Alyssa Jacey – See Me Cry

“A straightforward, getting-over-the-past, electro-pop avowal with Alyssa throwing in some attitude. As she sets on a new course, she switches between mellow to raspy vocals (spiced up even with some hip-hop inspired verses) that proclaim loud and proud “Like a phoenix on the rise, gonna leave it all behind / You've seen me cry for the last time.””

Artist said about this song:

"See Me Cry is an empowerment song. I cried so much to my friends, family and in front of my (soon to be ex-husband) all the time because of how MISERABLE I was in my marriage. He constantly lied, manipulated, cheated, pretended/promised things would get better. And through years of self-work, therapy, after kicking him out and finding myself again, I reminded of how much stronger I am without him. How I would NEVER let any boy, any relationship, any situation ever make me cry again and this song represents finding that inner-strength and inner voice that reminds you that you ARE enough. And it references "all my girls" in the last chorus, bc w/o them, I wouldn't have gotten through these years of Hell. And the rap has 10 hidden innuendos that all are directed at my ex, but no one would know except him. It makes you feel like you want to dance, sing, rap, it's an uplifting, catchy melody and at the end of the song, you're in a, "I'm never going to fall for anyone's BS ever again!" Mood!"

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 23, 2022