Elexis Ansley – Amnesia (Spotify)

“-Elexis Ansley- delivers a very balanced work. Every word, every sound and instruments, including vocals placed elegant in song structure. A detailed texture delve into the song, and you realize how -Amnesia- done professionally from a creative standpoint.”

“У -Elexis Ansley- получился очень сбалансированная работа. Каждое слово, каждый звук и инструмент, в том числе и шикарный вокал на своих местах. Замечаешь множество деталей, внимательно вслушиваешься в текст, вникаешь в структуру и осознаёшь, как -Amnesia- сделана профессионально с творческой точки зрения.”


Amnesia is a captivating, hypnotic and sensual love pursuit about falling for someone you feel you’ve known before. When the person desired doesn’t immediately reciprocate the same love language, it’s a patient feat of temptation to win them from an anesthesia like state. The genre is R&B/Soul with Pop elements and the mood is sensual, sultry seduction. The single is backed by a two time Billboard charting Texas based artist, Elexis Ansley, with over 86K following on her verified Instagram account. Extensive promotion is planned for the song’s release along with a killer accompanying music video. We are looking for radio stations or blogs to feature "Amnesia" on or around the release date. Below you'll find Elexis' EPK, Instagram handle, and website link. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Website: elexisansley.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/elexisansley/

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 19, 2021