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Kan Wakan – Shining Bright Truth ft. Rachel Fannan (Video)

“Discover the mystic character of “Kan Wakan” latest work. Trip-Hop and Indie combination of sounds with strong drum vibrations and gentle vocals. An irresistible trip to alternate realities with many thoughts and pictures from everyday activities.”

Forward thinking LA and UK based producer Kan Wakan has just released his brand new single ‘Shining Bright Truth’. The single is the second installment from his upcoming Album Phantasmagoria, Vol.2.

Opening with a meditative hum and steady drumbeat that feels almost instinctual, “Shining Bright Truth” is a compelling and personal collaboration from Kan Wakan, featuring Rachel Fannan. Fannan, known for her work with UNKLE and Pussy Riot, lends her smoky and emotive voice to the song. Kan creates a complex and unexpected soundscape that engulfs the listener into this mystical journey about an alluring stranger.

When explaining the lyrical context of ‘Shining Bright Truth’ Kan explains that it’s “A note to self about acknowledging the occasional tendency to be insincere with oneself and wander down a delusional, parallel reality. Whether it’s through the lens of social media, or another vessel, it’s about that moment of acceptance. Things get precarious when you sense it’s time to bow out and you begin bartering with yourself, but it feels safer to stay the course.”

Phantasmagoria, Vol.2. will be Kan’s 3rd Studio album to date and will also include previous single ‘Oh Mother’ which already has over 128,000 streams on Spotify alone. He’s now recognized as one of L.A.’s most forward-thinking composers since arriving on the scene with the release of his 2014 LP, Moving On. Since then, he was named as Yahoo! “Best New Artists” and L.A. Weekly also named him in their “The 10 Best Young L.A. Songwriters”. His impressive career has flourished with collaborations alongside Moses Sumney and Thundercat while touring alongside Lianne La Hava and the Arctic Monkeys.

With Kan’s innovative thinking and his progressive production, it allows listeners to sink right into his compelling soundscapes. It is no wonder why he’s one of the most exciting producers around today.

CMD, Enca – Amalfi (Spotify)

“A steady hip hop beat drives the expressive bass which combined, allows the interplay between the keyboards, guitars, the beautiful trumpet melody & sound effects. Amalfi is a track with a real sense of purpose that delivers a full bodied, well rounded performance. If you close your eyes and let the music take you along with it on it’s journey, who knows where you may travel to?”

Driving along the winding coastal road, watching the setting sun over the Mediterranean Sea and feeling the warm breeze in your hair. This is what "Amalfi" feels like. The warm lounge-like sound combined with a strong hiphop beat, the interaction of the acoustic and electric guitar and the iconic trumpet melody make this track unique and transport you mentally for three minutes into a mini summer holiday by the sea.

Fable – Womb (Spotify)

“Thoroughly absorbing from the beginning to the end, Fable entrances the listener with her bewitching vocals & spellbinding melodies in her new minimal dub-wise single. Womb examines the ebb & flow of the cycles of life with a pulsating beat, epic chorus & poignant lyrics. ”

Brighton singer-songwriter Fable today unveils her brand new single ‘Womb’, out now via Naim Records. The track is the latest offering from her forthcoming debut album and follows in the wake of the trip hop and neo soul blending ‘Orbiting’, which drew praise from the likes of NME, 6Music, CLASH and more.

With its stripped-back dubwise beat and spectral sonics, ‘Womb’ ebbs and flows like the cycles of life it discusses, building from a beguiling verse into a throbbing chorus and a bridge that swarms with headbanging dread. “'Womb' talks about cycles of emotional states, the repetitive highs and lows that I experience throughout the month, and in the end finding the strength to just push forwards with things. The seasons of the female body are often not acknowledged in the structure of our lives and society lacks respect for the trials and tribulations of womanhood,” Fable explains.

“Its meaning is not limited to the Lunar cycles of the female body - we all experience flux - we're not the same molecules we were 7 years ago, and it's about finding a way to ride the waves of constant change. The track was influenced by my love of Dub and sound system culture; my Mum would play Linton Kwesi Johnson through her bump when she was pregnant with me and it's been a comfort ever since,” she adds.

Having built up a reputation as one of the UK's most promising new artists, being lauded by the likes of The Guardian, Mixmag, Q and Rolling Stone, collaborating with Orbital and playing at Glastonbury, the tragic loss of a close friend and resultant burnout and depression led to Fable taking time out from her music career in 2016 to protect her mental health. Four years later, and now an ambassador for mental health charity My Black Dog, Fable is relaunching her sound to the world, with previous single ‘Orbiting’ unveiled in February. Newly-signed to Naim Records, the label wing of the award-winning premium audio brand, she has recorded a debut album of genre-fluid, searingly honest and darkly beautiful music that spans from urgent post punk to introspective electronica, whilst posing questions that are both timely and personal, yet timeless.

JODOQ – Hunch (Spotify)

“We found a promising work from a new young artist. "Hunch" is not the typical music single, but moves some steps away. By binding Trip-Hop with Classical waves of sound, occurs a mix with dynamic and vibrating progression... surely remarkable and worthy.”

„Hunch“ is about the pain and heartache that comes from desperately craving for someones love and affection, who just can’t quite return these feelings. Attached, unable to get closer or to let go, trapped by your own emotions.

Deep synth-bass, drunk drumbeats and a beautiful string arrangement combined with creative sounddesign and background choirs gently hug JODOQ's voice in a complex but still catchy, dark and dreamy popsong.

