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Charas Lounge – Conca

“In this composition, Jazz’s breathing, Trip-Hop and Lounge rhythms are heard, and even downtempo, and in this beautiful stylistic assortment one of the main advantages of the track is hidden-the clarity of the structure and the main line of narration. Fabulous!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этой композиции слышится дыхание jazz, ритмы trip-hop и lounge и даже downtempo и в этом красивом стилевом ассорти скрывается один из главных плюсов трека – чёткость структуры и основная линия повествования. Великолепно!”

Punku – Pukllay

“The splendor of ethnic motives, melodies and rhythms of Global Bass with interesting elements of the Trip-Hop genre and the atmosphere of something unusual and original. The variety of sound instruments and their synthesis are incredibly good!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Великолепие этнических мотивов, мелодии и ритмов global bass с интересными элементами жанра trip-hop и атмосферой нечто необычного и оригинального. Разнообразие звуковых инструментов и их синтез — невероятно хороши!”

Cosmyte – Noisetti (feat. Lakay)

“Just an incredible layering of genres that will very much highlight this track against the background of everything that you have ever heard! Here are the intoxicating rhythms of Trip-Hop and PSYDUB, hypnotic vaib Psychill and DownTempo, symbiosis of electronic and live music. Where else can you meet this? Only in the new track -cosmyte-! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Просто невероятное наслоение жанров, которые очень сильно выделают этот трек на фоне всего, что вы когда-либо слышали! Здесь и опьяняющие ритмы Trip-Hop и Psydub, гипнотический вайб Psychill и Downtempo, симбиоз электронной и живой музыки. Где ещё такое встретишь? Только в новом треке -Cosmyte-!”

a fusion between downtempo psybass and drums/bass with trip-hop grooves, mixing acoustic instruments (handpan/trumpet) and electronic rhythms! A beautiful collaboration to discover from the album Cosmyte - Vitamite B12 released on June 10th! We are preparing a big communication plan to give visibility to this album.

un mélange fusion, entre rythme downtempo psybass et des batteries/basses aux grooves trip-hop, mêlant instruments acoustiques (handpan/trompette) et rythmes électroniques ! Une belle collaboration à découvrir issue de l'album Cosmyte - Vitamite B12 sortie le 10 juin dernier ! Nous préparons un gros plan de communication pour donner de la visibilité à cet album.

Beta Ori – It Just Aint Right v1

“Quite unexpectedly for all admirers of atmospheric, melodic and exquisite music in the genres of Trip-Hop and Dream Pop, -Beta ORI- came a new, such multilayer track. All visible and invisible boundaries are blurred, there are no barriers to leave all things to the side to enjoy this miracle! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Совершенно неожиданно для всех почитателей атмосферной, мелодичной и изысканной музыки в жанрах Trip-Hop и Dream Pop, у -Beta Ori- вышел новый, такой многослойный трек. Все видимые и невидимые границы размыты, нет никаких преград для того, чтобы оставить все дела в стороне насладиться этим чудом!”

GARZA, Enemy Planes – Way Out

“The track in which the rhythmic line is simply amazing! You will feel the waves of Trip-Hop, Lounge and Downtempo, enjoy a beautiful melody and vocals that create an unforgettable atmosphere. This is not just another track, it is your ticket to the world of unique harmony and bliss. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, в котором ритмическая линия просто восхитительна! Вы почувствуете волны Trip-Hop, Lounge и Downtempo, насладитесь красивой мелодией и вокалом, которые создают незабываемую атмосферу. Это не просто очередной трек, это ваш билет в мир уникальной гармонии и блаженства.”

“Way Out” is a swirly tripped out soundscape again featuring Enemy Planes on the lead vocals with background vocals from Magnetic Moon recording artist ToBy. The track explores the frailty of human existence and coming to terms with the beauty to be found therein.

O’o – Spin

“A spin on the reality of the psychedelic reels of continuity. Embedded with a warm fuzzy vocal sound that pulls us in. The colors seem to continue their dance to this elaborate tripped out midtempo gem. ”

O’o returns with Spin, the hypnotic, shuffling, second single from their debut album Touche. ‘Spin’ is set amongst the decadent mise-en-scene of the unfair funfair, with vocalist Victoria Suter dispensing some sisterly advice about how to look after oneself in the big bad world. A sequenced, robotic Rhodes piano carries these prophetic lyrics across a steady beat to the break, as dubbed out tape delays engulf the sole lyric “Spin”. As if to suggest that this universal groove could continue until the end of the universe, Spin slowly fades out, urging the listener to get closer to their speakers and savor every last moment.

Suburban Dream – Strung Out

“Balancing between Jazz and Trip-Hop, the Irish producer Ciarán McCarthy has dropped something interesting for those who always seek the different in sound. Follow the slow beat, vocal effects and distorted melody of a track that reveals a new aspect of listening.”

Suburban Dream is the music of Irish producer Ciarán McCarthy. The project began in late 2007 aiming to focus on quality chilled electronic music, from downtempo and ambient to more electro-acoustic sounds. The project has remixed for like-minded producer Kid Loco and released a number of singles, EP’s and one full length album receiving support from the likes of Mixmaster Morris (Ninja Tune), Ben Mynott (Big Chill), Peter Kruder (G-Stone, Kruder & Dorfmeister) and broadcasters like Soma FM and Chilltrax.

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Genevieve Sovereign – Savouring Today

“The Australian-Canadian Genevieve Sovereign melds her expressive voice with smooth Electronic forms of sound to offer a relaxing listening experience. A single that unfolds like fairytale and plays an introductory role for a special album.”

"Savouring Today" is track 01 on the debut EP "It's yours." from Australian-Canadian electronic singer-songwriter Genevieve Sovereign. Featured song on this album, "Savouring Today" was composed using one of David Bowie’s purported songwriting techniques - of devising vocal melody on an unrelated instrument (concert flute, in this case) around which the broader arrangement is then built, and then substituting out that initial instrument for lyrics written to suit.

Taken as a holistic auditory journey, the "It's yours." EP's poetically written songs intertwined with unconventional instrumental pieces invite listeners to explore and apply their own interpretations - whilst reconnecting with worlds inside and beyond the self.




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