Angelina Mackinnon – Where Did We Go Wrong (Spotify)

“Sensual acoustic song, with sound variety in execution of "Angelina Mackinnon", whose voice can reach deeply in your heart. She demonstrated all the beauty of her talent, in a way that you want to listen again.”

“Чувственная, с важным подтекстом акустическая песня в исполнение -Angelina Mackinnon-, чей голос навсегда застревает глубоко в сердце. Она продемонстрировала всю красоту и разнообразие своего таланта, от чего эту песню хочется переслушивать снова и снова.”

Just a PEI Potato based in Toronto Ontario

With a unique power house voice, Shes been honing her skills as a singer songwriter since the age of 10. With a natural ability to write catchy, poetic and heartfelt songs.

Now in a pond with bigger fish shes evolving, just like her music.

Her songs often tell a story or have a cool hidden metaphors within, not always writing about experience but for pleasure.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 22, 2022