“Enjoy the latest work of Darrin Willz via this great Hip-Hop song and animated clip. Sometimes music communicates important messages and this is the case here. How free are we in real life? Do we really feel free? Find your answer in this track.”

This song reflects the current state of the times and is great timing for Black History month. So far the song has got a well response from digital radio, fans and test markets we played the song in. Great response from fans and music lovers.

Darrin Willz is a rap and hip-hop artist with a twist of soul from Oakland, California.

In early 2021, the rapper released his single ‘A Kid From Oakland’ featuring Oakland’s legendary Freestyle King, Mistah F.A.B. Both rappers reflect on life growing up in Oakland, how they fought through adversity and have experienced success. His debut album, ‘The Beautiful Storm’, is set for release in March 2021.

Darrin began making music at 9 years old, inspired by the thought of bringing his “Oakland” worldview to the rest of the globe through song. After multiple late nights rapping and blasting music in his teens, Darrin’s father took him to his uncle’s studio for his first recording session. The rest is history.

Inspired by his real-life experiences, independent rapper says: “I want to make music for everyone in the struggle. If you’re working everyday, sun up to sun down, my music is for you. If you’re feeling hopeless, lost and not sure where this life will take you, my music is for you. And if you just want to feel good, my music is for you.”

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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 26, 2021

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