Cloudchord – Step by Step

“ A nice sunny afternoon with lemonade and hammocks. This comes to mind as the beat distributes its warm fuzziness across our body. We loved the complexity of the sounds used. Providing a rich tapestry of just pure dopeness with an organic twist. ”

Cloudchord, a specialist in augmenting musical possibility with remarkable technical skills on the guitar shares a new single, “Step By Step.” The duo (Cloudchord and Ian Ewing) continues the sonic journey with "Step by Step," a guitar-driven blend of relaxation and tranquility. “With the added water sounds, it feels like a day spa or a meditation retreat” shares Cloudchord aka Derek VanScoten. “Consider this a self-care single.” “Step By Step” showcases depth within simplicity with just three chords layered with electric bass, lush percussion, and a rhodes creating a mystical and ethereal atmosphere.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 10, 2022