Carabine – The Word (Video)

“Don’t judge a book by the cover, likewise from our personal experience in music reviewing when the track moves on further the first second of synth minimalism, artist deploys new heartwarming layers, harmonic dreamy keys, hypnotic deep vocals with fx that pushes further the atmosphere. The downtempo elements here by Carabine, engage a daydreaming level for the listener and a memorable journey which invites you to press repeat again.”

“The Word” is a downtempo, electronic and ambient track, highly driven by synthesizer bass lines, with minimal loops filling in. The music video perfectly serves the purpose of the track’s zen and dark aspects.

The video is an abstract collage of images projected through incense smokes, of a man and a woman assumingely involved in an unhealthy love affair and both captured in this vicious cycle, until their greatest fear happens and ironically leads them to experiencing freedom for their soul.

Both of them separately end up finding freedom; the tattooed man praying behind prison bars and the woman staring at the sky acknowledging that “His yoke is easy and His burden is light” is not an unreachable saying, but a rather tough decision to make sometimes, yet one reminding her that heaven is the only place that offers everlasting love.


DJ Carabine’s previous album, “VI”, entered the “iTunes Canada Top 200 All Genre Release Chart” in 2018 and reached #5 in the Electronic Music category and has known high peaks on the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, bringing the first single, “IV”, to more than 150k streams and second single “III” to above 50k. Two years later, DJ Carabine is coming up with a third album.

“Fixed”, being released on September 25, has mainly been crafted during lockdown after a long period of creative struggles and battle against depression.

“I thought that 2019 was a terrible year. It felt like I was drowning more and more. Just before lockdown, I was even thinking that it couldn’t get any worse; I felt so much pressure. As crazy as it may sound, the lockdown became a glimmer of hope and my first reaction was to explode in laughter. I realized that I couldn’t control anything, so I let the music flow.”


Inspired by the likes of downtempo Bonobo, the electric tones of Daft Punk and a Kendrick Lamar touch on the lyrics, “Fixed” is an EDM musical essay that pictures the walk in the valley of the shadows of Carabine.

The album leads you in her everlasting circle of depression. The song “Falling” is an image of what happens when you are too stubborn to listen to any teachings. She said:

“I thought it’s a little funny to reach a point of being so stubborn that you don’t even listen to such things as: “Watch your step when you get off the train”, so you fall off the train… but I can be that stubborn sometimes.”

“City of Nothing” is about the moment you think “you are in full control”. The entire journey leads you to realizing that you are rather a slave of wanting to be in control until the pure moment of let go that is “The Word”.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 16, 2020