“Bursting with witty lyrics, irresistible melodies & a captivating beat, Danni Baylor’s latest single ‘Previews’ showcases her alluring, engaging, unique vocal tone & style. The song is based on the concept of being able to ‘Preview’ a relationship before making a commitment, to avoid sorrow & regret. This vibrant, harmoniously rich track has ‘Hit’ written all over it.”


Danni Baylor’s Newest single “Previews” was released on May 4, 2021 is a brewing Alt/Pop hit just waiting to be discovered. The song has a universally relatable message along with infectious melodies and a dynamic beat that will have you vibing from beginning to end. Previews is an allegorical take on wishing you could watch relationships go wrong before they actually do. Danni refers to the relationship as a “Movie” and artistically winks at her listeners with this witty concept accompanied by her gritty “in your face” tone. The song is somewhat of an “inside joke” to her listeners because it says what many people wish they could do before going down an emotionally detrimental road... Watch the previews and prevent it!