Electric Neon Clouds – Make The Call

“Yes, this is exactly the track that will sound on your equipment around the clock. The overall sound picture turned out to be so whole that it is listened to almost one breath. You will not have time to realize how the track has already ended and you need to put it again for a repetition. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Да, это именно тот трек, который будет звучать на вашей аппаратуре круглые сутки. Общая звуковая картина получилась настолько цельной, что слушается практически на одном дыхание. Вы не успеете осознать, как трек уже закончился и его нужно снова поставить на повтор.”


Founded in 2018, Electric Neon Clouds consists of brothers Jeremy, Tommy and Alex Cornellier. Developing a strong synth/alternative-pop esthetic mainly driven by colorful synthesizers and uplifting melodies, the band’s music could be described as a merging point between 80’s pop and modern alternative/indie music. These artists already have 350 shows across Canada, two music videos, and an earlier album notched on their belts under another band name.


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 15, 2022