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Maryen Cairns – Spirit – Alt Mix (Video)

“Very balanced and harmonic classical piece, with positive mood. Charming singing that guides you through a soothing experience. Your soul elixir has a name and it’s called; “Spirit”. “Maryen Cairns” unfolds her talent in this mix and the video looks really fantastic too.”

One of the consequences of relocation from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere, followed by the onset of widespread lockdown and restriction of travel, has been ongoing deep solitary introspection and self reflection, and an in-depth communion with God & nature and the search for Spiritual comfort.

This journey has resulted, for singer songwriter Maryen Cairns, in the creation of this downtempo stirring ballad that is “Spirit”, especially in this stripped back piano based “Alt-Mix” version, which is being released first as a single.

Recorded entirely by herself with piano, acoustic guitar & strings, Maryen then sent Spirit to her producer and mentor Chris Kimsey across the channel in London, where he added his magic touches and co-mixed.

Jon Campbell – Cruising at the End of the World (Video)

“A song that captures the uncertainty of a rapidly changing world. A record of what once was before the inevitable shift towards life in lockdown and fear of the unknown In essence, a cleanly picked acoustic guitar and melancholic male vocal, supported by a trumpet and trombone that represents male and female human interaction. A thought provoking, well performed ballad.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration on this song:

” The arrangement for the song is based on an arguing couple I passed on the street while riding my bike in the first month of the pandemiic; the trumpet is the woman’s voice and the trombone is the man’s. In the context of the unfolding catastrophe, even their fighting sounded beautiful because it was human and since it felt like everything was slipping away from us, I wanted to record every bit of humanity that I could before it disappeared, taking snapshots in my mind of these beautiful people on the streets.

At the same time as these daily bike rides, I started painting portraits to get by, since my furloughed pay wasn’t enough to pay the bills. This daily process of portrait painting also echoed that feeling of wanting to record some last impressions of humankind before it faded away. ” – Jon Campbell

L.A. Chaí – All My Fight (Spotify)

“There is no noise here. Here is a fairy tale enchanting your ears from the wizard -L.A. Chaí-. Filled with splendor and so seemingly simple, but at the same time charming magic. Acquaintance with -All My Fight- is an instant and you will remember it forever.”

“Здесь нет шума. Здесь чарующая ваши уши сказка от волшебника -L.A. Chaí-. Наполненная великолепием и такой, казалось бы, простой, но при этом очаровательной магией. Знакомство с -All My Fight- это мгновение и вы его запомните навсегда.”

Artist shared few words behind his inspiration about this song with Nagamag:

" I wrote this song after during a really hard time in life when I was getting into a lot of arguments with a girl I had liked for a long time. It felt like we were always at odds and the worst part was, it seemed that we were fighting over the smallest and most unimportant things. After one fight in particular she left crying and I sat down at the piano to process. These are the things I wanted to say. I hope one day she’ll hear this. "

About L.A. Chai

There’s nothing like the Chaí in L.A.” - the famous phrase that led to the journey of a lifetime.

Andrew Bergthold is a producer, songwriter child of the 90’s. He developed a deep love for music in his hometown Kansas City Missouri. As a producer and writer Andrew has been a part of countless songs and projects spanning genres and languages and has already received one grammy and is currently nominated for two more. Andrew hopes to continue this legacy as he creates under his new artist platform as L.A. Chai. And he can’t wait to release songs and collaborative projects that bend and defy genres. You can expect songs to range from dark and edgy to upbeat and fun. As L.A. Chai leans into the idea that 'Good music transcends boundaries'.

Bad Habits – Love Me/Hate Me – Acoustic (Spotify)

“The vocals in -Love Me / Hate Me - are a veritable lyrical volcano that erupts up to crimson skies. Singing somewhere in the upper atmosphere, squeezes the chest in the most vulnerable place. And your heart skips a beat. Bravo! -Bad Habits- hit the sweet spot.”

“Вокал в -Love Me/Hate Me- настоящий лирический вулкан, который извергается до багровых небес. Поющий где-то в верхних слоях атмосферы, он сдавливает грудь в самом уязвимом месте. И ваше сердце замирает. Браво! -Bad Habits- попали в точку.”

