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Total music posts:2,578 Total artist interviews:111

Neoclassical Pop Jazz World Music House Electronica Psychill Psytrance Techno Blogwave Rock Hip‑Hop

Total music posts:2,578
Total artist interviews:111

Guytano – She Knows (Spotify)

“One more intersting single is already available for our speakers. Original Synthpop sound followed by very emotional singing. We all know that music helps to communicate ourselves, but some really artistic talent is always needed to produce a high level song like "Guytano" did. ”

The new single “She Knows” is set to release in early June, with Jon Gilmore (The 1975) mixing. This song embodies the excess of Vegas and tells the story of losing everything in sin city. From the music video to the album art, the aesthetic is overwhelmingly consistent with everything you’d find walking down ‘the strip

Minnesota based Guytano is made up of brothers Grant and Eddie Hamilton along with Isaac Hesse and Colter Benoit. The band first met in 2010 while attending middle school in Sartell, Minnesota where they began covering punk rock songs eventually finding their own synth based pop rock sound behind the songs of the bands Grant Hamilton.

In 2016 Guytano released their self-produced debut album, ‘I Am Inside My Body’, which was recorded with Aaron Ankrum and mastered by Huntley Miller. The song “Fall Back In Your Arms” received an immediate response on digital streaming services, college and commercial radio, and became an instant fan favorite at their live shows. Music from their debut album also appeared on numerous television networks including NASCAR, Discovery, and MTV’s The Real World and Teen Mom 2.

Guytano began releasing new music in the summer of 2018 led by the singles “Please Say No“ and “Burn It Slow”. With over 4 million streams on Spotify and a dedicated, cult-like fanbase. Guytano has been able to find their place in the Minneapolis scene and beyond. Guytano has been consistently releasing singles and music videos over the course of the pandemic to keep their fans engaged and invested into the community they’ve built. The new single “She Knows” is set to release in early June, with Jon Gilmore (The 1975) mixing. This song embodies the excess of Vegas and tells the story of losing everything in sin city. From the music video to the album art, the aesthetic is overwhelmingly consistent with everything you’d find walking down ‘the strip’.

Limón Limón – Still In The Dark (Spotify)

“A catchy indie pop tune with a distinct retro feel. Driven by a classic 808 drum machine & the warmth is provided by the Phill Colins like vocals & lush vintage synths. The guitar & bass also have that classic 80’s pop vibe. Extremely well produced, ‘Still In The Dark’ by Limón Limón will definitely appeal to lovers of the mainstream charts music of that era.”

Limón Limón is back with “Still In The Dark” which recalls the end of a failing relationship, leaving both sides running from the pain of an eventual breakup. The song depicts a late night drive without a destination, lost in emotions, searching for the courage to move on. Heartfelt vocals are blanketed by the warmth of vintage synths, woven together with rhythm guitar and fueled by the beat of a classic 808 drum machine. LANY meets Phil Collins in this 80s inspired tune with an indie twist.

80 Bubbles – Beyond Recall (Official Pre-release Video) (Video)

“”Beyond Recall” has that favourite Synthwave taste of vintage ’80s style. Deeply sentimental song full of heartwarming lyrics. The artist works solo and inspired by sad feelings of a broken heart. Worthy music with personal attitude that has nothing to do with typical compositions.”

80 Bubbles is a solo production of European singer/producer SilkZ. After participating in several indie genre groups now a debut single is out in 2020 with synth pop, slightly retro music style. First song Beyond Recall is reflecting feelings of breaking up with its sad, “hard to understand and let go” mood. The producer’s earlier songs are also usually touches sensitive topics like separation, loneliness and gloomy moods. The European composer is playing on several instruments however it’s mostly synthesizer based music with nostalgic taste of the 80’s embedded. The production’s name – “80 Bubbles” is also referring to this very special 80’s music era in which mysterious and heavy-hearted synth music was very common even in main stream hits.

Lydia Briggs – Daylight (Video)

“The song -Daylight- is constantly evolving with every minute, revealing to its listeners Lydia’s artistic voice and colour of emotion. All this magic happens in the background and brings incredible atmospheric sound harmony. Amazing feeling of momentary processuality. Hold your breath. Do you listen? Beauty…”

“Песня -Daylight- постоянно развивается, с каждой минутой приоткрывает своему слушателю новые тембры и эмоциональный окрас. Всё это чудо происходит на фоне невероятной и атмосферной гармонии звука. Удивительное ощущение сиюминутной процессуальности. Затаите дыхание. Вы слышите? Красота…”

Artist shared few words behind the inspiration:

” The song is about my personal experiences with a lack of empathy in dangerous situations. When violence happens in broad “Daylight”, where are the helpers? This melodic pop anthem is my way to speak out for those of us who suffer alone.”

Disrupted Being – Devoted (Spotify)

“Standing out work from the Danish Synthpop band "Disrupted Being". If you look for some old and gold synth sound, then this will be your lucky strike. Warm analogue wave samples, strong kick, melodic shifts and carefully mixed vocals that can blow up the mind!”

