“Like you are driving on the highway, and this song appears in your cassette recorder. In a Cadillac without roof. Over your long haul to her heart, like is racing through a sunset. Hoping in the end of the road to be the one you will wake her up with a kiss. Wonderful deep emotive song!”

“Если вы едете по хайвэю, то неприменимо в вашей магнитоле появится эта песня. В кадилаке без крыши, по долгому пути к ее сердцу вы мчите через закат. И возможно в конце пути вы сможете ее разбудить.”


This song was the second song that Constant Follower wrote after a recovery from a traumatic head injury. It's in some ways a meditation on the way that momentary events stay with you through life, and how strange it is that time seems to stand still in moments of distress.