“Love Me/Hate Me” is a song about trying to love someone while suffering from BPD (borderline personality disorder). A daily ongoing struggle, trying to convince yourself that all the lies your mind creates aren't real...

Bad Habits is a collective of Jo (vocals), Ellie (vocals/bass), Severin (lead guitar), Spiros (guitar), and Apostol (drums) based in Athens, Greece. The band’s eclectic style pulls diverse elements of classic and punk rock for a unique, modern sound with a kick of 70s nostalgia.

The culmination of a decade-and-a-half’s worth of collaboration and experimentation, including ventures into acoustic pop, hardcore punk, and beyond, Bad Habits was established in the fall of 2018. Though initially intended to be a cover band, it wasn’t long before the project took on a life of its own. Drawing on diverse rock influences, the group took to the studio to show off their full potential (and distinctive style).

Now fresh off the heels of their debut single, “California,” Bad Habits are gaining serious traction in the alternative music scene. Rooted in uncompromising authenticity, they serve as a beacon for relatable self-expression and the obliteration of senseless stereotyping with their sharp Rock & Roll edge.

With 15 more songs slated for release, the band is looking forward to a continued upward trajectory through 2021.

Tom Moriarty – Hurricane (Spotify)

“Drawn by deep and recognizable elements of rock art, multifaceted arrangement, elegant and lively acoustic guitar. Lulling romantic image, a mirage uncontrollable vortex of fire and elegant dance sound modulations.”

“Глубоко прочерченные и узнаваемые элементы арт-рока, многогранная аранжировка, изящная и живая акустическая гитара. Убаюкивающие романтическими образы, мираж неконтролируемых вихрей огня и изящный танец звуковых переливов.”

Artist shared with Nagamag his story behind this song inspiration:

" To be honest I wrote this song about a homeless girl. It's not one I know but it's her story. When I wrote this song I saw her, going from place to place, the arguments, the sorrow. There are those that can not see how people can become homeless, that sometimes there are people that will have no where to go. We are all closer than we like to think. I found this photo below that to me represented that girl. She's trying to make things better but really she's on the run. Sometimes she's running from people and other times she's running from things in the past, things within her. It's often that people might not see the reasons, or know how to deal with them. So I write this line "You've been running for so long, but do you really know what you're running from". For me homelessness in the 21st century is totally unacceptable. People are so prejudice. I met this person once who honestly said, "homeless people want to be homelesss". And I'm like what the fuck. The point is that when you have people like that in power then you have people like this homeless girl on the streets. Things gotta change. Anyway, here's the song about her called "Hurricane.

- Tom Moriarty

James TW – Butterflies (Video)

“The most balanced and ironically optimistic lyrics. The song is moderately melodic and with a share of healthy humor. Beautiful arrangement on this emotional solo by-James TW- with his overall radiant positive atmosphere.”

“Максимально сбалансированная и иронично-оптимистичная лирика. Песня в меру мелодичная и с долей здорового юмора. Красивая аранжировка, эмоциональное соло от -James TW- и общая лучезарная атмосфера позитива.”

New music video from platinum selling UK artist James TW.

His new single ‘Butterflies’ has already racked up nearly 4 million streams since its audio release a few weeks ago.

Described as the ‘biggest artist you’ve probably never heard of’, James TW currently has over 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, has generated over 2 billion streams, sold out headline shows on multiple continents, and received acclaim from Billboard, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and many others.

Butterflies out now:​

Follow James TW:​​​​​​​

Music video by James TW performing Butterflies. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Cait – Forgetful (Spotify)

“Fabulus song with irresistible warming effect. Pure sound that touches the heart and the charming singing voice of "Cait" can immediately take away all the day's weight. Your acoustic elixir is here and we strongly recommend it.”

LA-based singer & songwriter, Cait is back with her second single of 2020, "Forgetful" set to release on September 4th. Colorful guitars, confessional lyrics and Cait's undeniable vocals are an escape from reality for her listeners and will leave you wondering what you were so stressed out about, anyway.

"When we wrote this song I was completely overworked," says Cait, reflecting on the writing process. "I had been traveling a lot, away from my boyfriend and dog and home, and I had way too much on my plate. This song is really about being able to call that person in your life who brings you out of your depths - a partner, a friend, a family member. Everyone needs someone to make them forgetful."

