Bckgmn – BCKGMN

“We offer a taste of selected Hip-Hop music from the upcoming "Bckgmn". The promising duo have already proved their talent and their personal creativity is clearly noticed in this catchy vibe. Open your ears and listen on repeat!”


Bckgmn (Be Confident Keep Grinding Make Noise) is a Florida hip-hop duo that has made an impact with their different style, versatility, and inspiring music.

They released their first album "Boarding Pass" on 3/1/22 and it debuted #6 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Charts

The duo performed at SunFest 2019, Florida’s largest waterfront music and art festival. Artists included Ludacris, Keith Urban and Diplo. “SunFest” attracts more than 130,000 visitors annually.

Not one day goes by where the talented artists don't invest their time and energy improving their craft. Synonymous with carpe diem, Bckgmn aim to seize every opportunity for their music every day.

With their work ethic, talent, and spirit expect a bright future from this rap duo

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 16, 2022