ELCEE – Lost Boy

“Electro POP in combination with the voice -elce- sounds very harmonious and quite whole. This is a very rare, therefore valuable approach to creating music, when the vocal component and melody create an ideal sound picture for a full perception. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Electro Pop в сочетании с голосом -ELCEE- звучит весьма гармонично и достаточно цельно. Это очень редкий, оттого и ценный подход к созданию музыки, когда вокальная составляющая и мелодия создают идеальную звуковую картину для полноценного восприятия.”


Electro indie-pop artist ELCEE unveils her sophomore EP Cataclysmic Love, a collection of tracks that listen like an intimate journal of songwriter Laura Charman's inner thoughts and feelings.

Her soundscape of dreamy lo-fi indie goodness is interwoven with evocative electro and elements of 90's pop and RnB, making Cataclysmic Love completely contemporary; a plush and luxurious listening experience for lovers of the genre.

Recorded at Parachute Studios and produced by Abigail Knudson, the idea behind the EP was to serve up danceable tracks, while also allowing space for pondering what's hidden underneath the surface through both the lyrics and the instrumentation itself.

"Cataclysmic Love finds its home in the early hours of the morning... when it's 2am and you're the last person on the bus, ready to be alone and unravel your tangled thoughts.

"This EP is for the night owls, the people who journal under streetlights, candle enthusiasts and lo-fi dancers with glitter remnants from the night before." - ELCEE

The lead single from her EP, 'Lost Boy', is an ode to relationship limbo, and a complete embodiment of her charm and talent for melody and poetry. Unrequited infatuation has long been the catalyst for a great pop song, but here ELCEE manages to capture the exact feeling of being unable to capture someone's aloof attention.

Cataclysmic Love #outnow

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 2, 2022