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Courtney Cotter King – Conversation

A well fitting title as even the instrumentation feels like a playful dialogue between strings and piano with discrete guitars widening the ambiance. Within this mood that borders between a love confession and sweet melancholy, Courtney’s sings with candor about the passing of time in the absence of the other and how her “heart's evolving quickly.”

Courtney Cotter King was born with a piano as an appendage and is inevitably attached to the keys. A raw talent, with smooth vocals and lyrics beyond her years, Courtney commands a room with merit for listening. Courtney’s artistry at the piano drives her blue-eyed soul, singer-songwriter genre. Of her unique sound, Marmoset Music Publishing said, “Piano-driven arrangements informed by classical and jazz come off effortlessly, evoking both early 70s Stevie Wonder and 90s Tori Amos. Smart, soulful, and surprising, Courtney's tunes easily marry sound with story.” She has performed with a long list of artists including, Meghan Trainor, Melanie Safka, and Courtney Marie Andrews.

Emily Jean FLack – 8 Changing

“Voice -emily jean Flack- How good that even in the most expressive moments of the composition retains its characteristic feature. Music is quite vividly and naturally conveys the entire inner world of the author, which cannot be described in words. Such music should be listened to and feel with all the gut. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Голос -Emily Jean FLack- насколько хорош, что даже в самых экспрессивных моментах композиции сохраняет свою характерную черту. Музыка достаточно живо и естественно передаёт весь внутренний мир автора, который невозможно описать словами. Такую музыку надо слушать и ощущать всем нутром.”

“Changing,” the latest single from Emily Jean Flack, is a vulnerable and yearning love letter, ensconced in piano, sweeping guitars, and percussion which frame an honest and open vocal melody.

Don’t go changing for the world

Your heart is where I’m home

“The world is a beautifully broken place. It’s easy to stumble,” explains Emily of this track’s context. “The song also stands to encourage us as people to persevere when we feel the pressures of the world weighing us down.”

Captivating audiences with her soaring voice, genre defying sound and honest words,

Emily Jean Flack is an emerging artist on the Canadian music scene.

“Growing up playing Celtic music gave me the fire. Listening to country and folk gave me the soul. Inspired by vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Celine Dion, Enya and Allison Krauss — I started to dream. Then I began to write and from there, things started to collide.”

Thank you for taking the time to listen! See photos, socials, and read Emily Jean Flack’s bio:

Chris de Sarandy – Like I Don’t Know You

““Like I Don't Know You” definitely knows how to build its highly engaging emotional setting with arpeggiating acoustic guitars, appealing changes of energy, impeccable transitions and passionate vocals. And once it gets you inside it delivers its powerful, love-anthem-like chorus with no hold back.”

2022 will be an exciting year for Chris de Sarandy, because after his debut single "Good Girl, Sad Boy", he's now released his sophomore single "Like I Don't Know You". You'll find one thing over and over again in Chris' songs – departure, and approaching life with open eyes and ears. Part of this departure, however, is also a farewell. "Like I Don't Know You" is about love, the inevitable path to lovesickness - and yet it exudes an irrepressible joie de vivre. Chris tells of the emotions that everyone in their mid-twenties shares - and thanks to his voice and flair for unique melodies always leaves a lasting impression.

Kat Hammock – Springtime

“There’s something about “Springtime” that has the freshness, light and hope of the season it’s titled after. Kat's airy voice seems to be flowing and intertwining with the piano and wraps around you like a cloudy blanket. Not to overlook the arrangement, nicely flavored with an impeccable laid back supporting percussion.

Wrote Springtime about meeting my boyfriend, and the ways he has helped reintroduce joy into my life during a prolonged period of "Winter".

Alex Krawczyk – There Will Be Light

“In -Alex krawczyk- In the foreground is the theme of deep feelings that people seek to comprehend in their path over and over again. So many emotions can be caught in its crystal vocals, so much vital energy and bright sunlight. Real emotions of positive and a surge of internal forces. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У -Alex Krawczyk- на первом плане стоит тема глубоких чувств, которые люди раз за разом стремятся постигать на своём пути. Столько эмоций можно уловить в её кристальном вокале, столько жизненной энергии и яркого солнечного света. Настоящие эмоции позитива и прилива внутренних сил.”

This song was written to bring hope to anyone struggling with loss.

Grant Carey – it’s raining in brooklyn (when we leave the rehearsal) (ft. Sandwoman)

“The disclosed message of the song is truly something innovative and extraterrestrial. Here is the usual Chamber Pop with the mood of folk music, but it has a unique gift - to build you to heaven and fill your mood with bright light, good and warmth. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Раскрываемый посыл песни является по-настоящему чем-то новаторским и внеземным. Перед вами обычный Chamber Pop с настроением Folk музыки, но он обладает уникальным даром — возвести вас до небес и наполнить ваше настроение ярким светом, добром и теплотой.”

Eclectic pop producer Grant Carey releases ANIMAL ANIMAL

"It's the first half of my double album love letter to NYC and my last few years there before moving to California. It's about being alive and in love, two of my favorite hobbies that i try to keep up with as much as possible."

Included among ANIMAL ANIMAL's 10 song tracklist is 'it's raining in brooklyn (when we leave the rehearsal) featuring Grant's partner and frequent collaborator Sandwoman. A delicate and intimate ballad about falling for a bandmate, 'raining in brooklyn' features soft plucked guitars, soothing piano and softly layered harmony vocals.

