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Jantine – Stockholm Syndrome (Spotify)

“The lyrics cause sincere emotions not only through sensual perception, but also at the subconscious level. Original and loved Synthpop, with rich sound arrangement and an atmosphere of hypnotic effect!”

“Текст вызывает искренние эмоции не только через чувственное восприятие, но и на уровне подсознательного. По своему оригинальный, но по-прежнему любимый многими Synthpop, насыщенная аранжировка и атмосфера придают звучанию гипнотический эффект!”

Inspired by the feeling of being unable to resist someone that you know is not good for you, Dutch, UK-based singer/songwriter Jantine returns to BB Music Group with ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Aptly written in Stockholm, alongside Matilda Thompson and Oliver Forsmack, it is a radio-ready creation that perfectly blends pristine pop production with Jantine’s smooth vocals. With all the hallmarks of a radio hit, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ gives further insight into the depths of her artistic talents.

Bloome – heaven (Spotify)

“A magnificent performance, a real author's cry from the heart - a very strong work that flows with its unimaginable beauty of melody and voice from vocalist. The highest professionalism is felt and deserves due attention!”

“Великолепное исполнение, настоящий авторский крик души - очень сильная работа, которая берёт своей невообразимой красотой мелодии и голоса вокалистки. Чувствуется высочайший профессионализм и заслуживает должного внимания!”

Heaven is a dive into a world where everything is possible. It's the second single of their upcoming EP "gone, gone".

Unheard Sirens Inc. – All We (Video)

“The unworn atmosphere of Synthpop, which absorbed all the best! Very serious performance, all layers are heard clearly and brightly in the mix with vocalists having abundant performance. A very rich and bright track!”

“Нетленная атмосфера Synthpop, которая вобрала в себя всё самое лучшее! Проведена очень серьёзная работа над треком, все инструменты слышны отчётливо и ярко ощущается весь необходимый колорит. Хорошо, когда у вокалистов такой исполнительский диапазон. Очень насыщенный и яркий трек!”

A stirring synthwave track about all beings on this Earth, and our connections to each other.

Sansha – Dream Dancer (Video)

“Instant mood enhancer. Clean midtempo beat and Sansha with her angelic voice. Simple lyrics with an addictive characteristic. Well produced and crisp. ”

Artist shared few words about this song”

“This is the happiest song I’ve ever written, about looking forward to seeing my friends after lockdown, and my brother’s baby due September. I filmed my friends and family doing kareoke to the song for the music video!”

Lucy Clue – In Your Eyes (Spotify)

“Lucy Clue embraces her easy flowing groove on this one. A midtempo vocally rich track that connects to it’s catchy beat. ”

This song could be a summer hit! It is spreading love vibes, good mood and the melody is very catchy!

Lucy Clue is a musician with Italian and German roots, living her dreams and handling them on her own. As independent as she is, as strong is her music. It’s a mixture between different genres like Hip Hop, Pop and 80’s vibes. She’s a technique-obsessed songwriter, singer and rapper, who started rhyming when she was 11 years old. At 14, her classmates were singing her songs during break. Starting that early, she became an expert in the use of words, metaphors and rhymes. She would never need a ghostwriter, a ghostwriter rather would need her.

Standing up for females, children, independence, honesty and self-esteem, she‘s never afraid to speak her truth at all.

Her songs will pick you up, take you away and guide you through a journey of self-love, strong mindset, heartbreak, failure, lessons to learn and the naked truth. Are u ready? Are you ready to take the ride and find out more about the outstanding Italian artist from Germany? Then what are u waiting for? Start listening today!

Messer – Angels Pray (Visualizer) (Video)

“In -Angels Pray- in the desired dosage we found a common language with its listeners, which helps to express the artist’s idea and talk to us in the same language. Noticeably, as -Messer- communicates through music, it helps to immerse ourselves with his thoughts in this amazing world.”

“В -Angels Pray- в нужной дозировке найден общий язык со своими слушателями, что помогает выразить свою авторскую задумку и разговаривать с нами на одном языке. Заметно, как автор общается посредством музыки, что помогает погрузиться с головой в этот удивительный мир.”


PRE-SAVE THE ‘Roses’ EP NOW. OUT 8/27.

GRAMMY Award-winning vocalist Mitch Grassi today reveals “Angels Pray,” the latest piece of original music from his new solo project, Messer.

Messer is about freedom in identity, independence, confidence, queerness, the theatrical, and living your fantasy and romanticizing your life. Basking in beautiful solitude, embracing the darkness we carry within ourselves, as well as celebrating the moments of bliss, humanization, empathy, self-awareness, and global awareness.

“‘Angels Pray’ came from a place of longing, specifically longing for an escape. it’s that inexplicable desire to run out the nearest exit and leave everything behind in search of your higher personal truth. it’s the need for a bird’s eye view. When we find ourselves in the midst of chaos, it is often very difficult to view our circumstances from a larger perspective. The narrator of this song is searching for solace, perhaps in a new place, or perhaps in another person,” Grassi says.

Be on the lookout for additional Messer original music releases over the coming months.

