Capital Theatre – Delicately Poised

“Bright and dynamic track, with exceptional plot, powerful rhythm and inimitable melody. A striking dancing hit, with its deeply genuine sound and high-quality performance.”

“Яркий и динамичный трек, со своей исключительной историей, мощным ритмом и неподражаемой мелодикой. Перед вами настоящий хит, поражающий своей глубиной, неподдельной искренностью и качественным исполнением!”

New Zealand alternative rock trio CAPITAL THEATRE showcase a melodic and edgy guitar/keyboard-driven sound on their debut full-length album A HERO’S JOURNEY out this summer. It was recorded with Grammy Award-winning legendary producer Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Steve Vai) at NRG Studios in Los Angeles, CA (along with some guitar recordings being completed at Slash’s Snakepit Studio) and lyrically takes inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s’ book The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

The band has shared a provocative music video for its latest single, “Delicately Poised,” underlining the track’s exploration of the human identity. Filmed at an adult entertainment club in Barcelona and with live footage taken in New Zealand, the video highlights authenticity and diversity. CAPITAL THEATRE co-directed the video with Bruno Amaral Pereira and Julie Gomez of Kapala Studios and also by Alex Hargeaves who shot the NZ-based content of the band’s performance. “Delicately Poised” is available March 1, across all digital platforms.

From song to song, A HERO’S JOURNEY delivers unbridled energy drawn from guitarist Roy Oliver’s electrifying solos and sequences, drummer Paul Reid’s furiously pounding rhythms and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Adam Stevenson’s graceful and soul stirring piano work. The realm of their sound is further expanded with cinematic string arrangements completed by guest composer David Campbell (The Rolling Stones, U2, Beck) to add to its multi-dimensional otherworldly perception. Its 10 tracks reveal the undeniable chemistry they’ve honed through years of playing local pubs back home in Auckland, with A-list guest musicians including Jane’s Addiction bassist Chris Chaney and Bon Jovi lead guitarist Phil X.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 11, 2022