David Gale – False Hope (Spotify)

“A funky start to this clever tune. Its hip with its poetic chemistry. The chorus brings it all in and clears the path for the smooth guitar rifts scattered throughout. It has its own rhythm and takes off like a rocket, yet to be cleared by the funky riffs again. We dig. ”



David began his musical journey in local rhythm and blues bands around Syracuse, New York before joining the extravagant rock- experience, “The Joe Savage Show." The Savage show was a wild experience involving chain saws, pyrotechnics, leopards and pythons. The band always had talented musicians including the late Allen Woody (Allman Bros Band), Steve Davidowski (Dixie Dregs), and violinist, Chris Carmichael. They shared the stage with the likes of BB King, The Tubes, and Asleep at the Wheel. Although David's music is driven by guitar, it's not necessarily guitar music. He is always serving the song, rather than ripping off solos; however, don't expect the same disciplinary approach to live shows. David’s guitar playing is varied and distinct, sometimes described as angular and unusual but always melodic. David is influenced by all genres. However, his songwriting most resembles classic pop-rock artists such as David Bowie, REM, David Bryne, The Byrds, Beatles, Stones, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, and Brad Roberts. There are often jangly 12-strings, bluezy phrases, jazzy chords, soulful vocals, and rocking passages, a non-commitment to genre with nonstandard story topics.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 29, 2021