Ben Laine – Did You Call Me Last Night (Video)

“Ben Laine brand new awaited song release. Unexpectedly well-written Acoustic piece with a super expressive voice. Turn up the volume and experience something really worthful!”

After lighting up TikTok with just a snippet, buzzing Chicago-born and New England-raised singer and songwriter Ben Laine officially shares his new single and music video “Did You Call Me Last Night.” Listen HERE via Imperial Records.

The emotionally charged anthem hinges on his intimate vocal performance, cinematic lyricism, and knack for an unshakable hook. Earlier this month, he posted a TikTok soundtracked by nothing more than a clip of “Did You Call Me Last Night.” It immediately resonated in a big way, amassing 7.7 million views in ten days and 2.2 million “likes.” Not to mention, it inspired 185K videos and counting. Telling a true story straight from the heart, it ignited anticipation for the full version, logging 6K pre-saves. NEWSWEEK chronicled the excitement with the headline, “TikTokers are declaring this emotional song the next ‘drivers license’.”

On his own terms, Ben Laine has asserted himself as an artist to watch in 2021. Growing up, he went from teaching himself drums, piano, saxophone, and guitar and singing in church to releasing his independent debut Brighter Day during 2017. Maintaining his momentum and organically attracting audience, he unveiled In My Mind in 2019. So far, he has quietly amassed over 1 million total streams on Spotify due to his plaintive storytelling and powerful vocals. Now, he’s ready to connect like never before on “Did You Call Me Last Night.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 4, 2021