“Bleary with his new 9 tracks album BAD DAYS invite us to a beautiful atmospheric world. We picked the 7th installment , the track - Long Gone -. A track which quickly comes to warm the atmosphere with the hookiest qualities that genre has to offer us, soulful vocals, solid soft beats and a gently addictive piano keys harmony, all together come to hug your ear senses.”


"I wrote this song the night I arrived in California, after realizing I was losing my girl and my best friend had betrayed me. It's about being who you are, unsure of your direction but also unable to change course. This is just me, sitting down after an 18 drive and packing my essentials into my new place, pulling out a notebook, and writing. This is one of my only tracks that I wrote down prior to recording. I hope it means something to someone." Bleary

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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 20, 2021

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