G Bersa – Nankurunaisa (Spotify)

“If music could captivate and spreads her aroma, then it clearly would be a single with an exotic name Nankurunaisa. Melodic piano, well-built elements of Jazz-hop and slow, relaxing rhythm of Chill-hop style. ”

“Если бы музыка могла пахнуть и пленить своим ароматом, то это явно был бы сингл с экзотически названием Nankurunaisa. Мелодичное пиано, грамотно встроенные элементы Jazz-hop и медленный, расслабляющий ритм Chill-hop.”


G Bersa, born in 1981, is a Beat-maker of Apulian origin (Arnesano, LE). In 1997 he approached Hip Hop culture and actively participated as a breaker in the Fiacche Cumpagnie and Centrum Funk crews. In 2007, he became a member of the Southfam crew and collaborated with the Sudest Records label where he had the opportunity to produce the first songs. Assisted by the reliability of the members (Mani Mala), he created his first musical project, a completely self-produced mixtape entitled CRUNK EAT, characterized by electronic drumlines and simple loops. In 2009 he met a young Brenno Itani with whom he made the single "hombre que pasa" participated by Cobrakay and Nico Royale. He composes the track "Una Chance" in the album of the Syracuse rapper Izio Sklero and with the same he reappears, years later, in the track "Che ci faccio quà" in which Kiquè appears at the talk box. In the following years, for Mopashà he produced the singles "Appiccio la mia brasa" and "Babilonia", for Hector Dalai, the single "Nostalgie", for Young Bolo, the single "Contanti" and "Maraglio", for Jake La Furia and Guè Pequeno, the track "Disco Exclusive". Appears in the street album "Pugni in faccia" by Rap Pirata, in the track of Inoki, Mad Dopa and Lu Marra entitled "Bad Man". He currently collaborates with Emic Entertainment and lives in Bologna.


Bleary – Long Gone (Spotify)

“Bleary with his new 9 tracks album BAD DAYS invite us to a beautiful atmospheric world. We picked the 7th installment , the track - Long Gone -. A track which quickly comes to warm the atmosphere with the hookiest qualities that genre has to offer us, soulful vocals, solid soft beats and a gently addictive piano keys harmony, all together come to hug your ear senses.”



"I wrote this song the night I arrived in California, after realizing I was losing my girl and my best friend had betrayed me. It's about being who you are, unsure of your direction but also unable to change course. This is just me, sitting down after an 18 drive and packing my essentials into my new place, pulling out a notebook, and writing. This is one of my only tracks that I wrote down prior to recording. I hope it means something to someone." Bleary

More Links - blearymusic.com/
Lyrics - blearymusic.bandcamp.com/track/long-gone
Clean Version - blearymusic.com/epk/

Ushuaia – Merida (Spotify)

“Music of Ushuaia unobtrusively walks in our music soup and brings to our troubled world a bit of peace. Tranquil rhythms of Lo-fi and Hip-Hop, in the air fows the salty smell of the sea and in your hand your favorite cocktail. Music for a good mood!”

“Музыка Ushuaia незаметно проходит в ваши музыкальные девайсы и старается привнести в наш беспокойный мир немного добра. Спокойные ритмы Lo-fi и Hip-Hop, солоноватый запах моря и любимый коктейль. Ваше настроение в ваших руках.”


Ushuaia, who comes from Argentinian background, moved to London in 2019 to study and create music.

He hit the streaming platforms for the first time on September 2020 with the release of 11 Pembridge road, a collection of 5 instrumental beats characterized by jazz samples, tasty guitar licks, boom-bap drums, dusty brass, and a chill lo-fi vibe.

While creating his unique beats, Ushuaia is mainly influenced by J Dilla, D' Angelo, Tom Misch, John Mayer, and others.

With a soulful and melancholic vibe and a chilling mood, Ushuaia's music brings a little more peace to this troubled world.


Pueblo Vista – The Beginning Of The End (Spotify)

“Compiling Latenite Joints draws striking landscapes in our imagination. The faint rustle of vinyl under the needle, on the background of radio plays lofi hip hop, and in the legs clearly hear cat murchanie.”

“Компиляция Latenite Joints рисует поразительные пейзажи в нашем воображение. Едва уловимый шорох виниловой пластинки под иглой, на фоне играет радио lofi hip hop, а в ногах отчётливо слышится мурчание кота.”


Pueblo Vista is one of the most successful Lo-Fi labels on the globe, run by Paul Gilmore. Established in 2018 the label has been releasing music from artists all over the world, gathering a total of 115M streams and counting. It’s especially in these times of the global pandemic when people are forced to stay at home that they can find comfort in the soothing and relaxed sounds of Lo Fi Music. That’s one of the many reasons why the genre is having it’s biggest audience so far.


About the Song: The song starts with some sad and mellow piano chords that set the perfect mood for those cold and grey winter days everyone awaits in awe throughout the warmer seasons. Typical for the genre, the melodies are accompanied by a laid back, almost sloppy, drum groove that resembles the rhythm one may feel during this time of the year. A winter blues if you will.


9ICK x Hanses x Chill Moon Music – Sølvgrå (Spotify)

“Just a few words - close your eyes and relax. In this spirit, the single Sølvgrå invites you to let go of something from which so much you get tired at the end of a crazy day. Clinking ice in chilled glass, the midday sun beats Chill-hop.”

