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Eden Iris – New Year’s Eve (Give Me Something Good) (Spotify)

“-New Year's Eve (Give Me Something Good)- обладает исцеляющими свойствами и создает ощущение по-настоящему тёплой музыки, в которую хочется окунуться с головой, словно в холодные воды океана. Мягкий вокал -Eden Iris- словно тёплое одеяло укроет вас даже в самую пасмурную погоду. ”

“New Year’s Eve (Give Me Something Good) is about a moment in a relationship when the stakes are high. There is tension and silent resentment building up, and the chorus (give me something good, tell me what you want to see) is the moment when the truth comes out and you can say what you really feel. The song is like a bittersweet plea to the one you love. - Eden

Eden Iris is an artist from Auckland, New Zealand who has been described as “an artist working in a new space” (Jordan Luck, The Exponents) who has “the ambition to carve out her own niche” (Demerra Records). She moved to Los Angeles, California when she was nineteen years-old to pursue her music career and has since made a home for herself on the west coast. In Los Angeles, Eden has collaborated with esteemed songwriters such as Maia Sharp (Dixie Chicks), Jamie Candiloro (REM, Ryan Adams) and Bruce Lynch (Kate Bush)

Mason Owens – Stoned in the Vallies (Spotify)

“Mason Owens creates with his very own personal style and this is quite clear in this recent single. Easy-going guitar based creation with characteristic singing. The artist's elegant voice can immediately steel the listener's impression and lead to a further relaxing mood.”

Following the success of his debut EP, ‘Off The Bat’, Liverpool alt-folk hero, Mason Owens will release ‘Stoned in the Vallies’ the first single from his hotly anticipated follow up EP, ‘Early Hours’, out now.

The track, along with the rest of the EP, is produced by Glaswegian electronic pioneer Hector Barbour, better known as Denis Sulta, who is renowned across the world for his electric DJ sets spanning house, techno, trance and disco.

The former Mixmag cover star and BBC Radio 1 Residency Broadcaster won DJ Mag’s Best of British DJ awards in 2019 and has turned his attention to the world of acoustic music for this exclusive side project after hearing Owens’ play ‘Stoned in the Vallies’ during a jam session.

Mason Owens, said: “I had a jam session a few months back with Hector and he said, ‘play me a track you haven’t got out yet’. I played him the tune and he related to it - he wanted to be part of it. He understood the sentiment and the meaning behind the song.”

Barbour, who has released music on influential labels such as Ninja Tune, Numbers and his own Sulta Selects and Silver Service imprints brings production techniques that he has nurtured through his impressive career to date.

“I never thought it would sound as good as it did, and a great deal of that is down to the quality of Hector’s production” Owens continues “Recording the track with him was a great experience.”

‘Stoned in the Vallies’ was penned by Mason two years ago, just after a short stint behind bars. It comes as no surprise that themes of freedom run through the lyrics.

“Stoned in the Vallies is about wanting to be free. It’s about the feeling of being caged up and not being able to remember what freedom feels like,” explains Mason.

“My head wasn't necessarily in a bad place at the time (though the spelling of ‘Vallies’ does give a nod to a well-known anti-depressant). I just wanted to get out there and get my life back on track.”

Taking a departure from his previous work, Owens draws on inspirations including John Martyn, Nick Drake and Tracy Chapman, to produce an altogether different sound.

Moving away from the raw sound of his debut EP, “Off The Bat”, Owens introduces intricate guitar work, sentimental lyricism and folk-infused melodies to his latest release, in what he is calling a “new phase” in his artistry.

“It’s closer to what I want to be doing; the music I naturally make,” Owens said. “The style is completely different. It's a lot more mellow, a lot more melancholy and more emotional.

“Off The Bat is a fast paced aggressive one to get you up in the morning, whereas this is made for chilling out to and make you think and reflect.

Owens burst onto Liverpool’s contemporary folk scene in 2020 with releases such as ‘Waiting For You’ and ‘Dock Road’.

He has racked up over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone and earned the attention of BBC Introducing Merseyside and fellow Scouser, Jamie Webster, who topped the Official Folk Album Chart last year.

Owens “could go down in folklore with some of his tunes”, Webster said.

He has since gone on to perform at some of Liverpool’s most popular venues, including the O2 Academy, Art Club Liverpool, Studio 2 Parr Street and Eventim Olympia as well as playing the hugely popular BOSS Night events at the first ever Everton Sessions for Everton Football Club.

