PKAY – pls call me (Spotify)

“In "Pls call me", sensitive chords of piano are forming peaceful background melodies. The vocals are also very expressive and seem to come directly from the singer's heart. Characteristic sound which didn't left us unaffected.”

PKAY wrote her debut album alone in a car somewhere on California’s Highway 99. Driving back and forth from the studio in Los Angeles, the 21-year-old indie-pop artist would open her iPhone’s Voice Memos app and start singing; Letters from the 99 was the result. Evoking Taylor Swift and Nina Nesbitt, it’s a haunting collection of heart-on-sleeve stories, recounted by an instantly recognizable vocalist with a clear ear for pop melodies.

Carried by broken chords on keys and slowly building strings, "pls call me" never adds percussion, but there’s a rhythm and a relatability to the chorus that give the song a haunting quality. It may be the strongest work of storytelling on the album – and on an album filled with raw stories, that’s saying something.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 2, 2022