Chromadescent – Terple (Spotify)

Residing in the small ski town of Steamboat Colorado, electronic music producer Clay Meyer -- a.k.a. Chromadescent -- is turning out an exciting addition to the electronic music scene exploding in Colorado.

“Terple”, his gorgeous debut single, fuses recorded instruments and lush atmospheric textures with driving synths and downtempo psychedelic rhythms. The result is Chromadescent: entrancing soundscapes with subtle sonic layering that rewards repeat listens.

There’s a generous quality here, an ambient fullness that’s not overbearing, a sonic maturity surprising for a debut artist. In a recent interview, Meyer said of his creative ambitions: “I just want to make great music that resonates with people. Music touches your heart in a special way, and I want that for people."

In the long-term, Chromadescent has his sights on performing killer sets at some of the biggest festivals in the Mountain West and beyond. In the meantime, sheltering in place on an organic farm with five dogs, Meyer is diving deeper into crafting his rich,warm, and psychedelic compositions.

Meditative and engaging, Chromadescent’s organic, ambient electronica vibe is perfect for study beats, workout jams, or chill sessions with your homies.

His debut EP “Full Spectrum” is set to be released this fall.

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 20, 2020