KellyMarie – Timing Right (Spotify)

“"KellyMarie" is back and proves her talent once again. Her playful singing style is perfectly matched with melody and beat. Now is the right time to lay back and simply synchronize your ears with this sound. Don't miss it!”

Indie-pop singer-songwriter KellyMarie delivers a captivating follow up to her 2018 debut EP, On A Whim, with her newest single, “Timing Right,” out February 4th. The artist is set to celebrate this release the following night with her first post-lockdown show opening for American band Mae at Dallas’ Granada Theater on Saturday, February 5th. KellyMarie shows listeners with this release just what she’s had in the works during her time away; her performance will feature more new songs from the upcoming album due for release in March 2022. This new project was a moment for the artist in which she dove head first into creating a body of work inspired by beloved house-hold television staple, The Office. “It’s often said - write about what you know and love,” says the seasoned songstress, “so during the lockdown, [she] did just this.” KellyMarie found herself writing the lead single for this album in the electric moment that inspiration hit. Beyond the angelic vocals and breezy melodies fans have already fallen in love with, listeners can expect to encounter a new side of KellyMarie’s artistry that offers a deeper look into the singer we met in 2018.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 20, 2022