Zurich's JODOQ kicks off his career with a blast. The experts at M4music, which took place last week, are so convinced by his song „Hunch“ that they voted the track the most promising Swiss pop song of the year.

„Hunch“ is about the pain and heartache that comes from desperately craving for someones love and affection, who just can’t quite return these feelings. Attached, unable to get closer or to let go, trapped by your own emotions.

Deep synth-bass, drunk drumbeats and a beautiful string arrangement combined with creative sounddesign and background choirs gently hug JODOQ's voice in a complex but still catchy, dark and dreamy popsong.

JODOQ is the stage name of composer and singer Cédric Joël Ziegler. After studying film music composition at ZHdK, the 25-year-old now finds his way back to his roots as a singer and songwriter with this incredible debut.

Kit Kido – Bonnie & Clyde (Spotify)

“Stringy pace, clearly standing rhythm patterns and bass sound. A strong overall view of depression and melancholy shown by -Bonnie & Clyde- while having some weight of trip-hop sound. A distinct voice with synth sounds create the perfect backdrop for the most discerning listeners.”

“Тягучий темп, отчётливые партии ритм-блока и баса. Характерная общая картина депрессивности и меланхолии лишь выделают -Bonnie & Clyde- из общей массы trip-hop звучания. Приглушённый голос и звуки синтезаторов создают идеальный фон неповторимого настроения для самых искушенных слушателей.”

Kit Kido is a contemporary torch singer that blends lyrical storytelling with digital soundscapes. Noir synth sounds, loops, guitars and a touch of 90s nostalgia create the perfect backdrop for her dystopian love stories. Between the present and the future, Kit Kido finds herself in that thin line where reality meets fantasy.

Ghost Echo – Late Night (Video)

“Selected low bpm track for your nightime entertainment. “Ghost Echo” unlease their talent in some kind of mysterious Trip-Hop mood with Cinematic touch. Dominating beat and some superb electric guitar chords guide you through an alternate reality.”

Dark triphop track from the debut album of Ghost Echo. Best be described as Cinematic Electro-Prog.

GaryOAKland – All We’ll Ever Need (Spotify)

“Find the slow pace and extremely simple, but very pleasant arrangement in a single -All We'll Ever Need-. Vocal samples, downtempo rhythms and familiar chill-hop elements, which are steadily and slowly colouring the sound.”

“Медленный темп и максимально простая, но очень приятная аранжировка в сингле -All We'll Ever Need-. Вокальные семплы, ритмика downtempo и знакомые элементы chill-hop, которые размеренно и плавно окрашивают звук. ”

‘All We’ll Ever Need’s lush keys and groovy bassline create a feel good beat, which the Californian producer deftly intersperses with scratches, chopped samples and pitched vocals - providing a unique crossover of lofi hiphop and electronica.

GaryOAKland is a San Francisco Bay Area music producer, beat maker, and competitive Super Smash Bros. player. Starting in jazz piano, his style has evolved across genres into Lofi beats, Future Funk, and Soulful R&B featuring singer Lee Brave. Follow GaryOAKland on Spotify or on Instagram @gary_oakland

Amaya – Demons In The Dark (Spotify)

“Taken from Amaya's EP "No Way Back" this song is a representative example of her advanced singing capabilities. Cinematic sound touch full of mystery, with a supernatural approach that is worth exploring.”

This is the third single from Amaya from her EP "No Way Back".

'Demons In The Dark' continues the thematic direction of AMAYA’s debut EP - underscored by dark undercurrents and a sense of urgency, without any clear resolution. Blending classical influences with modern pop but with a darker tone, this new single expresses a sense of hopelessness and trying to find one's way in the darkness.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Amaya began playing piano and violin at an early age. Throughout her early career, she advanced her musicology studies by exploring haunting classical compositions. Now based in London, this still inspires her dramatic, cinematic style of songwriting.

Blending orchestral elements with dark pop and electronic influences, Amaya continues to evolve her distinctive and unmistakable sound today.

Lion Child – Mixing Chemicals (Spotify)

“Not always the debut work of musicians for a long time remain in the memory of us, the audience, but the self-titled album Lion Child once again proves the opposite. Swing, add to their playlists and enjoy.”

“Далеко не всегда дебютные работы музыкантов надолго остаются в памяти нас, слушателей, но одноимённый альбом Lion Child в очередной раз доказывает обратное. Качайте, добавляйте в свои плейлисты и наслаждайтесь.”

This song is written in metaphor about a man denying his real heart and hiding behind his work and life to avoid the love of his life. Sometimes fear can dictate an unknown path and destiny is never found..

Three Thieves – Falling Down (Spotify)

“Selected piece in a Trip-Hop mood that can attract almost every listener. Also the singer's silvery voice add a sense of warmness in the cold days of loneliness. Do you see yourself falling down? Take a deep breath and find the hidden way to continue!”

Falling Down ft. Aniah Alves is one of many singles for 2021 born out of the confines of the lockdown. Working remotely with Dutch vocalist Aniah Alves the track features lush pop vocals over heavy melancholic beats.

Three Thieves is a South Wales based production unit consisting of producer and songwriter Thomas Ismangil, featuring guest vocalists from around the world. The Three Thieves signature sound is known for its use of melodic pop vocals over beat based songs, with influences from classic era hip hop, house, drum and bass and garage.

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