DJ Jordan – Natural Beauty (Spotify)

DJ Jordan – Natural Beauty

DJ Jordan – Natural Beauty (Spotify)

Hungry Koala Records are already a firmly regular sight in the top 100 charts across the underground electronic music genres and their tough push into 2020 has seen that rapid growth continue on the back of a stellar line of new releases. Picking up and running with the torch this month is one of Berlin’s finest DJ Jordan – a highly-regarded DJ/Producer who can regularly find directing crowds at some of the cities most infamous Techno hotspots. On the back of a Beatport #01 to wrap up 2019 – we’ve come to expect big things from this talented beat-master and ‘Natural Beauty’ fits right into that classic discography of his.

Snapping into life with a harsh and heavily distorted kick and bass pattern – that vintage DJ Jordan menace is here in full force as he swerves and slides through barrages of militant rhythmic rolls, eerier SFX, vocal blurts and haunting synths that build and build into a crescendo of electronic dominance. The breaks allow a moment to breathe, but not for long as the fills, FX and modulation build up to a boiling hot drop that lets off a juggernaut drop that is tailor made for dancefloor damage. As if this banger of a track was not enough, we’re also treated to three further interpretations from Pomella, M.O.B.A and QUAL & FREUDE – all of them individual and offering a different vibe for a variety of club uses for the discerning DJ.

Famous on the underground for keeping a raw and upfront vibe to his records – some things never change and DJ Jordan’s aptitude for banging club music remains firmly intact after a long and winding career on the scene. Right at home on Hungry Koala Records – this is another shining example of why the label has become one of the most subscribed to imprints in the Techno-sphere.

‘Natural Beauty’ is out May 25th and will be available on all good digital music stores and streaming platforms.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 25, 2020