4am Kru – 4AMK1 (Spotify)

“If you are into 40+ target group like us (lol) should stop here to give a listen. 4am Kru brings in full energy all the qualities we have used to listen and love from the dnb/jungle genre from our first influences with electronica. The right breaks, bass, keys and such amazing vocals! If you are under 40, this still work for you right, it has both the atmosphere you seek to laid back and the energy to listen loud very pleasant and groove, and to make your neighbor ring your bell for that (lol). ”


London's 4am Kru continue their foray in nostalgic jungle & hardcore territory with new track 4AMK1, an ode to their favourite Swedish songstress. Laid back drum & bass vibes with the artwork paying ode to 4am Kru's favourite 90s rave bootleg series, SMD1.


Reviewed by Nagamag on December 7, 2020