Adibanti – You (Spotify)

“Adibanti delivers your favourite drum & bass sound with fast bpm ideal for energy restoration. In this single he has geniusly added some soft lyrics to slow down speed. Prototypic work with personal touch just for "You"!”

London born producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Adibanti (aka Rory J Nelson) is set to release his first single of 2021 with the deconstructed Drum & Bass meets soul ballad entitled “You”. The forward-thinking single showcases Adibanti’s penchant for precise genre-bending and utilizes his smooth vocals over the layered & scattered percussion to confess his devotion to an anonymous paramour.

“As I am a massive DnB lover, I am really excited to release a tune that shows this. I listen to so much music and write in so many different styles that it doesn’t make sense for me to stick to a single genre. ‘You’ is an incredibly emotional tune for me and isn’t what you would traditionally call Drum & Bass but in the not so distant future I have some proper Liquid to release that I am even more excited about!” - Adibanti

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 27, 2021