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The Curfew – Playin’ with Fire (Official Audio) (Video)

“”Playin’ with Fire”! How many times you have cought yourself doing something very risky? And suddenly, when you realize this truth, you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins. Unfortunately, with this exciting track we obviously have the control.”

The Curfew is a pop band from Miami.

The 80s Kid – Roots (Spotify)

“The single -Roots- combines the mood and atmosphere of the late '70s with early '80s. classic synthesizer sounds, modern processed drums, bass and a unique voice from -The 80s Kid-. This music will never go unnoticed!”

“Сингл -Roots- соединяет в себе настроение и атмосферу конца 1970-х и начала 1980-х годов. Синтезированные звуки уже ставшими классикой синтезаторов, обработка современными ударными и басом и уникальный и такой искренний голос -The 80s Kid-. Такая музыка никогда не останется незамеченной!”

It’s hard to come across well-executed modern remakes of classic 80’s music, but The 80’s Kid - or James, as his friend knows him - is a major exception. Besides it being in the name, 80’s music it’s clearly in the blood of this incredibly talented, Swedish individual.‘Roots’, his new single - exemplifies this throughout. With Bee Gee’s like vocals, seductive synth pads, and uplifting guitar melodies set record to be played all throughout the summer. Despite this only being his sixth released record, The 80’s Kid has had his fair share of experience in the music industry. His most popular record, ‘You Get It But You Don’t’ amassed an incredible 50,000 streams on Spotify alone, remixed by Warner Music Group producer Penthox - who has amassed multi-millions of streams online. He hopes you enjoy his new single and looks forward to seeing the success his music generates over the years to come.

The Sweet Kill – Forbidden (Spotify)

“In the advanced single -Letters to a Vampire- focusing on experimental mainstream rock music, you'll find -Forbidden-. Track full of harmony and rhythmic artistic images, also a bright representative of the experimental avant-garde.”

“Расширенный сингл -Letters to a Vampire- это экспериментальный мейнстрим в рок-музыке. Трек -Forbidden- насыщен гармонией и ритмическими художественными образами. Яркий представитель экспериментального авангарда.”

The 3 song EP “Letters To A Vampire” starts with the song “Forbidden” co-written by NYC based chanteuse Danielle Parente, Flash Bastard member Donal Finn and The Sweet Kill's frontman Pete Mills. We all tapped into an otherworldly energy but with only a few days to finish we did the best we could in a short time. A lot of sync houses liked the song but it never landed anywhere. Thus it was put on the back burner until the pandemic hit. In the early stages of lockdown I experienced a wide range of emotions. I saw my mortality and reflected back to turbulent times, which lead to me getting sober. Through this perspective I felt compelled to revisit and rework “Forbidden”. I made it faster, changed the arrangement, added a new chorus and ultimately gutted the production. The thematic narration involves a lustful couple caroming around in the darkness engaging the powerful elements of love. “…Maybe we were wrong to do it, or just sick for what we need, maybe we were outcasts all along, but every night the sun sets slowly, my darkened heart controls me, sucked into the black hole of your arms …Forbidden lust”

The Sweet Kill is a one-man dark pop synth project swelling with emotion. The diviner of this millenarian angst is lead-singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Pete Mills; who portrays toxic love, desperation and redemption from the throes of addiction. After the suicide of his band mate, and personal battles with addiction, Pete speaks of liberation from inner demons.

The Sweet Kill delivers an atmospheric quietus and infectious hooks similar to Awolnation and MGMT, matched with the bulletproof production of The Cure and Nine Inch Nails. The latest releases feature the drumming of Darren King (Mutemath), mixer Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (Marilyn Manson) and co-producer Voli (Bebe Rexha).

Prior to the conception of The Sweet Kill, Mills had an extensive career in the music industry, signing with Nikki Sixx's label with his former band Flash Bastard and getting kicked off the North American Motley Crue tour. Ulitimately moving to Los Angeles, Pete diverged into a producing career, beginning with a co-production credit for SoulKid1's smash hit song "We Got More Bounce In California" with Michael Patterson (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).

This single's notoriety captured the attention of local labels which transitioned Pete into a successful producing career working with a myriad of artists including Sheryl Crow, Moving Units, Teddy Riley to name a few. The latest releases of The Sweet Kill marks Pete's meteoric re-entry back into the spotlight of performing again.

Different DNA – Different DNA (Spotify)

“Enjoy the rhythmic, easy and dizzying track; -Different DNA- from the self-titled album. Bright palette of dynamic sound, modern synthpop and nostalgic charm from the '80s.”

“Ритмичный, лёгкий и головокружительный трек -Different DNA- с одноимённого альбома. Яркая палитра из динамичного звука, современного synthpop и ностальгического шарма 80-ых.”

Different DNA - is a song about freedom of choice in all the aspects. Everybody has his own DNA no matter of race, gender or beliefs and deserves to be loved.

Essy – Dancing Around The Feeling (Spotify)

“Get ready to fly with Essy and her etherial singing at "Dancing Around The Feeling". The Synthpop sound with some vintage aspect can fascinate and satisfy your thirst to move your body dancing. So don't waste time!”

This song is about dancing around feelings you don't want to feel because it's easier not to face them. Written in LA, very 80s rock / pop inspired. Programmed w/ original analog synths, live guitar, and drum kit.

Pastel Boy – Water (Spotify)

“Pastel Boy with his new electro fascinating pop - Water - please us with his solid production and a melodic groove flow that is hard to resist, like the power of water. Thirsty for good pop? Try Water from Pastel Boy! ”

‘Water’ is the debut release from queer artist Pastel Boy, a slinky number detailing the feeling of craving someone so much it’s a necessity, with laid back delivery giving space for the listener to bop to. A collaboration with DefStarz, ‘Water’ is the first of many releases from the UK-based artist, with a full length project being released later this year.