Jonah Kagen – Barcelona

“Not everyone listens to music for the text and meaning of the laid in it, and -jonah Kagen- took a specific emphasis on this. If you like to listen carefully to what the author is singing about, then you will be happy to appreciate his track and it will become part of your gold collection! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Не каждый слушает музыку ради текста и смысла заложенного в него, а -Jonah Kagen- сделал на этом конкретный упор. Если вы любите внимательно слушать то, о чём поёт автор, то вы с удовольствием оцените его трек по достоинству и он станет частью вашей золотой коллекции!”

Jonah Kagen releases his new single & cinematic music video “Barcelona” today via Arista Records. Jonah dives deep into his vulnerability in this uptempo heartbreak anthem with a 2022-bossa nova flare. It was produced and co-written by Michael Pollack (Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Bebe Rexha) and David Kingston.

Jonah adds, "This song is for anybody who’s had someone they care about move away. For me it was “Barcelona”, but I know the idea of wishing someone hadn’t gone to that place and hoping they would just come back is something many people can understand. Maybe listening to “Barcelona” will let you groove your pain away. Who knows. Give it a shot."

“Barcelona” follows both “ Turbulence” and “Drowning,” which were released during Jonah’s month-long tour of the U.S. as the support for Maisie Peters.

The 22-year-old Jonah Kagen grew up in Savannah, Georgia and took up guitar at the age of six, diving deep into the instrument’s technical aspects after his jazz musician grandfather showed him performance videos. He further found inspiration in the music of guitarist Andy McKee, whose fingerstyle technique lit a creative fire within. “He opened my eyes to what an acoustic guitar could be,” he recalls, as he dove deeper into creating music on his own. “If you can bring somebody something with your music that they can’t get anywhere else, there’s nothing better than that.”

While attending college, his sister encouraged him to post his music on social media and he garnered early success as a Tiktok sensation with the release of his debut single “Broken.” “I saw people resonating with what I made,” Kagen recalls while remembering how “Broken” caught on, “and the feeling was so overwhelming and special.”

An exciting new voice bringing an undeniable energy and sincerity through his multifaceted sound, Jonah soon found himself inking a deal with Arista. Jonah has also released “Catching A Dream,” “Wish You Did,” and “Moon.” Further, he collaborated with Matoma for “Summer Feeling” which was praised by The Hidden Hits for “[whisking] us off our feet one verse at a time.”

The ACT Americana Trio – True North

““True North” has this instant, pack-n-go effect on you. The song has both a candid, nostalgic sweetness to it and a straightforward confession to the group’s roots. The band’s vision of Americana music aligns consistent aesthetics with seasoned songwriting and skilled arrangements where the language is authentic and knows how to use its dramatic potency.”

True North’, the title track from their new EP, is The ACT’s anthem for the magnetic draw to where we come from, and where we are going. It’s for anyone who’s ever felt too far away, for far too long. When everything else in the world seems a little too uncertain, it’s good to know True North will always lead you home.

Ingvild Koksvik – Hver vår vei

“A beautifully written, guitar-based piece from the Norwegian artist that enwraps the listener in a soothing and caressing sound, with perfectly suiting vocals telling a story of the power to go on. While you may not speak Norwegian, however, you will probably still connect with the song and find it relatable due to its honest transmission and great arrangement.”

Acclaimed Norwegian artist Ingvild Koksvik releases her first single in a while, as a long-awaited sneak peek on what to expect from her new solo album due in September: “Hver vår vei” is as much about the return of daylight after dark winters in the Nordics, as it is about leaving a relationship behind and going in two separate directions. With a warm and soothing sound, led by Ingvild Koksvik’s crystal clear voice, the song invites listeners to reflect and attain new hope.

Leo Einaudi x Giulia Vallisari – Let It Burn

“Leo Einaudi and Giulia Vallisari have successfully married acoustic Folk with their softly echoing vocals, in a song that blooms like a late Spring flower. Friendly strings of guitar, setting the scene for your personal relaxation moments, while looking the Sun setting down the horizon.”

Warming single Let It Burn is a simple song blending acoustic folk accompaniment with soft, comforting vocals by Leo Einaudi and Giulia Vallisari.

As a duo, Leo Einaudi and Giulia Vallisari experiment with familiar tones through an array of songs and instrumentals.

Singer, composer and musician Giulia Vallisari spans from smooth, sultry jazz and personal songs in her native Italian language to the atmospheric crossover recordings of her indie-electronica band project Caveleon with fellow band member Leo Einaudi.

With similar eclectic interests including cinema, theatre, multimedia and live performance, Leo Einaudi follows a lineage stemming from contemporary piano and classical composition, and expanding across guitar instrumentals and songwriting. From his family home in Milan, Leo developed his skills in collaboration with his father Ludovico on a wealth of record-breaking projects while also progressing his own dynamic sound encompassing classical scoring through intimate tones and powerful evolving waves, rock-influenced electronic tone poems and cinematic songscapes with guitar tones and moody vocals.

The duo have an adaptive style sometimes reminiscent of Radiohead and Maribou State, sometimes inhabiting the realm of contemporary classical crossover, sometimes with the subtle songwriting influences of The Beatles and sometimes something totally different.

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