Alex Kennedy – Our Foolish Pride (Video)

“How few words are needed to convey all the feelings that overflow from the inside. Alex kennedy very skillfully works with melody, a minimal set of instruments and has embellished all this beauty with his amazing vocals.”

“Как мало надо слов, чтобы передать все чувства, которые переполняют изнутри. -Alex Kennedy- очень умело жонглирует мелодичностью, минимальным набором инструментов и всю эту красоту разукрасил своим потрясающим вокалом.”

“Our Foolish Pride” is an original song, written from a place of longing. It’s about two people still feeling a connection in love after years apart, even though there’s too much pride to admit it. This is a soul, pop/rock song with a strong John Mayer influence.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 2, 2022