vikāra – sho

“The rhythm has been playing an important goal in our lives since the beginning of time. He arouses an ancient hunger in us, and makes our body pulsate so behind the beat. The waves of Deep House Music will remind you that a huge force feeding on your adrenaline lives inside each of us. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Ритм с начала времён играет важную цель в нашей жизни. Он пробуждает в нас древний голод, и заставляет наше тело пульсировать так за тактом. Волны Deep House музыки напомнят вам, что внутри каждого из нас живёт огромная сила, питающаяся вашим адреналином.”

Mood 5 – Lives In The Sun

“Deep rhythms of Deep House and the bright rays of the burning sun, which are reflected in the warm waters of the coastal ocean. The place where synthesized music and vocals met each other and created an amazingly harmonious sound. A warm, summer mood is provided to you throughout the entire track! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Глубокие ритмы Deep House и яркие лучи обжигающего солнца, которые отражаются в тёплых водах прибрежного океана. Место, где синтезированная музыка и вокал встретили друг друга и создали удивительно гармоничный саунд. Тёплое, летнее настроение вам обеспечено на протяжении всего трека!”

Summer vocal house anthem with the right amount of disco hedonism and a hint of pop.

ZOiD x Dorota Konchevska – Looking In The Rain

“The real process of the outpouring of copyright feelings and emotions with the help of the synthesis of sounds and voice. A peculiar and very extraordinary rhythm and a melody, in the framework of which genres such as House and NU Jazz elements get along. You are provided with a highly concentrated portion of positive! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Настоящий процесс излияния авторских чувств и эмоций с помощью синтеза звуков и голоса. Своеобразный и очень неординарный ритм и мелодия, в рамках которого уживаются такие жанры, как House и элементы Nu Jazz. Вам обеспечена высококонцентрированная порция позитива!”

Dublin electronic artist ZOiD brought us two beat-filled psalms of positivity towards the end of a long 2021 when he dropped ‘Wish You’ (featuring Esosa Ighodaro O’Brien) and ‘Static’ (with Belfast vocalist Suzanne Savage), both taken from his upcoming long player, ZONGS.

Fusing elements of jazz, techno, idm and house, ZOiD’s music exists on a pioneering soundscape that simultaneously manages to be bold and interesting with a pop sensibility. ZOiD’s latest track, ‘Looking in the Rain’, continues his collaborative verve, co-written by Polish vocalist/producer Dorota Konchevska.

ZOiD met Dorota when he was teaching jazz at Newpark Academy of Music in the late 2000s while Dorota was a student there. Hitting it off as they both had interests in jazz and electronic music, they started a collaborative process that resulted in a critically well-received EP, released in 2019 ZOiD Vs Dorota Konchevska.

For their ZONGS collaboration, Dorota was based in Poland and they worked remotely, sending files back and forth. The track draws strong influences from house music, jazz, and classic songwriting. Dorota is releasing the first single from her own solo album on February 18, ‘Gold Goes Out’ (

“When I got the Dorota’s melody part back for Looking In The Rain I was blown away," says Daniel. "I love the vibe and the lyrics. It’s always so fun collaborating like this, never knowing what’s going to come back when you send someone a track. Usually it’s a nice surprise!”

The much-anticipated ZONGS was launched at The Grand Social in Dublin on Sunday April 3. The gig featured four of the vocalists from the album - Aoife Doyle, Jenna Harris, Suzanne Savage and Miriam Ingram - a live re-imagining of one of this year’s most adventurous and experimental dance albums.

Nothing But Funk x Syndel – Ring My Bell

“A diverse combination of sounds, nu-disco rhythm, beautiful vocal vibrations and a melody setting positive tone. The track turned out to be excellent in all respects and, most importantly, it is nice to listen to it! Your mood is in good hands -Nothing but funk and syndel-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Разнообразная комбинация звуков, ритм Nu-disco, красивые вокальные вибрации и задающая позитивные тон мелодия. Трек получился во всех отношениях отличным и, что самое главное — его приятно слушать! Ваше настроение в хороших руках -Nothing But Funk и Syndel-.”

Dutch DJ/producer Nothing But Funk and Italian femme fatale Syndel team up to deliver a 21st century version of the classic 'Ring My Bell'. Enchanting, sexy and definitely dance floor driven, Ring My Bell is a song which suits the discotheque just as well as the private after party between two secret lovers. The song will be released as the second single on Disco Tropicana Records - a Dutch disco collective known from festivals such as Paaspop, Pinkpop, Solar Weekend and more.

suncream – Squash

“This one just sounds like an instant classic, wearing its retro badge with pride and honour. A sweet, organic, deep house groover, with the mandatory rowdy bass and cocktail enabling vocal hooks that waste no time luring you on the dancefloor unashamedly. ”

Organic dance music for the soul - 'Squash' fuses my love for funk & disco with progressive house music. Following a simple recipe, blending the use of live instruments, samples, computers and tape machines, this lo-fi electronic exploration cooks-up soundscapes laden in ambient grooves and organic, sun-soaked textures.

AJ Moreno x Rak-Su – Just A Friend

“Its bright and lively with upbeat energy. Classic sounds of house with a tight freestyle flow on top. We dig that chorus and the way it was tweaked out. Build up is not overwhelming and the track has a good flavor overall. ”

After accumulating around 100m global streams between them, AJ Moreno and Rak-Su have teamed up to collaborate with their first release together, "Just A Friend". Previous support from Joel Corry, Lost Frequencies, Hardwell, TCTS, DJ S.K.T, Don Diablo. Editorial playlist support from Apple, Amazon and Spotify.

ELBTUNNEL – Harbor Lounge

“In "Harbor Lounge", you can find your favourite House sound decorated with sophisticated Jazz elements. Lo-fi, warm and cozy enough to make you feel at ease, while offering moments of precious relaxation for your body and soul.”

With "Harbor Lounge" a mixture of chilled deep house beats and the so classic smooth jazz elements succeeds, through which the producer can already look back on several successes with other instrumental projects. (Blue Knights, Dancing Fantasy, Colors In Motion).

Mit "Harbor Lounge" gelingt eine Mischung aus chilligen Deep-House Beats und den so klassischen Smooth-Jazz Elementen, durch die der Produzenten mit anderen Instrumental Projekten schon auf mehrere Erfolge zurückblicken kann. (Blue Knights, Dancing Fantasy, Colors In Motion).

Galetta – Telepathic Hypnosis – Radio Edit

“Prepare for a taste of old and groovy House music from "Galetta". The UK-based artist is quite specific on its sound, which comes from classic synthesizers. Among some bright melodic elements, also noticeable is his fat bassline that emerges shortly before the end. Hypnotic and addictive track.”

Galetta is the deep-progressive house project from UK-based producer and DJ, Rich Saunders.

Born from a desire to create melodic, groovy dance music that pricks the emotions, Galetta draws inspiration from the open-minded dancefloors of the 80s and 90s, alongside the aesthetic of contemporary deep and minimal house productions.

The Galetta sound is heavily influenced by the classic house and techno machines – SH-101, Juno, Jupiter, 909, 303, and the Rhodes - creating warm, bass heavy, and often uplifting cuts.

Galetta’s debut EP: The Programme, was signed to 8 House Records and has been warmly welcomed by DJs and dancefloors the world-over.

With an exciting and packed year ahead, Galetta has a full schedule of releases dropping on his self-titled label, Galetta Records.

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