Most people probably don’t know Danish synthpop at all. However, Danish synthpop is more than alive and kicking in the underground clubs, and with a big bunch of talented musicians. Among them are two middle aged men - Disrupted Being from Copenhagen.

Town And Towers Records are on a mission to get Danish synthpop out into the world. So, we are excited to announce, that we will release a single on January, 29th 2021, and during the spring an EP with Disrupted Being. This is Disrupted Beings first single and EP, that will be released digitally worldwide for all synthpop lovers around the world to enjoy – from fans in USA and Europe to the Far East and Asia. Watch out for the EP with the amazing synth sounds and voice of Disrupted Being.

Alega, Flackax – Brave (Official music video) (Video)

“There’s just something about this song that gets to you. It has that feel, finesse and polish associated with global musical icons like U2, Duran Duran and others of that calibre and era. The sound & subject is current too, with exceptional modern day production techniques and brilliantly performed. It should be a massive hit ”


It all started in January 2020 when Alega replied to a post that producer FlackAX shared on Facebook, looking for someone to collaborate with. The project was never planned. It developed naturally, without any pressure. “We still are going to produce and write for other artists. Right now we enjoy working together and helping each other develop as songwriters and producers”, says Alega. The collaboration has been very productive as they both have around 20 songs ready to be released.

In July 2020 Alega and FlackAX released their first collaborative single “Divina Requiem” which featured Signe Bødtker, a classically trained singer.

The next song in line was “You can leave my head now”, featuring the Swedish singer/songwriter Malin Simon. The song is in the genre of electro synth-pop dance, and was released in December 2020.


BRAVE is about looking in the mirror and not seeing yourself, for who you really are. It’s about taking risks in life and believing in the power you have as a human being. It’s about taking a road trip with no destination. Discover something new about yourself and the world that surrounds us. Rising every time We fall.


Leah Sirkin – Life is a Movie (Spotify)

“Truly fascinating single which can change the way you see music. Leah Sirkin unfolds her artistry in this vintage-influenced work and surely catches the attention of her audience. Are you ready to escape from our fake reality and realize that life is a movie? Now is the right time!”

"Life is a Movie" is an upbeat dance song with existential lyrics and retro 80's vibe that speaks to this pandemic moment.

Leah Sirkin is a singer/songwriter, musician and theater artist in San Francisco. Raised in a music-loving family, she has been singing, writing songs and playing violin from a young age. Drawing from a rich palette of musical influences, she has written a few dozen songs. In March of 2021, she released her debut single, "Life is a Movie", an upbeat dance song with a retro 80's vibe that speaks to this pandemic moment. Soon to come in early May is "Me, Too", a mid tempo song that poses a challenging question over a light Latin beat. Compelling, sometimes playful lyrics that lean philosophical, catchy melodies and danceable grooves are trademarks of Leah's songs. Her clear, smooth vocals and Tano Brock's masterful production give them the kick, sparkle and polish to please, captivate and stick in the ears of listeners.

Leah performs in several bands in the Bay Area. Her own band Diaspora plays Sefardic, Turkish and Greek music and is due to release an album in 2022. She believes in the transformative power of music to heal, bring people together, and to be a force for positive change.

Solar Powered Moon Town – I’m a Monster, Can’t You See? (Spotify)

“Rich in the sonic palette and slightly psychedelic -I'm a Monster, Can not You See -? Is a living example of a creative incorruptible man. Captivates its integrity and self-sufficiency. Love to experiment and tube sound synthpop captured in every note.”

“Богатая на звуковую палитру и немного психоделическая -I'm a Monster, Can't You See?- живой пример творчески нетленного человека. Подкупает своей цельностью и самодостаточностью. Любовь к экспериментам и ламповому звучанию synthpop улавливается в каждой ноте.”

"I'm a monster, can't you see?" is a song about the beauty of emotions, about vegetables, radical honesty and about the wild, animalic creature of love. It's a passionate rebellion against the manner of locking the creature in cages out of fear that it might disappear eventually.

Artist Quote:

"I'm a monster, can't you see?" is a song, that I wrote reflecting back on my marriage and different relationship struggles I experienced. Relationships always felt like cages to me and breaking out of that cage always made me feel like the villain, as if it was a crime to commit. I am wondering if I can ever be honest with myself in a relationship. And I'm wondering if I can ever really be myself in there.

There is a beauty in love and the rush of emotions. I can relate to the need of locking that wild, animalic creature into a cage. But I'm not a friend of zoos apparently."

91islands – Nervous (Spotify)

“A choice of Chillwave with plenty of acoustic sounds and some vintage touch. Original production from "91islands"; one man project that also offers a fascinating singing. Out of the ordinary, personal overall result.”

This song is about overcoming the fears of every day life that many people experience

The Curfew – Playin’ with Fire (Official Audio) (Video)

“”Playin’ with Fire”! How many times you have cought yourself doing something very risky? And suddenly, when you realize this truth, you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. Unfortunately, with this exciting track we obviously have the control.”

The Curfew is a pop band from Miami.

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