Neena Rose – Perfect Stranger (Spotify)

“-Perfect Stranger- causes a persistent sense of nostalgia, soulful, emotional rise, desire to live and breathe air to which we absorb. The creativity of -Neena Rose- can make you listen again from time to time and feel it in all your body. -Perfect Stranger- inspires and immerses in its unique world, which helps to escape from the surrounding reality.”

“-Perfect Stranger- вызывает стойкое чувство ностальгии, душевный, эмоциональный подъём, желание жить и дышать воздухом, которой мы впитываем. К творчеству -Neena Rose- хочется время от времени возвращаться и снова ощущать её всем своим телом. -Perfect Stranger- воодушевляет и погружает в свой уникальный мир, который помогает отстраниться от окружающей действительности.”

Neena Rose's, "Perfect Stranger", dances on the line between the persona we create for people in our minds, and how they actually are. Describing the feeling of meeting a seemingly perfect guy and the fear of learning something that may skew the perception of him. Following the saying, "ignorance is bliss", Neena Rose leaves the stranger behind before any red flags could ruin her memory of him.

Canadian singer/songwriter and Pop/R&B artist, Neena Rose, has emerged onto the music scene with a magnetism not encountered everyday. Between her breakout single, 2018's "Games", and all it successors, the talented Neena Rose is shaking things up and taking the industry by storm.

The Hamilton, Ontario-based artist has received extensive early support and has garnered large following across social media platforms, especially on TikTok. In March of 2019, she was the youngest panelist invited to speak at the California Copyright Conference, and later that year, she was 1 of only 6 Canadians nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

Between her breakout single — 2018’s “Games” — its successors, “Circles” and “Rewind”, and this year’s forthcoming EP 333, Canadian singer/songwriter and pop-R&B artist Neena Rose has emerged onto the music scene with a magnetism not encountered every day.

The 17-year old Hamilton, Ontario-based artist has received extensive early support from media and playlisters, and was a recent panelist at the California Copyright Conference, making her the youngest female Canadian to speak thus far.

Her debut single — “Rock N Roll Lullaby” — was recorded at age 12 with Diamond/Platinum producer/songwriter Roy “Royalty” Hamilton III (Britney Spears, Nas), and the five years since has included performing for audience sizes up to 14,000 (including Oprah Winfrey), and singing CHCH legacy program Tiny Talent Time’s new theme song.

She’s an “amazing young talent,” says Universal Music Publishing Group’s 80 Empire. “She’s an incredible vocalist and witty lyricist… Working with her is a sheer joy!”

“Hellafun to talk with,” Cashbox Magazine’s Lenny Stoute adds. She’s a “combination of music biz savvy and emotional intelligence, with a commanding voice. Gonna go far.”

“I love it all, but writing lyrics is my favourite part,” Neena muses, reflecting on previous dips into nu-country, emo rock, and lofty pop bops before finding her most authentic self in R&B. “I want people to gain empowerment from my music. I want it to communicate to them: ‘You’ve got this. You can be different. You can do anything.’”

It’s true, and Neena Rose is leading by perfect example.

Odd Beholder – Accept Nature (Video)

“Do you feel anxious and stressed? Trapped into a destructive routine. Find your chance to escape from maddness with this nice Synthwave song. Popping beat, dreamy melodies and Daniela’s charming voice won’t let you down!”

Odd Beholder, the Electronica / Art Pop project from Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann releases the video for the recent single “Accept Nature“.

“Accept Nature” is a song about anxieties caused by unrealistic and, often, meaningless work goals. Weinmann details the track as well as the video:

The song «Accept Nature» tells the story of an insomniac that watches funny animal videos on her phone at night. She’s chronically stressed out because she feels that she has to compete with machines at work – so she wishes she would either become a machine, too, or survive like an animal in the wild, where her instincts / feelings would be an advantage instead of a disadvantage.

In the videoclip, the protagonist has transformed the trauma of her chronic stress into a cathartic object love. She falls for her exercise machine. To live her relationship or her kink she has to break into a gym at night.

Ironically, the wish to fit in into a merciless competitive work environment ultimately makes her drop out of the mainstream (sexuality). She explores a passion more interesting than productivity and conformity – and this exciting exploration helps her deal with the anxiousness she feels every night. I mean if you can’t sleep anyway – you might aswell break into a gym and seduce an exercise machine, right?

One night, she is discovered by a cleaner. This woman observes her quietly and doesn’t interfere for quite a while. Like the dancer, the cleaner breaks a few rules: She brings her dog to work and she spends the night in the gym, prying on the intimate moment between the woman and the exercise machine.

When she finally decides to step forward by switching on the light, she doesn’t call her out. Instead, she signals that she would like to join in.

I interpret this as a second step in the personal development of the two women: After turning to dogs and machines in search of love, comfort and warmth, they finally see each other. They finally discover solidarity and get curios about each other. Happy end: The stressed and singled out employee finds an unexpected ally after she dares to live out her wildest and weirdest feelings.

Odd Beholder’s sophomore album “Sunny Bay” will be released on Sept. 10th, 2021.


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