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“A universal track that can be listened anywhere and in any weather. Warm rhythms and melody Chill-Hop, beautiful intersperses of the piano, interesting sound effects and atmosphere of complete calm. Enjoy the greatness and beauty of nature, coming from its bowels. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Универсальный трек, который можно слушать в любом месте и при любой погоде. Тёплые ритмы и мелодия Chill-hop, красивые вкрапления пиано, интересные звуковые эффекты и атмосфера полного спокойствия. Насладитесь величием и красотой природы, доносящимся из её недр.”

berj – CRMBZ!

“Just a little over one minute in length, this track still manages somehow to set a nostalgic mood. A lo-fi beat with niftily employed romantic vocal samples over a longing guitar hook, that give a cinematic ambiance and feel.”

berj is an up-and-coming producer from Lebanon, Beirut, whose live drumming ability is complemented by a knack for selecting and manipulating soul-moving jazz samples. He also has a very eerie, unusual way of producing Lo-Fi songs which ironically attracts and interests listeners.

berj also comes from an artistic and musical family, with his father being the Artistic Director & Principal Conductor of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, and his grandfather being a renowned Lebanese actor and theatre director. berj started gaining interest in the drums at age 6 and started playing at age 12. My musical palette ranges from Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz-Hop all the way to Reggae and Ska.

The Bonsai – Tears

“Melody and Rhythms Chill-Hop and Lo-Fi seem to tell you - dream and do not think about the bad. To understand the listened material, you need to open your consciousness, refusing the usual patterns and you will be surprised how easy it will enter you. This lecture from any problems. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия и ритмы Chill-hop и Lo-fi словно говорят вам — мечтай и не думай о плохом. Для понимания прослушиваемого материала надо открыть своё сознание, отказавшись от привычных шаблонов и вы удивитесь, насколько легко она войдёт в вас. Настоящее лекраство от любых проблем.”

Blooy – Magari

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
If there is a paradise on earth, there will certainly sound like music. Low-shining with the light of the Moon of Nega, a little jazz and chill-hop music, on the background, voices from the distant childhood and a thin wrench fog over the falling asleep of the lake. Bliss how it is.”

“Если на земле существует райский уголок, то там непременно звучит подобная музыка. Сияющая при свете луны нега, немного Jazz и Chill-hop музыки, на фоне слышны голоса из далёкого детства и тонкая пелена тумана над засыпающей гладью озера. Блаженство как оно есть.”

Blooy enchants us once again with his chilled lo-fi attitude mixed with an analog sound design. But it’s not only the sound that’s marvelous – it’s also Blooy’s message that comes with this song. He says: “You can use the Italian word ‘magari’ to talk about things that are desired, wished or hoped for. And hope is beautiful and powerful, especially in times like these where our world is on fire.”

“Magari” slows down time and ignites feelings of relaxation and happiness. Let’s hope everything will be fine.

Najad – Ruccine

“In “Ruccine”, selected drum loops are decorated with melodic strings to form a wide atmosphere. The vocals are simple and have an hypnotic repetition. Suitable sound for all fans of Folktronica & Trip-Hop with a strong eastern taste.”

Najad’s new single “Ruccine” has various meanings, most importantly the one the listener decides to give it.

“Ruccine” describes a fictitious word – sung and played backwards, it invites you to immerse yourself in your own world of thoughts and perhaps raises or even resolves some questions: “Am I only hearing what I want to hear? Do you hear something different? What’s the truth? Is there even a single truth or perhaps a deeper understanding our brain can’t quite grasp?” The soft, female vocals at the end play into this idea even more, since only imagination could make out the initial message.

No matter from which facet you want to look at the song, there are both mindfulness and a feeling of calmness to Najad’s sound, shaping it so significantly that you won’t get around it. Once again, Najad takes us on a journey from which we can take whatever we need- even if it’s just a sudden craving for some really good Indian food.

Brisa Roché & IX – The Time

“A bit more pop experimental approach with strong diversity bundled under a top notch mix production. The Time from Brisa Roché & IX invites you to listen more and more to catch the sound design details and vocal technics and at the end wins your hot interest! From the tracks that wins your taste in time, like the good wine!”

A nonchalant psychedelic indie-pop track with a touch of Xanax hip hop.

Roles are reversed when Brisa Roché enters rapping with a poetic not-giving-a-fuck attitude, counter-balanced by IX singing softly on a catchy and luminous melancholy hook.

“Let’s go back to the time when we had the time”

For all the out-of-tune synths, warped gogo bells and contained fuzz guitars, The Time remains strangely feel-good.

Mr.Aiio Lazer – Late Night (Video)

“”Mr.Aiio Lazer” isn’t joking at all and his recent tune is packed with fighting spirit. Hip-Hop as it should be, with a clear message; don’t mess with my fans and don’t try to control my sound too!”

A year after releasing his debut album DYSTOPIAN REAL FANTASY, Mr. Aiio Lazer releases Another single, continuing his constant stream of thought and aggression in yet another crowd-pleaser.

Influenced by Alternative HipHop artists such as JPEGMAFIA, Earl Sweatshirt, and others, Aiio deals with the complex relationship between artist and audience and ranges from an angry farewell song to a protest song about the consumer relationships that exist between human beings.

Aiio uses 808s, distorted guitars, crowd cheering, and yelling to create a compatible atmosphere to express his feelings towards the stakeholders who benefit from the musician’s hard work and control his relationship with the audience.

Mr. Aiio Lazer is a revolutionary Musician Drummer, MC and Nonconformist artist from Tel Aviv.

CANT TALK – alien (Spotify)

“Unusual, very cozy sound, whose atmosphere is absorbed and deeply enjoyed. Warm Lo-fi melody with light rhythms of Dream Pop. All you need to listen is included in two minutes of this beautiful track.”

“Необычное, очень уютное и ламповое звучание, чей звук и атмосфера поглощают и вводят в забвение. Тёплая мелодия lo-fi с лёгким налётом ритмов dream pop. Всё, что вам нужно, заключено в двух минутах этого прекрасного трека.”

This song is about feeling like you're the odd one out, even though you're not the only one feeling like this.

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