Elizabeth Tsung – Ursus Maritimus (Spotify)

“Somewhere in an abandoned house plays an old vinyl record. You step into the hand knocking web, going up to the second floor and see your baby pictures, his beloved teddy bear. Nostalgia envelops you. You open your eyes...A beautiful emotive theme by Elizabeth Tsung.”

“Где то в заброшенном доме играет старая виниловая пластинка. Вы шагаете внутрь сбивая рукой паутину, поднимаетесь на второй этаж и видите свои детские фотографии, и плюшевого медведя. Ностальгия обволакивает вас. Вы открываете глаза...”


A piano solo to raise awareness of polar bears going extinct as a result from climate change. Specificallly acoustic to give it that "cold" feeling.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 13, 2020