the “Corona King” in the video premiere? We may never find out, as the plot is purposefully gender-non-specific. One is left to guess who the actual Corona King really is. In the end, the takeaway is that perhaps there is hope for singles even in and beyond a global pandemic!

Freedust, Sheila Weaver – Bad Move (Spotify)

“Freedust combines funk-soul and trip-hop with prominent jazz motifs. Classic soul vocals like an echo from the distant past. Soul music, bouncy rhythm to re-charge your positive mood.”

“Freedust сочетает в себе funk-soul и trip-hop с ярко выраженными джазовыми мотивами. Классический soul вокал словно эхо из далёкого прошлого. Душевные мелодии, бодрый ритм и заряд позитивного настроения.”

Freedust first became airborne when Daniele Carmosino met singer Lisa Widmark among the creaking Hammonds and weather-beaten Moogs of an antique music equipment store in 2015. With more than just musical influences in common, the pair shared a feel for the music they wanted to create and soon began realising their vision in Daniele’s home studio. Combining their initial inspiration of Swing music of the 1930s and 40s, filtered through their love of pop, jazz, electronica and vintage gear to create a something new yet familiar, timeless. The duo were soon joined by guest singer Sarina Leah from London and the geographical influences of all three Freedusters (Italy, Sweden, UK) combine to form their singular sound .

Their debut EP ‘Jump Up and Down’ is a journey through bouncy beats and dusty breaks, scratched horns and whimsical electronics underpinning catchy melodies and gossamer vocals, for a fresh and playful approach to female-fronted experimental pop.

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