Jackie Bristow – Shakin’ My Bones

“Grab this chance to chill on guitar chords and the most friendly vocal performance. The singer reflects wonderful pictures of natural beauty in this mesmerizing Country single, which we loved from its first seconds.”


Artist said about this song:

“I wrote ‘Shakin’ My Bones’ after a weekend trip to Joshua Tree. I was playing shows with a couple of my friends, and before the gig, suddenly we were in the middle of a big dust storm and we had to take cover. We were up in this very cool house on a hill and could see the glowing town lights though the dusty mist in the distance. It was moody and magical. It was my first trip to the California desert. It was peaceful and wild. I felt my emotions stirring and slowing down, connecting to the land and the spirit of the place. When I got home to my apartment in LA, I was feeling inspired and I stayed up all night and wrote ‘Shakin’ My Bones.’


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 19, 2022