“Всего лишь несколько слов - закрой глаза и успокойся. С таким настроением сингл Sølvgrå приглашает вас отпустить всё то, от чего так сильно устаёшь по итогам сумасшедшего дня. Звон льда в охлаждённом стакане, полуденно солнце и ритмы Chill-hop.”


A chill happy lo-fi song that will make you smile!


9ICK – Candlecharge (Spotify)

“Etymology Records в который раз удивляет нас своими новыми, яркими релизами. Chill-hop продолжает покорять наши сердца и уши. Это удивительный музыкальный жанр, который воздействует на своих слушателей особым, умиротворяющим способом. Чистый релакс.”


9ICK's newest release is a wide blend of soothing downtempo sounds & Lo-Fi textural beats. The song draws inspirations from a plethora of nostalgic feelings & will surely warm your cold winter nights. Let the journey take you on a trip through the snowy streets lit with full moons and festive lights. Whether you’re studying in quarantine or unwinding with family, this beat will be sure to relax you.


Classically trained pianist and producer 9ICK makes hip hop beats with laid-back, electronic instrumentals and pop influences. Combining modern sounds with a love for composition, he adds just enough from his classical background to add his own spin on a seamless fusion.

Real name Nicolas Hamilton Stephensen, 9ICK’s musical training expanded to jazz piano. As this led to production and contemporary music, he combined the two for underground attitude spiked with industry glamour. With collaborator Justin Christopher, he creates atmospheric instrumentals and low-key hip hop which brings to mind his influences Childish Gambino and J. Cole, as well as acts like Mac Miller and the classic songwriting of Frank Ocean.

With a producer’s ear for detail, Nicolas has put in his ‘10,000 hours’ but continues to push himself. 9ICK loves 'ear candy' and reveals more on each listen, with piano riffs and textured production adding layers of surprises. Self-professed ‘genre-fluid’, he pays close attention to balancing the elements of his tracks and his classical knowledge adds a stand-out flair.

At age 19, Nicolas aims to expand 9ICK and study music production or film scoring abroad. An inseparable part of his life, music will always stay with him far beyond study- and 9ICK speaks to a young generation of music lovers looking for something a little extra with his laid back electronic beats, rhythmic hip-hop, and in-depth production.

Clockwork – Evergreen Weather (Spotify)

“Enjoy Clockwork's 3rd single for the Hip-Hop scene outhere. A song full of lyrics from the artist's story, which will travel you through his life in a pleasant and relaxing way.”


The third single release of 2020. The track is a storytelling piece which takes the listener on a journey indicative of the artists days growing up in his hometown.

Lyrically, Clockwork pairs mellow flow and seamless rhyme schemes to accompany the rich content that together make for easy listening that embodies a summertime vibe.


Clockwork is an emerging U.K. lyricist from the south coast town of Bognor Regis, not far from the city of Brighton and its thriving Hip Hop scene.

Heavily influenced by 90’s 00’s American Hip Hop as well as the U.K. grime scene. His music is a mixture of melodic conscious lyricism and up tempo technical rap.

Clockwork has been producing songs since June 2019, leasing instrumentals from established producers and recording in his spare time out of a home studio.


Cam Be x Neak x Sam Trump – Right Now (Video)

“Another Hip-Hop diamond, that catches the listener’s attention right away. Time to make a short brake, sit back and relax “Right now” with Cam Be of course!”


Channelling the historic soul of Chicago greats Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway with lyrics that could easily be found among the best of Common and Kanye West catalog. Chicago emcees Cam Be and Neak, with the help of Sam Trump, provide a convincing plea to people in these times “Right Now.”

Produced by Cam Be & INTLMC
Lyrics by Cam Be, Neak, Sam Trump
Lead Vocals by Cam Be, Neak, Sam Trump
Backup Vocals by Sam Trump
Drum Programming by INTLMC
Rhodes by Charlie Coffin
Trumpet by Sam Trump
Bass by Joshua Griffin
Conga & Percussion by Chris Paquette
Snaps by Cam Be
Mixed by Sean Owens


brillion. – Drowsy (Video)

“Chill hop one of those genres that gently envelops you with its warm, pressed to the very core of his ardent heart, relaxes and allows escape from the vanity of vanities of the surrounding world with you. brillion. owns this style and know how to sound craft such a story, pretty obvious and from his new track Drowsy. ”

“Chillhop один из тех жанров, который бережно окутывает вас своим теплом, прижимает к самому ядру своего пламенного сердца, расслабляет и позволяет отвлечься от суеты сует окружающего нас с вами мира.”


brillion. is all about nocturnal nostalgia.
This track comes from Chilled Cow’s 2am study session.


Soulone Beats – Golden (Spotify)

“A cup of hot tea, warm, and comfortable warming scarf enveloping atmosphere - everything you need for a good mood, released from Soulone Beats at Kindbrew Records.”

“Чашка горячего чая, тёплое, согревающее кашне и уютная, обволакивающая атмосфера, - всё, что нужно для хорошего, лампового настроения от Kindbrew Records.”


Featured on the new Kindbrew Vol.2 album which has just been released,


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