Pastel Boy is an emerging pop/synth-pop artist based in Leeds, UK. The introspective musician is poised to make waves with his unparalleled sound and vivid style, inspired by life, love, and heartbreak, pushing the envelope with his sound and creating a well-rounded, dynamic style. The queer artist seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism and have people dance and escape through his music, having listeners engulfed in the musical world he creates with his words and sounds.

Surrounded by the song-crafting of Glass Animals & Oscar Scheller, the vocals limitless of Caroline Polachek & Kimbra, the emotionally lyricism of Lily Allen & No Doubt and the production techniques of Gorillaz & Toro Y Moi, Pastel Boy’s eclectic taste has inspired the music he creates and imagery he conjures. Through his emotion-filled music and ability to paint a picture with his words, Pastel Boy is ready to tell his story while keeping us dancing, through bouncy rhythms and smooth instrumentation.

Edith – Over It (Spotify)

“Imperishable synthpop from a young and charming singer Edith and her new single No Matter What You Do (Home Sessions). Sincere emotions, passionate love and hate burdening lyrical performance of Edith.”

“Нетленный synthpop от молодой и обворожительной певицы Edith и её нового сингла No Matter What You Do (Home Sessions). Искренние эмоции, пылкая любовь и отягощающая ненависть в лирическом исполнении Edith.”

Edith shared with us few words behind this song:

“I wrote Over It at a point in my life where I was completely and utterly over not just an ex-boyfriend but some people and situations that never served me any good. That feeling is truly the best, and you can rant over and over again to your friends about these frustrations but unfortunately, you’re never going to be truly released until you let yourself feel those emotions and move on. It is the first song I wrote and recorded for this album. One of my favourite sayings is ‘You have to bleed to grow’ and honestly it has been the backbone to my growth and journey so far. I want people to know that being vulnerable is a sign of strength, and even though Over It is a party song, the album has a few records in which a breakup is seen from a different perspective, from the perspective of loss and regret. There are days when we miss that person and days when we don’t feel a thing, which is why I love writing about my emotions and connecting with people through similar experiences. “

Bootmasters, Efimia – Hot Hot (Original) (Spotify)

“A big bomb has come to burn down the dancefloor. Hot like fire, this short track carries all the power of sound magic, along with a favourite past, retro taste. Respect to the Bootmasters for delivering so much joy within less than three minutes time.”

Efimia is known from collaboration with Bootmasters, Visioneight and many more. Her song "Kaleidoscope" achieved top positions in the charts. # 1 Dance - Charts Germany, # 1 Dance - Charts Switzerland, # 1 Dance - Charts Austria and many more

Sivilian – Boredom Paradise (Spotify)

“Boredom Paradise is a search for happiness in the hungry stream of your own desires. Sivilian has created and recorded a memorable composition, in which, through the prism of modern synthpop and his exceptional vocals, he reached out to each of his listeners.”

“Boredom Paradise - это поиски счастья в голодном потоке своих же желаний. Sivilian сотворил и записал запоминающуюся композицию, в которой через призму современного synthpop и своего исключительного вокала достучался до каждого из своих слушателей.”

«Boredom Paradise» is about binge-watching an entire season over a weekend, about picking up the phone for the 79th time, starring at the screen and about spending a lifetime online.

Sivilian’s love for storytelling resonates throughout his recent foray onto the international music scene. His melancholic vocals weave secret messages across an elaborate soundscape of synths and samples.

The single «Invisible to Automatic Doors» marked his debut on the international music scene. Usually writing his songs on an acoustic guitar, he initially struggled to bring his latest pop vision to paper. It was an impromptu phone recording of automatically closing doors in the Budapest metro that finally brought him the breakthrough. Used as a sample throughout the track, these subway doors ended up setting the musical foundation.

The latest single «Boredom Paradise» is about binge-watching an entire season over a weekend, about picking up the phone for the 79th time, starring at the screen and about spending a lifetime online.

Harry Nathan – Last Call (Spotify)

“Are you worried about losing your other half? Do you find yourself dissapointed of an unexpected change in a personal relationship? This "Last Call" can release from any fear of loss, because in fact we own nothing at all.”

Australian artist Harry Nathan closed out 2020 with news of his upcoming EP “Songs About Falling” while also sharing its first single ‘High’ (released via Majestic Casual Records). He’s coming back to us this month with that EP’s second single ‘Last Call’.

Throughout all of the songs on this new EP, Harry draws nostalgic inspiration via 80’s drum machines and synthesisers, reminiscent of Todd Terje, Client Liaison and Touch Sensitive. For the story behind this particular song, the singer/songwriter and producer portrays a tale of emotional heartache, written via the viewpoint of his close friend..

“I wrote this song from the perspective of one of my best friends, who was going through a tricky break up. Matters of the heart are never easy, we’ve all been in that situation where a once loving relationship nears its fatal end. We scramble for clarity in the abyss as our world shifts into the emotional unknown.”

"The song wrote itself in an hour. Mr. Moustache was at my place in LA and showing me some instrumental ideas, I heard "Last Call" and the lyrics and story began pouring out of me."– Harry Nathan

A few words that come to mind while listening to ‘Last Call’ are “smooth”, “nostalgic” and “dreamy” just to name a few, and that can all easily be associated with the 80’s drum machines and synthesisers that Harry has used throughout the EP.

‘Last Call’ is one of those songs that would perfectly suit a late-night cruise through a city or coastal road on a warm summer’s eve.

Stay tuned for the “Songs About Falling” EP, scheduled for release in March 2021.


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