Eelke – Flower Souls (Spotify)

“Our souls are like flowers. They can blossom and send their seeds away, but can never move their roots. "Eelke" is successfully sending this message through his awesome Indie Folk song, which unfolds like fairytale in our modern reality.”

Artist said about this song:

"Flower Souls (#3 of the EP 'Tomorrow Same TIme')

“I took inspiration for the lyric to this song from a novel titled ‘Knulp’ by the German novelist and poet Hermann Hesse. In it, the main character, a drifter, says: “Every human being has his own soul, he can’t mix it with any other. Two people can meet, they can talk with one another, they can be close together. But their souls are like flowers, each rooted to its place. One can’t go to another, because it would have to break away from its roots, and that it can’t do. Flowers send out their scent and their seeds, because they would like to go to each other; but a flower can’t do anything to make a seed go to its right place; the wind does that, and the wind comes and goes where it pleases.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 21, 2022