cosni1800 – J’ai changé

“New, fresh air sip in your collection! The tremble vocals, an interesting arrangement structure, who beloved by many Rhythm AFROBEATS and, of course, is just an incredible energy that takes this track to an unprecedented level before! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый, свежий глоток воздуха в вашей коллекции! Трепещущий вокал, интересная структура аранжировки, любимый многими ритм Afrobeats и, конечно же, просто невероятная энергетика, которая выводит этот трек на невиданный ранее уровень!”

Cosni1800, born in Santiago de Chile, was cradled by the Latin music that his parents listened to when he was young. It was when he arrived in Switzerland, in Vevey in the P.R. district (Place Robin), in 2000, that he fell in love with French rap writing and also with American singers who have become his influences today.

After 8 years devoted to releasing freestyles and singles on the internet as well as a few first parts, he met Osciopak in Geneva. It is following this meeting that the projects become professional and allows the production of his second EP "la Vista" released on October 29th. This project is so named in reference to his pictorial rap and his observant side of what surrounds him.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 24, 2022