As the country emerges from lockdown, Owens is preparing for a number of live shows in the coming months ahead of the release of ‘Early Hours’ including supporting Jamie Webster on several dates on his UK tour, playing the Main Stage at this year’s Liverpool Sound City Festival and his own headline show at the Arts Club, Liverpool with I Love Live Events.

For more information about Mason Owens, visit:

Julie Title – Heat Wave (Spotify)

“In all works, -Julie Title- present the dynamics and melodiousness, which create a unique style. And the single -Heat Wave - is a real artist business card. A decent and very memorable composition that will live in the hearts of any generations of music lovers!”

“Во всех работах -Julie Title- присутствует свойственная ей динамика и мелодичность, которые создают неповторимый стиль. А сингл -Heat Wave- это настоящая визитная карточка артиста. Достойная и очень запоминающаяся композиция, которая будет жить в сердцах ни одного поколений меломанов!”

Having struggled since adolescence with abuse and mental illness, songwriting has always been an outlet for Title to create meaning out of feelings of suffering. She uses a lyrical style that is sparse (but powerful) to convey the blend of vulnerability and hope that make up the recurring themes of all her work. Inspired by a diverse array of genres and artists such as Adrienne Lenker, Fiona Apple, Stevie Nicks, Rose Cousins, Sarah Harmer and Courtney Love - Title is a fierce political activist whose music a depth that is INCREDIBLE.

Vincent Liou – Safe to Consume (Spotify)

“A stunning composition with a memorable chorus and excellent measured rhythm of the narration. -Safe to consume- song is one of the few, which personifies calm and harmony. Very melodic, gently and easily listened. Magnificent example of high-quality Dream Pop sound.”

“Потрясающая композиция с запоминающимся припевом и отличным размеренным ритмом повествования. -Safe to Consume- работа одна из немногих, которая олицетворяет спокойствие и гармонию. Очень мелодичная, мягко и легко слушается. Великолепный пример качественного dream pop звучания.”

Vincent Liou releases his vivid, sensational music video for his lonesome and desolate indie-pop single, “Safe to Consume”

JULY 23RD, 2021 – Directed by Torin Dinh, Arizona-based artist Vincent Liou released his third official music video of 2021 for his track “Safe to Consume”, which is also the third song on his four-track EP titled ‘Big Surf’.

“Safe to Consume”

Inspired by John Mayer’s notorious “New Light” music video, “Safe to Consume” was filmed at a house and dirt road by the mountains in Phoenix, Arizona with the intention of creating a comical yet sensational song on the Internet. Despite the minor hiccups – including the car's window being too tinted and not being able to film any shots looking into the car – the music video production all worked out better than expected.

The primary narrative behind “Safe to Consume” is all about never giving up on your relationships or goals, and trying to better oneself. There are times in life when you go through ups-and-downs, but knowing that you're doing the best you can should always be enough. In essence, the song was written about the notion of taking a look at all your current struggles and obstacles in your life – whether it be vices or personal shortcomings – and saying, "I believe in myself, I can do this."

While the song is an indie-pop track at its core, the song was written with pop-punk influences from bands such as blink-182 and State Champs. In the song, Vincent Liou sang in the vocal range that was closest to his speaking voice to provide a pleasurable break from the other songs on the Big Surf EP, which are sung in relatively higher ranges.

Vincent wrote the lyrics with tongue in cheek to remind his fans that while life is unpredictable, you’ll be fine as long as you keep going and have a good moral compass. “Safe to Consume” was created as a self-reminder and proclamation to the world that whenever you face rejection or feel like a failure, you should listen to this song and remember that you are enough – always.


“When you have a shot that requires you to see the inside of the car, make sure the windows aren't tinted.”

-Vincent Liou

Ghostly Kisses – Don’t Know Why (Spotify)

“There’s the haunting melody, the perfectly produced acoustic guitar, orchestration & mellow ambience, & then there’s the absolutely captivating, & thoroughly absorbing vocals of Margaux Sauvé, all of which build & release “Don’t Know Why” by ‘Ghostly Kisses’ to an unforgettable, heart felt dialogue of regret & remorse to a resigned, ‘I have to play this again’ conclusion.”

“Don’t Know Why talks about a separation, the moment when you realize

you’ve tried everything and you don't want to fight anymore. ‘Don’t know why I could never make it alright’ is sung in the chorus, expressing failure, guilt and the realization that you have to accept defeat and go your own way.”

Alyssa Jacey – Drowning Me (Spotify)

“Alyssa Jacey is here to add some colour in our grey lives. The famous singer/songwriter can easily attract with her advanced vocal capabilities and obviously create a positive impression. This is a representative example from the Electro Pop scene. Enjoy!”

