Danny Olson – Dreamer (feat. David Frank & Daemon)

“The combination of symphonic music with beautiful vocals -david frank-, which is closer to the middle of the track, explodes and the bright and dynamic vocals -Daemon-. This is extremely emotional work that will cause you a stormy feeling! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сочетание симфонической музыки с красивым вокалом -David Frank-, который ближе к середине трека взрывается и на его место встаёт яркий и динамичный вокал -Daemon-. Это крайне эмоциональная работа которая вызовет у вас бурные чувства!”


Composer/Producer Danny Olson is leaving his biggest mark yet on dance music with his monumental Club Cinema EP. As an independently released project, Club Cinema sees Olson shed label expectation and take his epic signature sound to new heights.

In his exploration of a new sonic palate, Danny delivers a truly grand musical experience that few producers can match. Throughout the five-track EP, Danny’s cinematic bass style evolves from song to song, showcasing his ability to capture awe-inspiring emotions in larger-than-life productions. This aural adventure is augmented with a terrifically talented cohort of creators including Vo Williams, David Frank and Daemon.

From the cinematic intro “Dreamer” to its dark and distorted counterpart “Don’t Wake Me Up,” Club Cinema shines as a crowning achievement in Danny’s impressive catalog. His harder approach lends itself to a festival setting, while the orchestral tone leans into his sync background as exemplified by “Sunrise” and the lead single “Night Falls.”

Danny Olson will be celebrating the EP release a few weeks after it drops with his headline show on April 29th at Catch One alongside some of his collaborators and friends. This will be Olson’s first Club Cinema Live experience, so expect much more than your conventional DJ set!

“During the evolution of my brand, sound, and identity as an artist, one constant question always remained: How do I create a world in which orchestral and electronic music are one? Exploring this has been my most important endeavor, and I believe that Club Cinema is the first true chapter of that story. Club Cinema represents a juxtaposition of many different emotions, just as a cinematic or nightlife experience would. At the core is passion, but also present are fervor, inspiration, intrigue and drama. I do not believe that my sound is mono-dynamic and if I continue to successfully integrate these two genres, the result may sound very different in the future than it does today. However, that’s the point.. if evolution, growth and honesty have taken place, my brand, sound and identity will all be exactly where they’re meant to be.” - DO







Reviewed by Nagamag on April 19, 2022