An artist in multiple realms, Cait is also a closely followed visual artist, photographer, retoucher & videographer - and is the sole visual creator for her music career. That dream-like cover artwork you see above? It's the result of putting Cait in a room alone with a camera & Photoshop. She even directed, filmed, & edited her own music video for "Forgetful", which drops September 10th.

Aaron Davison x MJ Malone – Oh, My Love (Video)

“Intentionally reminiscent of the classic Beatles mellow harmonies ‘Oh My Love’ does a pretty good job of capturing the late 60’s early 70’s sound.. Aaron Davison and MJ Malone certainly reproducing the mood in this catchy rendition. Nostalgia in abundance.”

“Oh, My Love” is the latest release from Aaron Davison and MJ Malone. Aaron & MJ have decided to pull out all the promotional stops for his latest release. In an effort to reach 1 million streams on both Spotify and Youtube, Aaron & MJ have created a dedicated website (, where they’ll be documenting a variety of unique and outright outrageous marketing techniques they’ll be using to promote their latest release on Spotify and Youtube. “Oh, My Love” was also recently signed to North Note, a London based sync licensing agency who represents Aaron and MJ’s music for use in TV & Films.

Eyal Zusman, Amir Lev – הרוח כבר שטה (The wind has already blown) (Spotify)

“As we, the audience, are living into a situation, -Eyal Zusman- is able to analyze it, to creatively interpret and convey to us in the form of the stunning creations, like here in song -The wind has already blown-. Indescribable beauty in the wrapper of experimental folk and expressive vocals.”

“Пока мы, слушатели, просто проживаем ситуацию, -Eyal Zusman- сумел её проанализировать, творчески осмыслить и передать нам в виде такого потрясающего творения, как -The wind has already blown-. Неописуемая красота в обёртке из экспериментального фолка и выразительного вокала.”

When the river of life dries up and you try to figure out what is left of this short existence, you crave to keep believing in something, insisting on faith in God, at the end you might replace the body with a new shape, in hope to meet again in another dimension.

We are proud to present the second song from the new album by Eyal Zusman and Amir Lev - The Journey to the warmer lands. This is a collaboration between two Israeli artists, who created an album with live warm sounds, an oriental Galilee touch and Mediterranean rhythms.

Amir Lev has been creating music for over 30 years, releasing extraordinary solo albums and canonic songs, which he performs in unforgettable performances. Lev is a music producer, an excellent guitarist, and an exciting songwriter.

Eyal Zusman is an actor, director, and screenwriter. He has won several awards in the arts and culture sphere and this is his first music album.

All the songs in the album 'The Journey to the warmer lands’ were composed jointly by Lev and Zusman, inspired by the tracks of the French musician DJ WORAKLS.

The album was recorded live with acoustic instruments and live vocals.

Sarah Reiwitch – Daydreaming Again (Video)

“No place here for a basic strumming, or even standard finger-picking. Sarah’s pleasantly ringing creativity when playing the acoustic guitar is a breath of fresh air. The creativity overflows into perfectly placed chimes & other manner of musical alchemy. Did I mention the vocals? I’m searching for a word and I think that word has to be…. Perfection.”

The song will make you feel dreamy with its delicate chimes and choruses of multiple layered vocal harmonies, I was inspired to write it after seeing leaves dance in the breeze behind my bedroom blinds and while contemplating a complicated relationship and a new job that was about to start. I hope you like it! Thanks for listening.

Sarah writes folk-inspired tunes with heartfelt vocals on her acoustic guitar. She’s inspired to create songs by all the moments of joy, ecstasy, heartbreak, and grief that she passes through. She draws from her varied background of musical influences, from 70s folk/rock to modern indie-folk to several styles of Brazilian music. She is often likened to Joni Mitchell for her exploratory guitar style, alternative tunings, soulful vocals, and intensely personal lyrics. In addition to Joni, Sarah cites Adrianne Lenker, Brandi Carlile, and Cássia Eller as artists she resonates with.

Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist who creates music on the piano and acoustic guitar, then layers on other instruments. She has a background in Brazilian percussion and dance, which she studied for nearly a decade, and is a published poet.

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