Autumn Hollow – Meantime/Between Time

“A soft, lyrical composition in the americana genre, pours and pleases with every sound, radiated by acoustic instruments. A very delicate track that can please the hearing and take your consciousness into atmospheric and such a native to the heart the world of magical sounds and melodies. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мягкая, лирическая композиция в жанре Americana, льётся и радует слух каждым звуком, излучаемые акустическими инструментами. Очень нежный трек, способный порадовать слух и унести ваше сознание в атмосферный и такой родной сердцу мир волшебных звуков и мелодий.”

Boston-based band, Autumn Hollow, is releasing the Americana single, “Meantime/Between Time” on April 28. It’s off the EP, Throw the House, due out June 17 A springtime song, “Meantime/Between Time” centers around the necessity to exist in the moment.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 7, 2022