10after10 – Forgive Me (Video)

“Sometimes we realize we have done wrong, feel the regret of our bad deeds and wish we knew more. This is the general idea of 10after10-Forgive Me. A focus on the importance of forgiveness and the avoidance of repeating the same mistakes. All presented in a great Cinematic track.”


“There are so many things I wish I knew
Wandered for so long, to come back to the same place”

“The music video of “Forgive Me” is a pictorial analogy of the everlasting guilt driven by a bad decision which leads to ruminate the “I wish I knew” thought.

The scene takes place following the moment when God talked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to ask them why they were hiding. They must have felt so guilty even though God was showing them so much love.

In the video, Eve is wandering as she seeks forgiveness for the sin that we are still paying for to this day. She wanted to know so badly that it led her to take the worst bloody decision in the world when she was totally free in the garden… How can we break free from such a burden?

Letting go is always a decision away, it starts when you accept that you are guilty, selfish or sometimes, an asshole, but it’s ok, as long as you don’t keep being it! The biggest challenge after is to open the door and let the light in… to let love in.”

– 10After10 –

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 22, 2021