Alyssa Jacey is a multi-genre, award-winning singer/songwriter, inspirational career coach, and professional dancer/choreographer. Her other love affairs like motivational speaking, acting, modeling, improv musical comedy, and TV Hosting became more than just part-time passions after moving to Nashville nearly 10 years ago from her hometown San Diego, California. Her infectious personality, easy-going music, and smooth vocals make Jacey a deeply original artist. With her many fans, including legendary artist manager, Doc McGhee (Bon Jovi, Kiss, Motley Crue, Darius Rucker), and Ron Delsener (President of Live Nation, NYC) this quintuple threat cannot be overlooked! Jacey was about to turn 24 when she learned she could sing for the first time. Until the stage became her second home as an artist, she had unknowingly been greatly influenced over the years by the vocal stylings of Sarah McLachlan, Joss Stone, Amy Grant, and Jewel, which fans later would credit for her honey-like tone. Other vocal comparisons have been made to Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, and Alison Krauss, as well as Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. However, when you take a listen to her catalog of over 400 songs (a quarter of them released), you’ll notice she only sounds like one person…herself

Michael Kobrin – Calling You Now (Video)

“-Calling You Now- is a real musical ballad with the hookiest vocal qualities. -Michael Kobrin- has a unique style that gives his songs a special highlight. Also the guitar strings, in combination with the aforementioned vocals, result in something incredible.”

“-Calling You Now- настоящая музыкальная баллада. Что вас непременно зацепит – так это вокал. -Michael Kobrin- имеет уникальный стиль, который придает его песням свою особенную, неповторимую изюминку, а игра на гитаре, в сочетании с вышеупомянутым вокалом творят что-то невероятное.”

Kobrin performs in numerous countries at festivals and at major events and is internationally recognized as a “jaw-dropping” artist. He has released his 2nd album under the renowned label, “Candyrat records”.

Michael has received more than 16 million views on social media of his performances from fans worldwide, and with his unique style, he is often invited to collaborate with other artists.

Michael has also performed in TV shows such as The next star.

Sarah Proctor – Worse (Video)

“-Worse- is formed by the perfectly combined elements of lyrical ballads, in which the unique voice of -Sarah Proctor- makes it to measure in place until the last seconds. An impressive emotional spectacle that makes your heart beat under deep rhythms and charming vocal vibrations.”

“-Worse- это отлично сочетающиеся элементы лирической баллады, в которой уникальный голос -Sarah Proctor- заставляет замереть на месте до самых последних секунд. Впечатляющее эмоциональное зрелище, заставляющее ваше сердце сжиматься под глубокие ритмы и очарование вокальными вибрациями.”

Middlesborough-based, LGBT+ singer Sarah Proctor releases third single ‘Worse’, a devastating song ruminating on failed love following ‘Lost’ & ‘The Breaks’

Adar Alfandari – Wonder (Spotify)

“The ideal sound palette structure. The strength and vocal range of -Adar Alfandari-, the soft melody of the acoustic guitar and the rhythm section has become the ending ingredient of this delicious dish. The splendour of music in its purest form.”

“Идеальная структура звуковой палитры. Сила и диапазон вокала -Adar Alfandari-, мягкая мелодия акустической гитары, а лёгкая ритм-секция стала завершающим ингредиентом изысканного блюда. Великолепие в чистейшем виде.”

"Wonder" is the last single from debut album "Gold dust" which is planned to be out this July.

Kate Vargas – Church of the Misdirection (Spotify)

“Unique, raunchy, quirky & ever so slightly intoxicating. Allow yourself to be seduced by the silver tongued Kate Vardas as she is unwittingly transformed into an enthusiastic spiritual predator, & convinces you become a follower of the ‘Church Of Misdirection’. Go on. You know you want to.”

“Church Of The Misdirection” was loosely inspired by Ma Anand Sheela from the documentary ‘Wild, Wild Country ’where a woman becomes enamored by a charming self-help/cult leader. The two fly all over the world together, having fancy dinners, going to parties, and living that lifestyle. She begins to feel the charming man really “gets” her and that they connect on some kind of deeper level. In “Church Of The Misdirection,” Kate sings about how Ma Anand Sheela goes from a seeker/follower, to a recruiter of sorts.

Kate shares, “We can sell anything, even the most preposterous ideas/flimsiest spiritual beliefs, if it looks good on the outside, if we speak about it enthusiastically. What started as a simple search to find oneself, to connect with the world, sees this person being transformed into a kind of “spiritual” predator without her ever knowing.”

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