“Very sensual and thoroughly thought-out composition, with excellent harmony and deep leading vocal performer. Very beautiful, emotional and sometimes discreet work.”

“Детально продуманная композиция, очень чувственная, с отличной гармонией и глубоким лидирующим вокалом исполнительницы. Работа эмоциональная, местами сдержанная и очень красивая.”

Pages is song 4 from Radio Astronomy EP which Alas describes as a bittersweet, ‘leaving on a jet plane’ type song, lyrics are pretty straightforward romantic, with a kind of corny, lite-philosophical moment.

Alas de Liona hails from a small town in the Mojave Desert and her final year at UC Santa Barbara saw her head to Edinburgh in Autumn 2019, to complete the course there.

Having originally studied religious history and folklore at college, she had an instant affinity with the city’s striking architecture and artistic lineage.

During her stay, her main passion for songwriting and performing saw her starting to make a name for herself performing in Edinburgh pubs before the pandemic closed all venues.

Her haunting vocals, often compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Phoebe Bridgers, are woven through lyrically complex, rich imaginal soundscapes.

Finally, free from the rigour of academia, Alas is now fulfilling her musical aspirations, recording Radio Astronomy EP in December 2020 with producer Rod Jones (Idlewild) at Post Electric Studios, Leith, Edinburgh.

Cascade is the third track released from her Radio Astronomy EP. The song is about loss and dwelling in a painful memory. The video marks her debut as writer and director.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 7, 2021

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