Ben Barbic x Vödoo x Bennie Mellies – LLG (Live Life Grow) (Spotify)

“Multi-layered, rich and vibrating music canvas in Reggae style. Many beautiful, simple and bright elements, revealing their sound with every second. Various blooming waves of sound, encouraging our mind to create exciting images!”

“Многослойное, богатое, насыщенное вайбом музыкальное полотно в жанре reggae. Множество красивых, простых и ярких партий, которые с каждой секундой своего звучания раскрываются и расцветают разноцветными красками и оттенками, побуждая сознание к созданию захватывающих образов!”

‘Live Life Grow’ is a 3 country Reggae collaboration that takes you on a journey with Ben Barbic’s catchy hook, Vödoo’s powerful lyricism, and Bennie Mellies’ ability to craft riddims at the highest level. Additionally ‘‘Live Life Grow’ undoubtedly contains the fastest verse Ben Barbic has ever done toward the end of the tune. Sung in English and French “Live Life Grow’ is a powerful Worldwide Collaboration (USA, France, Netherlands) that takes you on a musical journey.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 20, 2022